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ANGELL, Florence Anne (KOEPKE)[MILLS]; 80; Williston ND>Albany OR; Corvallis G-T; 2008-9-23; cmc
ANGELL, Mildred Alma "Mills" (WEISE); 85; Little Rock AR; ARGaz; 2007-3-27; arshub
ANGLE, Robert Wesley; 76; Browns Mills NJ; Vineland TJ; 2010-12-25; shmagoo
ANGLIN, Eva "Noni" ( ); 85; Hope Mills NC; Fayetteville O; 2001-9-28; carshop
ANLAGE, Mary Cecelia ( ); 84; Philadelphia PA>Browns Mills NJ; Courier Post; 2005-2-2; onerip
ANSHEL, Virginia G (KOWALSKI); 73; Randallstown MD; Owings Mills T; 2004-8-10; kat
ANSPACH, Lillian Edith (MILLS); 88; Ernul NC>Charlotte NC; New Bern SJ; 2011-9-2; jackiemac
ANSTEATT, Rose A (DECK); 82; Covington KY>Randallstown MD; Owings Mills T; 2004-8-25; kat
ANTHONY, Paloma E (MILLS); 79; Montesano WA; Daily World; 2003-5-2; ehokan
ANTINK, Eloise H (JONES); 100; Raglin Mills MS>Tampa FL; Tampa Trib; 2014-3-2; evallie
ANZALDUA, Velmalea "Jean" (MILLS); 62; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2008-12-14; bjw
ANZER, Geneva G (GIANNANDREA); 90; Coopers Mills ME; Sun Journal; 2001-3-31; cgdbout
APGAR, Pauline H (CARPENTER); 83; Gays Mills WI>Byron IL; Rockford RS; 2004-1-17; rothb
APPENFELDT, Clara M; 91; Watertown WI; Lake Mills L; 1998-4-23; kmed
APPENFELDT, Ella Anne; 99; Watertown WI; Lake Mills L; 2005-3-23; kmed
APPLE, Jessie (AYRE); 84; Miners Mills PA>Atlanta GA; Winston-Salem J (NC); 2009-4-19; msty
ARATA, Joseph A; 62; Fall River Mills CA; Redding R-S; 2006-4-10; gebowca
ARBAUGH, Sarah Elizabeth; 89; Westminster MD; Owings Mills T; 2002-1-29; kat
ARBOGAST, G Edgar "Ed"; 78; Mount Pleasant Mills PA; Daily Item; 2001-11-20; patgrell
ARBOGAST, Lillian L (FULKROAD); 87; Mount Pleasant Mills PA; Daily Item; 2006-11-11; patgrell
ARBOGAST, Oliver C "Ollie"; 92; Mount Pleasant Mills PA; Daily Item; 2008-1-24; patgrell
ARBOGAST, Oliver C "Ollie"; 92; Mount Pleasant Mills PA; Daily Item; 2008-1-26; patgrell
ARCHER, Gerald L "Arch"; 55; Osceola Mills PA; Centre DT; 2002-4-27; plowgal
ARCHIBALD, Hugh Daniel; 83; Macpherson's Mills NS; Chron-Herald; 2001-11-29; kbutler
ARCHIE, Gertrude E (LANGE); 91; Lake Mills WI; Lake Mills L; 1998-3-19; kmed
ARCHIE, Stephen Mills; 65; Concord CA; Contra Costa; 2002-7-8; gbuteau
ARCHINAL, Lois Carmen; 77; Fall River Mills CA; Redding R-S; 2001-2-22; mjedw
ARENDT, Cyrene ( ); 95; New York Mills MN>Fremont CA; The Daily Review; 2002-12-27; sadie
ARENDT, Cyrene; 95; New York Mills MN>Fremont CA; Times-Star; 2002-12-27; smv
ARGYLE, Mason Mills; 0; ; Ogden Standard (UT); 2002-2-28; lll
ARMENTROUT, Robert L Jr "Bob"; 53; WV>Rockford IL; Lake Mills L (WI); 2006-12-28; kmed
ARMENTROUT, Virginia Ellen (MILLS); 64; Short Gap WV; Cumberland T-N (MD); 2002-8-2; dcohen
ARMER, Becky Mills; 60; Hillsboro TN; Tullahoma N&G; 2004-8-6; jparsons
ARMOUR, Philip; 94; Maplehurst NB>Smyrna Mills ME; Telegraph Journal (NB); 2005-6-15; jdlmwc
ARMS-SCHALLER, Pasty E (ARMS)[KIDDER]; 62; Lake Mills WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2002-5-11; kmed
ARMS-SCHALLER, Patsy E (ARMS)[KIDDER]; 62; Lake Mills WI; Daily J-U; 2002-5-10; kmed
ARMSTRONG, Charles R "Ray"; 72; Cameron IL>Fort Atkinson WI; Lake Mills L; 1998-4-9; kmed
ARMSTRONG, David Mills; 81; Granville Beach NS; Chron-Herald; 2005-3-26; kbutler
ARMSTRONG, Janice (MILLS); 85; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2012-8-7; lfkes
ARMSTRONG, John Mills Jr; 85; LA; News Star; 2009-1-10; lfph
ARMSTRONG, John Mills Jr "Sonny Boy"; 85; ; News Star (LA); 2009-1-9; lfph
ARMSTRONG, Judy C ( ); 50; Browns Mills NJ; ATC Press; 2000-3-16; cbentiv
ARMSTRONG, Marjorie Iole (KELLY); 94; Stockton KS>Gravois Mills MO; K C Star; 2001-9-18; gmwarmy
ARMSTRONG, Maxine Lavon (McMURRAY); 64; Mills Co TX>Hobbs NM; Hobbs N-S; 2004-3-26; rprkr
ARMSTRONG, Michael L; ; Owings Mills MD; Baltimore Sun; 2003-11-30; siwel
ARMSTRONG, Michael Lawrence; 55; Owings Mills MD; Owings Mills T; 2003-12-2; kat
ARMSWORTHY, Donald Arthur; 69; Crowes Mills NS; Halifax H L; 1998-3-7; jral
ARNDT, Cynthia G (GALLAGHER); 58; Spring Mills PA; Centre DT; 2001-6-11; plowgal
ARNOLD, Betty Lou (MILLS); 74; Grimesland NC; New Bern SJ; 2011-6-15; jackiemac
ARNOLD, Carl W; 70; Browns Mills NJ; Burlington Co Times; 1996-11-29; angel
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