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FOREST, Walter Elson Jr; 85; San Antonio TX>Phoenix AZ; San Mateo T (CA); 2015-7-26; jch
FOREST, Walter Glen; 82; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2007-6-24; msty
FORESTER, John Walter "Jack"; 80; ; The Chieftain (CO); 2008-9-17; gfan
FORGATSCH, Walter C; 87; Fremont OH>Goshen IN; Elkhart Truth; 1998-12-8; dorothy
FORGRAVES, Walter Jessie; ; Saint John NB; Telegraph Journal; 2009-11-7; jdlmwc
FORICK, Francis Walter; 94; Canton OH; Canton Repository; 2006-7-23; pjm
FORKEL, Walter G "Dutch"; 97; NY; Rochester D C; 2003-6-8; hkohut
FORKER, Walter; 66; Norfolk VA; Norfolk V-P; 2004-2-10; jsne
FORMAN, Walter Edwin; 84; Dutches Co NY>Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2007-3-9; msty
FORMAN, Walter R; 54; Dell City TX; El Paso Times; 1997-2-20; mbcrow
FORMAN, Walter Raymond; 68; Mannington Twp NJ; Todays Sunbeam; 1999-10-7; cyrnj
FORMANOWSKI, Walter E "Dapper"; ; Hazleton PA; Hazleton S-S; 1997-5-11; dfadden
FORNER, Walter J; 77; Lynden WA; LyndenTrib; 2007-4-18; jfco
FORNER, Walter J "Walt"; 77; Plainfield NJ>Lynden WA; Bellnghm H; 2007-4-12; crpear
FORNEY, Walter; ; ; Akron B-J (OH); 1997-12-15; kweigel
FORNEY, Walter B; ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2006-6-20; siwel
FORNEY, Walter Junior; 74; Egeland ND>Thief River Falls MN; TRFT-NW; 2000-5-17; jldc
FORNEY, Walter Junior; 74; Thief River Falls MN; Grand Forks H (ND); 2000-5-14; jldc
FORNOFF, Walter Eugene Jr "Beaner"; 39; Springfield IL; State J-R; 2004-11-6; blj
FORREN, Walter H; 85; Lewisburg WV; Mountain M; 2008-7-5; glenn
FORREST, Douglas Walter Sr; 71; Hamilton ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2000-7-14; priceace
FORREST, Saul Walter; 83; Brooklyn NY>Winter Park FL; OS; 1998-6-2; bjstock
FORREST, Walter; 82; Canadian TX; Amarillo G-N; 1998-2-13; gileve
FORREST, Walter; 85; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1989-11-9; mfc
FORREST, Walter Benard; 40; Winona MS>Fort Worth TX; Conservative (MS); 2002-7-4; slj
FORREST, Walter Bernard; 40; TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2002-6-29; iup
FORREST, Walter E; 66; Nelsonville OH; Athens M; 2000-9-11; dlww
FORREST, Walter G; 92; Milwaukee WI; Milwaukee J-S; 1997-8-11; mschears
FORREST, Walter G Jr; 43; Milwaukee WI; Milwaukee J-S; 1998-3-6; mschears
FORREST, Walter Kirk; 55; Galveston TX>Ashdown AR; Lufkin DN (TX); 2012-11-23; bjl
FORREST, Walter Lee; 57; Monticello AR>Atchison KS; DemGaz (AR); 2009-3-21; arshub
FORREST, Walter Lee; 57; Monticello AR>Atchison KS; Pine Bluff Com (AR); 2009-3-21; arshub
FORREST, Walter Sr "Gib"; 69; Henry IL; Journal Star; 2002-6-5; evallie
FORREST, Walter Sylvester; 91; Windsor NS; Chron-Herald; 2008-9-6; kbutler
FORRESTER, Walter F; 85; CA; Daily Press; 2010-9-28; lfkes
FORRESTER, Walter G Jr; 52; Wildwood FL; Daily Commercial; 2003-5-26; jjphethean
FORRESTER, Walter Wilbur; 85; Baltimore MD>Grove City OH; Columbus D; 2008-9-27; doday
FORRISTER, Walter E; 75; Shrewsbury MA; Worcester T-G; 2001-11-18; jmd
FORSBERG, Walter A; 82; Port Angeles WA; Peninsula D-N; 2009-7-3; ljm
FORSBERG, Walter Sigerd; 93; Lebanon OR; Albany DH; 2009-10-2; cmc
FORSHA, Walter E Jr; 68; Dawson PA; H-S; 1998-3-29; edwarded
FORSHA, Walter W "Skip"; 74; ; Sedona RRN (AZ); 1993-4-21; sedgenclub
FORSHAW, Walter B; ; Stockbridge GA; Atlanta Journal; 1997-4-23; llblades
FORSSTROM, Walter Karl Johan; 91; Helsinki FIN>Bothell WA; FinnishAmericanRep (MI); 2006-8-1; ajway
FORST, Walter Frank Sr; 84; IL; Chicago T; 2016-5-4; kingster
FORST, Walter George; 80; Willingdon AB; Edmonton J; 2013-4-20; laurajt
FORST, Walter Jr; 74; PA; The Morning Call; 2004-10-21; kat
FORSTER, Charles Walter "Chas"; 78; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 2002-7-23; gjm
FORSTER, Charles Walter "Chas"; 78; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 2002-7-24; gjm
FORSTER, Irene M (WALTER); ; St Paul MN; Journal; 2004-12-28; saznb
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