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The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

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MAXEY, Gladys I "Glady" (OLSON) [HOWARD]; 76; Reno NV; Reno G-J; 2012-2-2; cwkirsch
MAXFIELD, Howard; 79; VT>Davenport FL; Spfld U-N (MA); 1998-12-11; fgibeau
MAXFIELD, Howard B; 72; Covington KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 1998-11-23; geanie1
MAXHAM, Paul Eguene; 76; Holbrook MA>Columbia MD; Howard Co T; 2002-5-16; kat
MAXON, Howard Cleveland; 89; Lee Summit MO; Dallas M-N (TX); 2000-10-28; kjp
MAXSON, Lynn Howard; 77; Simi Valley CA; Ventura C-S; 2010-1-23; lehca
MAXWELL, Howard Bowden; ; Lewes DE; Delaware SN; 2001-3-14; jesdsn
MAXWELL, Howard Bowden; ; Lewes DE; Delaware SN; 2001-3-16; jesdsn
MAXWELL, Howard Bowden PhD; ; Wilmington PA>Lewes DE; News Journal; 2001-3-13; gmtopaz
MAXWELL, Howard Burnett; ; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2012-4-14; mdos
MAXWELL, Howard E Love; 98; Peoria IL; Hawk Eye (IA); 2004-5-8; slw
MAXWELL, Howard L; ; Wilkinsburg PA>FRA; Tonawanda News (NY); 1918-11-19; ckalota
MAXWELL, Howard Lee; ; MO; St Louis P-D; 2009-3-22; dlric
MAXWELL, Howard T; 90; Arab AL; Huntsville Times; 1999-8-19; dgrays
MAXWELL, Howard Thomas; 69; Monroe Co GA; Atlanta Journal; 1996-12-8; llblades
MAXWELL, J Howard; 90; Co Down IRL>Coventry RI; Prov Journal; 2000-7-27; wgroberge
MAXWELL, James Howard; 53; Royston GA; Athens DN-BH; 1999-9-19; kat
MAXWELL, James Howard; 72; ETH>Colorado Springs CO; GZ; 2002-6-23; rzlam
MAXWELL, James Howard; 72; ETH>Colorado Springs CO; GZ; 2002-6-26; rzlam
MAXWELL, Michael Howard; ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2001-7-22; kimk
MAXWELL, Remmick Eugene Jr; 54; PA>Howard SD; Argus Leader; 2002-1-30; delitene
MAXWELL, Richard Howard; 53; MI; Huron Daily; 2000-9-6; mmtm
MAXWELL, Richard Howard; 53; Richmond MI; Port Huron T-H; 2000-9-6; rofgfd
MAXWELL, Richard Howard; 65; NY>Davie FL; Tampa Trib; 2003-3-23; evallie
MAY, Clifford Howard; 84; Mt Pleasant MI; Morning S; 2005-8-10; gini
MAY, David Howard; 24; Richland WA>Orange TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2005-4-7; mesn
MAY, Dennis Howard; 54; Princeton NJ>Urbana IL; News-Gazette; 2001-10-11; mlf
MAY, Dennis Howard; 54; Urbana IL; News-Gazette; 2001-10-9; mlf
MAY, Dianne (HOWARD); ; Newmarket ON; Toronto Star; 2001-1-25; klf
MAY, Earnest Howard; 70; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2009-4-18; pfu
MAY, Elizabeth "Liz" (HOWARD); 62; Rosalind MS>Toledo OH; Blade; 1999-5-26; carmorr
MAY, Evelyn (PRIGGE); 92; Howard Lake MN>Lakewood WA; Tacoma N-T; 2006-1-3; mlou
MAY, Howard; 68; Jacksonville OR; ADT; 2010-3-17; billeter
MAY, Howard; 68; Jacksonville OR; Mail Tribune; 2010-3-17; lfkes
MAY, Howard B; 64; Millbury MA; Worcester T-G; 2001-5-2; jmd
MAY, Howard B; 94; York NE; Grand Island D-I; 2008-9-26; jboi
MAY, Howard B; 94; York NE; Lincoln Star; 2008-9-25; lesm
MAY, Howard B; 94; York NE; Lincoln Star; 2008-9-26; lesm
MAY, Howard B; 94; York NE; YorkNewsTimes; 2008-9-23; jrp
MAY, Howard C; 87; Merced CA; Modesto Bee; 1996-1-28; abennett
MAY, Howard Charles; 79; Simcoe ON; Simcoe Reformer; 2008-7-30; mihaley
MAY, Howard E Sr; 86; Glen Burnie MD; Maryland G; 2006-10-28; aconley
MAY, Howard Edson; 77; Des Moines IA>Las Vegas NV; Des Moines Register (IA); 2016-8-7; lfkes
MAY, Howard G; 75; New London WI; Shawano L; 2001-7-13; atcz
MAY, Howard George Thomson "Rusty"; 65; ON; Toronto Star; 2007-9-15; nutters
MAY, Howard L; 80; Concord CA; Contra Costa T; 1996-3-6; dearborn
MAY, Howard Laverne; 85; Sarnia ON; London F-P; 2006-4-24; nutters
MAY, Howard Laverne; 85; Sarnia ON; Sarnia Observer; 2006-4-24; nutters
MAY, Howard "Mike"; ; MD; Wash DC Post (DC); 2009-2-6; efdee
MAY, Howard Russell Jr; 73; Cleveland OH>Rock Hill SC; Spartanburg H-J; 2004-1-1; bgs
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