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The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

Entries matching "lent"

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LENT, Myrna Hope (SCOVILLE); 76; Yarmouth NS; Halifax D-N; 1999-10-9; kbutler
LENT, Myrta Jean; 65; Everett WA; The Herald; 2017-3-15; jfco
LENT, Nancy (BUDLONG); 73; Cape Coral FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2006-8-13; hmg
LENT, Nathan Douglas; 24; Smithsburg MD; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2001-6-11; gschubert
LENT, Nora "Nonie" ( ); 81; Mariposa CA; Long Beach P-T; 2003-12-7; ennui
LENT, Norine (ESTABROOKE); 82; Island Falls ME>Camp Springs MD; Bangor D-N (ME); 2007-4-23; jhw
LENT, Norman Floyd; 64; Pocatello ID; Idaho State Journal; 1999-8-27; kwday
LENT, Pamela Sue ( ); 70; Chillicothe MO; Columbia D-T; 2014-3-26; cfoley
LENT, Patricia Ann; 37; Portsmouth NH; Fosters DD; 1997-6-25; cgdbout
LENT, Patricia Ann (ROGERS); 37; Portsmouth NH; Manchester U-L; 1997-6-25; cgdbout
LENT, Patricia [CHOPS]; ; Jamaica NY; Newsday; 1997-1-26; rpng
LENT, Paula Elizabeth (GREEN); 53; Lonaconing MD>Petaluma CA; Royal Oak DT (MI); 2009-1-9; rtc
LENT, Paula Marge (LACKNER); 74; Salisbury NC; Newsday (NY); 1997-4-10; rpng
LENT, Phillip Douglas; 45; Dallas OR>Juneau AK; Juneau Empire; 2006-1-17; djdan
LENT, Rachel Jean (ANIS); 76; Simonton's Corner ME; Bangor D-N; 2004-1-10; troll
LENT, Ralph E; 94; Katonah NY; Journal N; 1999-7-29; most
LENT, Ray; 67; Stockton CA; Stockton Record; 2003-7-1; mar
LENT, Richard C; 78; Norwalk CT>Clearwater FL; Tampa Trib; 1997-2-25; garrus
LENT, Richard E Sr; 61; Newark OH; Dresden T; 2010-7-9; dmf
LENT, Robert F; 77; Clarksville TN; Heritage Media (MI); 2008-5-28; windy
LENT, Robert Goodwin Jr; 71; Micco FL; PJ; 2010-4-24; gnut
LENT, Robert J; ; Depew NY; Buffalo News; 1996-1-5; mbaron
LENT, Robert K; 83; Peekskill NY>Algonquin IL; Northwest Herald; 2001-1-25; lellison
LENT, Robert K; 83; Peekskill NY>Rolling Meadows IL; Algonquin Countryside; 2001-2-1; tmca
LENT, Robert K; 83; Peekskill NY>Rolling Meadows IL; Des Plaines DH; 2001-1-25; kag
LENT, Robert K; 83; Peekskill NY>Rolling Meadows IL; Des Plaines DH; 2001-1-26; kag
LENT, Robert K; 83; Peekskill NY>Rolling Meadows IL; Des Plaines DH; 2001-1-27; kag
LENT, Robert P; 72; Edmonds WA; Seattle Times; 1989-1-3; jfco
LENT, Robert R; 78; Minden NE>Montgomery IL; The Beacon News; 2000-6-8; kgravlin
LENT, Robert R; 78; Minden NE>Montgomery IL; The Beacon News; 2000-6-9; kgravlin
LENT, Robert S Sr; 75; State College PA; Centre DT; 2004-3-15; plowgal
LENT, Robert S Sr; 75; State College PA; DSReview; 2004-3-16; fmr
LENT, RobertaLee "Bobby" (HADDOX); 71; Spokane WA; Bellnghm H; 2001-11-11; crpear
LENT, Roger; 88; Pompano Beach FL; Miami Herald; 1999-7-8; kat
LENT, Roland Asher; 88; Lake Placid FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2002-5-17; hmg
LENT, Rosa Mae (HAYS); 91; Canadian TX>Grand Junction CO; Daily Sentinel; 2008-1-19; moml
LENT, Rosalind E (KATZ); ; Copiague NY; Newsday; 1999-7-23; rpng
LENT, Rosalyn E ( ); 47; Fort Knox KY; Seattle Times (WA); 1994-6-17; jfco
LENT, Rose Louisa ( ); 85; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 2005-5-16; mgrubbe
LENT, Rositta Mary ( ); 76; Castro Valley CA; Oakland Tribune; 2000-11-10; latvija
LENT, Rositta Mary ( ); 76; Castro Valley CA; The Daily Review; 2000-11-10; sadie
LENT, Russell J "Lentini"; 61; Summersville FL; H-S (PA); 2000-8-3; edwarded
LENT, Russell Wilfred; 67; Cokato MN; Minneapolis S-T; 2003-3-22; jblind
LENT, Ruth Dagmar; 95; Oslo NOR>Seattle WA; Seattle P-I; 2001-11-9; gmt
LENT, Sandra A "Sandi" (BETTENCOURT); 63; Danvers MA; Salem E-N; 2009-3-19; matms
LENT, Sharon K (PHELPS); 54; Curryville MO>Quincy IL; Hannibal C P (MO); 2001-3-13; mbs
LENT, Shirley; 66; Wyoming MI; GR Press; 2002-7-5; nheidger
LENT, Shirley J; 68; Bremerton WA; Brem S; 2002-2-19; ezy
LENT, Shirley L ( )[PERSONS]; 66; Wyoming MI; GR Press; 2002-7-7; nheidger
LENT, Stanley Blair; ; Cambridge MA; Boston Globe; 2001-4-1; troll
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