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BARONE, Julia (LAWRENCE); 94; Utica NY; Utica O-D; 1997-9-18; maryh
BARONE, Julia (LAWRENCE); 94; Utica NY; Utica O-D; 1997-9-19; maryh
BAROS, Julia Alvira ( ); 92; Huntington Beach CA; Orange Co R; 1996-7-20; branwil
BARR, Julia Eleanora; 80; Virginia Beach VA; Norfolk V-P; 2001-2-5; kskat
BARR, Julia Eleanora (BLACKBURN); 80; Virginia Beach VA; Baltimore Sun (MD); 2001-2-6; siwel
BARR, Julia Eleanora "Nellie" (BLACKBURN); 80; Baltimore MD>Virginia Beach VA; Columbus D (OH); 2001-2-5; hair
BARR, Julia Elizabeth (TERRIS); 82; Manchester NH; The Citizen; 2001-5-11; hlpar
BARR, Julia Fay (REAM); 71; Lower Paxton Twp PA; Harrisburg P-N; 1998-7-27; mam
BARR, Julia Faye (REAM); 71; Lower Paxton Twp PA; Harrisburg P-N; 1998-7-28; mam
BARR, Julia M (EVERETTE); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 1999-6-19; latz
BARR, Julia Rose Miss; 4; New Hope MN; St Paul P-P; 1997-4-16; bobbigw
BARRANCO, Julia "Frances"; 78; Hayward CA; The Daily Review; 2000-10-5; sadie
BARRAS, Julia ( ); 90; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2004-4-11; kap
BARREIRO, Julia S ( ); 94; Bustos PRT>Turlock CA; Modesto Bee; 2013-2-24; msty
BARRERA, Julia (FLORES); 73; Bluetown TX>Paul ID; Times-News; 2008-8-22; cwkirsch
BARRERA, Julia M; ; ; Los Angeles T (CA); 2001-3-15; awest
BARRETT, Julia Ann (RAVNIK); 87; Robbinsdale MN; M-CRecord; 2010-8-26; ljvix
BARRETT, Julia H (HILL); 86; Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2008-12-14; bearcat
BARRETT, Julia I miss; ; ; Chicago T (IL); 2008-4-29; scrttt
BARRETT, Julia K; 94; Avalon PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2005-6-14; cotan
BARRETT, Julia K; 94; Avalon PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2005-6-15; cotan
BARRETT, Julia L "Honey" (McDONALD); 84; Spring TX; Houston Chronicle; 2001-8-26; burzvana
BARRETT, Julia (SOROKA); 56; Willimantic CT>Maynard MA; Acton Beacon; 1974-2-21; dja
BARRETT, Mabel Julia (HISCOCK); 69; NF>Lunenburg NS; Chron-Herald; 2007-5-21; kbutler
BARRICELLA, Julia Anne (MIOVAC); 86; Milwaukee WI>Youngstown OH; The Vindicator; 2004-5-12; jage
BARRIENTOS, Julia; 78; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2006-11-20; bjw
BARRIENTOS, Julia (FRANCO); 56; McAllen TX; Monitor; 2000-6-16; ddheller
BARRIERE, Julia [MERCANTINI]; 74; Verdun QC; La Presse; 2000-1-18; mnemo
BARRINGTON, Julia Rose (STASNY); 74; Killeen TX; Waco Tribune Herald; 2000-7-4; clillard
BARRIOS, Julia; 80; Tulare CA; Fresno B; 2006-6-13; gebowca
BARRIOS, Julia (McGEE); 80; El Tigre MEX>Tulare CA; Tulare A-R; 2006-6-13; msty
BARRIOS, Julia (VELA); 74; McAllen TX; Monitor; 2001-5-1; ddheller
BARRIOS, Julia (VILLARREAL); 97; Matamoros MEX>Orangevale CA; Sacramento Bee; 2012-12-18; kkm
BARRIS, Julia ( ); ; MI; Detroit FP; 2005-4-19; jjd
BARRO, Katherine Julia; 93; Shreveport LA; Shreveport Times; 2012-12-4; pepper
BARRO, Katherine Julia; 93; Shreveport LA; Shreveport Times; 2012-12-6; pepper
BARROCA, Julia Marie (PONTES); 86; Tracy CA; Sacramento Bee; 2008-5-24; kkm
BARROLL, Julia (GREENE); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 1999-12-8; canehls
BARRON, Harold R Father; 88; Manhattan NY>Columbus OH; Catholic NY (NY); 2000-4-27; julia
BARROSO, Julia A Urelia; 81; Poinciana FL; Orlando Sentinel; 1996-9-24; jow
BARROW, Julia; ; Denver CO; RMN; 2003-6-2; mak
BARROW, Julia; ; Denver CO; RMN; 2003-6-3; mak
BARROW, Julia; ; Denver CO; RMN; 2003-6-4; mak
BARROWS, Julia (BARDEN); 80; Boston MA>Charlestown RI; Prov Journal; 2004-3-16; wgroberge
BARROWS, Julia (BARDEN); 80; Boston MA>Green Hill RI; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2004-3-19; cotan
BARROWS, Julia (BARDEN); 80; Boston MA>Green Hill RI; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2004-3-20; cotan
BARRY, Christina Julia (BROWN); 98; Walla Walla WA; BlueMountainE (OR); 2014-7-9; mdp
BARRY, James H Father; 88; Boston MA; National Jesuit News (DC); 2000-5-26; julia
BARRY, Julia A ( ); ; NY; Rochester D C; 2000-4-30; hkohut
BARRY, Julia A; ; NY; Rochester D C; 2000-6-4; hkohut
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