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The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

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HAYES, Joan ( ); 80; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-8-27; sbayes
HAYES, John B; ; Key Largo FL; Wash DC Post (DC); 2001-1-19; artchimes
HAYES, John B; 76; Jamestown NY>Key Largo FL; San Jose M-N (CA); 2001-1-19; bjw
HAYES, Phyllis ( ); 83; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1998-5-25; sbayes
HAYMAN, Amy M; 35; Largo FL; Bradenton Herald; 2005-11-27; billspa
HAYNES, Blanche ( ); 89; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-10-7; sbayes
HAYNES, Dorothy M (ENGLE); 85; Largo FL; Kokomo Tribune (IN); 2002-5-8; glenn
HAYNES, Thornton Kenneth; 85; Norfolk VA>Largo FL; Norfolk V-P (VA); 2002-4-13; jsne
HAYS, Alberta "Tiny" (MAZYCK); 77; Charleston SC>Largo FL; P&C (SC); 2006-6-29; rrcurve
HAYS, Harvey C; 77; Largo FL; ATC Press (NJ); 2000-7-12; cbentiv
HAYS, Harvey C; 77; Largo FL; ATC Press (NJ); 2000-7-14; cbentiv
HEADINGTON, Leon; 88; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1998-4-16; sbayes
HEALEY, Barbara L (MacKENZIE); ; Largo FL; Prov Journal (RI); 2009-6-24; wgroberge
HEANEY, Frank L; ; Weymouth MA>Largo FL; Boston Globe (MA); 2002-4-7; troll
HEANEY, Patrick John Sr; 74; Gary IN>Largo FL; Tampa Bay; 2017-6-30; evallie
HEATH, Edwina Virginia (HARTMAN); 92; Largo FL; Dominion P (WV); 1999-9-22; glenn
HEATHERINGTON, Jeanette "Jae" (LOCKARD); 31; Largo FL; Tampa Trib; 2002-9-22; evallie
HEBERGER, Philip J; 74; Largo FL; Gates-ChiliP (NY); 2007-8-15; wpgg
HEBERGER, Philip J; 74; Largo FL; Rochester D C (NY); 2007-7-25; wpgg
HEBERGER, Philip J; 74; Largo FL; Rochester D C (NY); 2007-7-26; wpgg
HEDRICK, Jean E (McDONALD); 92; Largo FL; Sharon H (PA); 1997-6-16; janets
HEDZIK, Helen (KUCHARCZYK); 92; Ambridge PA>Largo FL; Beaver CT (PA); 2005-1-6; budmc
HEDZIK, Helen (KUCHARCZYK); 92; Ambridge PA>Largo FL; Beaver CT (PA); 2005-1-7; budmc
HEEG, John Francis; 82; Largo FL; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2000-4-15; geanie1
HEFFNER, Henry W; 71; Lebanon PA>Largo FL; Lebanon D-N (PA); 2005-1-26; egoodman
HEFLIN, Ardice (HEFLIN); 49; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-5-20; sbayes
HEHN, John G; 77; Chicago IL>Largo FL; Des Plaines DH (IL); 2006-3-5; jmoo
HEIDEN, Alfred; 81; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-6-24; sbayes
HEIDENFELDT, Belva A (DONNER); 85; Wilson NY>Largo FL; Buffalo News (NY); 1999-7-22; opnjudy
HEIDO, Jessie Ford ( ); 98; Key Largo FL; News-Gazette (IL); 2010-7-3; tennieil
HEIKEL, John A; 73; Cape May NJ & Key Largo FL; ATC Press (NJ); 1998-7-28; cbentiv
HEINTZELMAN, George F; 87; Sunbury PA>Largo FL; Daily Item (PA); 2001-5-15; patgrell
HEINZ, Cecelia ( ); 89; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-7-24; sbayes
HEIPLE, Arthur; 77; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-6-5; sbayes
HEIPLE, Beverly ( ); 76; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-6-28; sbayes
HEISLER, Eleanor P (PAGE); 75; Harmarville PA>Largo FL; Valley N D (PA); 2001-4-6; tasson
HEISLER, John O Jr; 69; Largo FL; Tampa Bay; 2017-4-4; evallie
HEISLER, Marie ( ); 76; Chelsea OK>Largo FL; Tampa Trib; 1997-2-6; garrus
HEITKAMP, Marsha (JONES) [SIERRA]; 85; Largo FL; Sun-H (MS); 2011-10-16; aweber
HELENO, Anthony C; 62; Bayonne NJ>Largo FL; Tampa Trib; 2008-7-15; evallie
HELLER, Gilbert "Gil"; 74; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-9-25; sbayes
HELLER, Gilbert W "Gil"; 74; Largo FL; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 1997-9-30; mschears
HELM, Johnie; 67; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1998-4-27; sbayes
HEMPEN, Helen G ( ); 84; St Louis MO>Largo FL; Tampa Trib; 1996-12-13; garrus
HENAULT, Francis; 71; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1997-6-10; sbayes
HENDERSHOT, D Jeannette ( ); 90; Largo FL; St Pete T; 1993-7-31; siram
HENNINGSEN, Lawrence A "Herk"; 96; Largo FL; Patriot Ledger (MA); 2004-11-23; aldoss
HENNINGSON, Lawrence A "Herk"; 96; Brighton MA>Largo FL; Boston Globe (MA); 2004-11-23; deliman
HENRY, Janet M ( ); 85; Key Largo FL; Boston Globe (MA); 1998-11-13; cgdbout
HENRY, Louise B ( ); 91; Coleman TX>Largo FL; Tampa Trib; 1996-11-20; garrus
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