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Entries matching "lewis"

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LEWIS, Bernice E; 81; WI; News Chronicle; 2004-7-21; jmoo
LEWIS, Bernice E "Bee" (DICK); 80; Newbury Twp OH; Star Beacon; 2001-5-6; kjbee
LEWIS, Bernice (FARMER); 72; Haysi VA>Graham NC; Beaver CT (PA); 2002-2-25; budmc
LEWIS, Bernice H "Nanny" (DONATHAN); 92; Sherman TX; ShermanHD; 2009-1-30; delpat
LEWIS, Bernice I ( ); 88; Traverse City MI; Oakland Press; 2005-6-8; smk
LEWIS, Bernice I ( ); 88; Traverse City MI; Oakland Press; 2005-6-9; smk
LEWIS, Bernice I; 81; Danville IL; News-Gazette; 2001-4-7; mlf
LEWIS, Bernice I (BROWN); 80; Danville IL; News-Gazette; 2001-4-9; mlf
LEWIS, Bernice (JUCK); 64; Allentown PA; Hazleton S-S; 1995-8-10; dfadden
LEWIS, Bernice K ( ); 90; Spokane WA; Spokesman-Review; 2002-5-23; wer
LEWIS, Bernice K ( ); 90; Spokane WA; Spokesman-Review; 2002-5-24; wer
LEWIS, Bernice K (KALBFELL); 91; Lancaster PA; Lancaster I-J; 2004-8-6; reichard
LEWIS, Bernice K (KALBFELL); 91; Lancaster PA; Lancaster N-E; 2004-8-6; egoodman
LEWIS, Bernice L (AMMONS); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2004-12-16; siwel
LEWIS, Bernice L (GRAHAM); ; Martinez GA; Augusta Ch; 2009-12-15; bearcat
LEWIS, Bernice L (HARRIS); 75; Strawberry AR>Kearney NE; Kearney Hub; 2010-5-18; jrp
LEWIS, Bernice (LAMB); ; ; Valley Courier (OH); 2003-3-12; cathyl
LEWIS, Bernice (LAMB); 89; Boston MA>Nashville TN; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2003-3-10; ckalota
LEWIS, Bernice [LEVY]; ; ; Chicago T (IL); 1999-8-12; cquin
LEWIS, Bernice Lorraine "Bunny" (ELLESSON); 72; Grand Rapids MI>Boring OR; Oregonian; 2002-4-6; jirt
LEWIS, Bernice Louise ( ); 75; Irvine CA; Orange Co R; 1997-7-26; branwil
LEWIS, Bernice M ( ); ; Washington DC; Wash DC Post; 2000-4-13; troll
LEWIS, Bernice M ( ); 79; ; Decatur H&R (IL); 2000-7-31; mlouferg
LEWIS, Bernice M; 83; Philipsburg PA; Centre DT; 2007-4-3; plowgal
LEWIS, Bernice M (AGEE); 82; Memphis TN>Hot Springs AR; Com-A (TN); 2004-2-16; mjcw
LEWIS, Bernice M (SINN); 79; Sheboygan WI>Decatur IL; Decatur H&R; 2000-8-1; mlouferg
LEWIS, Bernice "Nanny"; 92; Sherman TX; ShermanHD; 2009-1-29; delpat
LEWIS, Bernice R; ; Nashville TN; Nashville Tenn; 2001-6-1; marvin
LEWIS, Bernice R; 75; NY; Press & Sun-B; 2002-5-23; snips
LEWIS, Bernice S (SCHROEDER); 92; Arlington Heights IL; Des Plaines DH; 2001-2-6; kag
LEWIS, Bernice S (SHCROEDER); 92; Arlington Heights IL; Des Plaines DH; 2001-2-4; kag
LEWIS, Bernice (SCHROEDER); 92; Arlington Heights IL; Arlington Heights Post; 2001-2-15; trumbullc
LEWIS, Bernice (SEAY); 90; Ozark AL; Southern Star; 2002-2-13; bixp
LEWIS, Bernice (SILVERSTEIN); 79; Philadelphia PA>Boca Raton FL; Sun-Sent; 2004-8-31; billspa
LEWIS, Bernice (SKELLY); 98; IL; Chicago T; 2006-8-23; jmoo
LEWIS, Bernice Stafford (STAFFORD); 87; Franklinton LA; Era-Leader; 2000-5-3; wstringf
LEWIS, Bernice Suggs "Bunk"; 87; Savoy TX; ShermanHD; 2007-7-29; delpat
LEWIS, Bernice T; 83; Ahoskie NC; Norfolk V-P (VA); 2007-3-8; jsne
LEWIS, Berniece E (WRIGHT); 77; Glasgow WV>Newark OH; Mt Vernon News; 1998-10-19; hair
LEWIS, Berniece (SMITH); 88; Clear Creek IN>Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2005-7-30; lfkes
LEWIS, Bernita E; 92; Woodbine IA; Nonpareil; 2004-2-25; catdan
LEWIS, Bernita Louise (BROWN); 69; Marysville WA; The Herald; 2007-6-2; jfco
LEWIS, Bernold L; 69; Millen GA; Augusta Ch; 2000-9-22; bearcat
LEWIS, Bernold L; 69; Millen GA; Augusta Ch; 2000-9-22; sybga
LEWIS, Bernyce Evelyn (BULLWINKLE); 88; Sparks NV; Reno G-J; 2001-12-6; neb
LEWIS, Berrty L (TANNER); 72; Despard WV>Elyria OH; Lorain J; 2002-9-29; pegpat
LEWIS, Berry (BRIGNER); ; West Jefferson OH; Columbus D; 2013-2-21; doday
LEWIS, Berry Jean (NESTEBY); 59; Walla Walla WA; Walla Walla U-B; 2014-3-4; jfco
LEWIS, Bert; ; PHL; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 1901-7-8; ckalota
LEWIS, Bert; 83; MI; Detroit News; 2002-3-21; msb
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