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Last Name, First Name “Nickname” (Maiden Name) [Other Last Names]; Age; Place of Birth>Place of Death; Publication Abbreviation; Publication Date; tag name

The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

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PFEFFER, Frank A; 89; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2003-3-15; bjw
PFEIFENROTH, Frank; 72; Akron OH>The Villages FL; DailySun; 2014-5-26; tripleo
PFEIFENROTH, Frank; 72; Akron OH>The Villages FL; Star Beacon (OH); 2014-6-1; cutsh
PFEIFENROTH, Frank A; 96; Barberton OH>The Villages FL; DailySun; 2010-6-8; tripleo
PFEIFER, Doyle Howard [FRANK][HIXSON]; 90; Mount Pleasant IA; Hawk Eye; 2001-8-24; slw
PFEIFER, Francis Elmer "Frank"; 85; Milwaukee WI; Milwaukee J-S; 1998-12-9; mschears
PFEIFER, Frank; 88; Elmira NY; Elmira S G; 2010-10-8; hmg
PFEIFER, Frank; 88; Elmira NY; Elmira S G; 2010-10-9; hmg
PFEIFER, Frank L; 68; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2002-1-23; jblind
PFEIFER, Frank L; 68; MN; Waukon Standard (IA); 2002-2-13; spc
PFEIFER, Frank L [KOSBAU]; 68; Buffalo MN; Owatonna P-P; 2002-1-23; jldc
PFEIFER, Frank N; 79; NE>San Jose CA; San Jose M-N; 1999-7-27; bjw
PFEIFER, Frank P; ; Centereach NY; Newsday; 1997-8-23; rpng
PFEIFFER, Frank; ; ; Abbotsford T (BC); 1997-11-18; verbeek
PFEIFFER, Frank; ; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2005-3-13; jblind
PFEIFFER, Frank; 46; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2005-3-20; jblind
PFEIFFER, Frank; 79; Hirschville ND>Seabeck WA; Brem S; 2000-11-11; ezy
PFEIFFER, Frank C; 66; OH; Columbus D; 2010-3-12; doday
PFEIFFER, Frank L; ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2000-3-3; siwel
PFEIFFER, Frank Leon; 78; Flat Rock MI>Knightdale NC; New Bern SJ; 2016-6-9; jackiemac
PFEIFFER, Gearard Frank "Gerry"; 69; Brantford ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2000-9-23; priceace
PFEIFFER, Gearard Frank "Gerry"; 69; Brantford ON; K-W Record; 2000-9-23; rnutt
PFEIFFER, John Frank; 82; MI; Detroit News; 1999-10-3; mmtm
PFEIL, Frank; 74; ON; Toronto Star; 2005-10-21; nutters
PFEIL, Gisela (SELTHAFNER) [FRANK]; 80; YUG>Harris NY; Sullivan C-D; 2013-4-16; mel
PFEILER, Frank T Jr; 51; Warwick RI; Prov Journal; 2008-2-11; wgroberge
PFEILER, Louis Frank; 86; Oxnard CA>Elk City OK; GrantsPassDC (OR); 2005-1-20; sillyhp
PFEILER, Louis Frank; 86; Oxnard CA>Elk City OK; Ventura C-S (CA); 2005-1-19; lehca
PFEILSTICKER, Frank A; 83; Wabasha MN>Lenexa KS; K C Star (MO); 2004-12-9; clhurst
PFENDER, Carolyn E (FRANK); 85; ; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2002-11-18; cotan
PFENDER, Carolyn E (FRANK); 85; ; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2002-11-19; cotan
PFENNIG, Elsie Rosina (FRANK); 85; Glen Ullin ND; Bismarck Trib; 2011-8-24; ndvivi
PFENNINGER, Frank T Jr; 65; Ft Pierce FL; Press Journal; 2012-9-12; gnut
PFERSCH, Frank Russell; 93; Jersey City NJ>Portland OR; Oregonian; 2012-6-21; jirt
PFIEFER, Frank; ; New York NY; Tonawanda News; 1897-11-17; ckalota
PFIEFFER, Frank H; 77; Grand Rapids MN; Minneapolis S-T; 1996-3-17; cpeasha
PFISTER, Frank; 83; AZ; AZ Republic; 2004-8-15; dback
PFISTER, Frank C Sr [CICHY]; 85; WI; Milwaukee J-S; 2014-4-20; rjm
PFISTER, Frank Howard; 59; Normal IL; Journal Star; 2002-4-6; evallie
PFISTER, Frank J; 52; Valparaiso IN; MunsterTimes; 2007-4-23; etob
PFISTER, Frank J; 52; Valparaiso IN; Post-Trib; 2007-4-24; etob
PFLANZER, Frank; 69; Appleton WI; Post Crescent; 2001-5-24; newsj
PFLAUMER, Frank; 84; West Union OH; Peoplesdefender; 1957-5-9; ckalota
PFLEGL, Frank P Sr; 81; Catskill NY; Daily Freeman; 2005-5-4; nydafree
PFLIGER, Frank; 87; Hazen ND>Denver CO; Bismarck Trib (ND); 2012-5-16; ndvivi
PFLIGER, Frank; 87; Oliver Co ND>Denver CO; Minot Daily (ND); 2012-5-16; ndvivi
PFLUGER, Frank Robert; 91; Portland OR; Oregonian; 2000-10-12; jirt
PFLUGER, Frank Robert; 91; Portland OR; The Columbian (WA); 2000-10-10; shieter
PFLUGHOFT, Walter Frank; 71; Ellsworth KS>Colton CA; PE; 2007-3-5; mts
PFLUMM, Frank D SR; ; Shawnee KS; K C Star (MO); 1996-11-4; adamssec
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