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Entries matching "monroe"

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RATHKE, Alice M; 87; Dundee MI; Monroe E-N; 1997-8-13; lsulfaro
RATHKE, Alice M (BOLSTER); 87; Dundee MI; Monroe E-N; 1997-8-14; lsulfaro
RATHKE, Viola L; 72; Monroe MI; The Independent; 1998-8-20; gmayh
RATHKE, Viola Leona (LOOS); 72; Monroe MI; Monroe E-N; 1998-8-13; lsulfaro
RATHS, Mary E; 79; Wauseon OH; Monroe E-N (MI); 1997-12-18; lsulfaro
RATLEDGE, Hayden Monroe; 84; ; McDowell News (NC); 2005-1-4; wrabb
RATLEY, Robert J "Bob"; 58; Fort Monroe VA>Hutchinson KS; Hutchinson News; 2012-7-6; retftrdoc
RATLIFF, Eva (HILDRETH); 81; Monroe NC; Charlotte Obs; 2002-10-5; wrabb
RATLIFF, Helen E; 69; Dearborn MI; Monroe G; 1997-10-12; lsulfaro
RATLIFF, James Monroe; ; McFarland NC; Charlotte Obs; 2006-6-3; mfsmith
RATLIFF, Jerry Lane; 47; Monroe NC>Anchorage AK; Winston-Salem J (NC); 1998-5-26; wstyles
RATLIFF, Jimmy Monroe; 29; Clifton TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2004-4-3; lmjg
RATLIFF, Justice Monroe "Cutter"; 47; Ft Worth TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2004-3-10; lmjg
RATLIFF, Leroy; 73; Monroe NC; Charlotte Obs; 2003-2-17; wrabb
RATLIFF, Monroe Eldridge; 82; Williford AR>FL; OS; 2004-10-5; kat
RATLIFF, Norma Magdalena (HAGEL); 78; Monroe WA; The Herald; 2014-12-19; jfco
RATLIFF, William H; 90; Wellington KY>Monroe OH; Hamilton J-N; 2014-11-30; ckalota
RATTEERREE, Jewell (BRUNSON); 71; Monroe NC; Charlotte Obs; 2006-7-17; mfsmith
RATTEREE, Bernice Evelyn (EDMUNDS); 87; Monroe NC; Charlotte Obs; 2006-3-23; wrabb
RATTEREE, Bernice Evelyn (EDMUNDS); 87; Monroe NC; Charlotte Obs; 2006-3-24; wrabb
RATTIN, Elsa (WIELAND); 87; Monroe WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2008-6-24; kmed
RAU, Rose Marie (MILLER); 69; Monroe MI; Blade (OH); 1998-11-17; cagormley
RAU, Rose Marie (MILLER) [HARROUN]; 69; Monroe MI; Monroe E-N; 1998-11-10; lsulfaro
RAUCH, A Glenn (VANTASSEL); 86; Pontiac MI; Monroe E-N; 1997-12-1; lsulfaro
RAUGUST, Monroe D; 85; Harvey ND; Minot Daily; 2011-4-4; ndvivi
RAUGUST, Monroe Duane; 85; Harvey ND; Fargo Forum; 2011-4-4; ndvivi
RAUPP, Russell M; 68; Ecorse MI; Monroe G; 1998-2-22; lsulfaro
RAUSCH, Harmon "Mickey"; 70; Albuquerque NM; Monroe E-N (MI); 1998-12-15; lsulfaro
RAUTENBERG, Helmuth "Ham"; 79; Utica MI>Wayne MI; Monroe E-N; 1996-12-8; gwwjr
RAUTMANN, Lowell A; 59; Monroe WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2004-3-21; kmed
RAVAN, Monroe; 83; Inman SC>Winter Park FL; Orlando Sentinel; 1996-7-26; nciufo
RAVARY, Leo E (FOUNTAIN); 68; Monroe MI; Monroe E-N; 1999-2-6; lsulfaro
RAWLES, Jewel (LINDER); 75; Monroe LA; FranklinSun; 2011-11-16; aweber
RAWLINGS, Gladys B; 94; West Monroe LA; K C Star (MO); 1999-9-14; dlcict
RAWLINS, Mary E (BROWN) [MEYERS]; 87; Tracy City TN>Monroe OH; MiddletownJ; 2004-12-5; ckalota
RAWLINS, Mary E (MYERS); 87; Monroe OH; Hamilton J-N; 2004-12-5; redbird
RAWLINS, William H; 75; Monroe OH; MiddletownJ; 2005-9-6; ckalota
RAWLINS, William H; 75; Monroe OH; MiddletownJ; 2005-9-7; ckalota
RAWLS, Hardy Woodrow; 89; Monroe LA>Jacksonville TX; Tyler M-T; 2008-2-21; pfu
RAWLS, Hazel (WORLEY); 62; West Monroe LA; News Star; 2006-7-4; lfph
RAWSON, Roger D; 60; Dubuque IA>Monroe WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2004-8-3; kmed
RAWSON, Roger D; 60; Monroe WI; Platteville J; 2004-8-4; eugriff
RAY, Annnie Jane (JONES)[MONROE]; 78; Fayetteville NC; Fayetteville O-T; 1999-7-9; senc
RAY, Ashley Monroe; 93; Laurel Hill SC; The State; 2003-1-15; betsten
RAY, Betty Jean (SCHMIDT) (HOLTZLINE); 72; Monroe MI; Monroe E-N; 1999-2-9; lsulfaro
RAY, Charl Edward; 65; West Monroe LA>Nacogdoches TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-1-9; pfu
RAY, Charles Edward; 65; West Monroe LA>Nacogdoches TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-1-11; pfu
RAY, Clarence Theadore; 88; Regina SK>Monroe WA; The Herald; 2013-11-6; jfco
RAY, Diana (NOEL) [WILSON]; 76; Monroe LA>Russellville KY; News Star (LA); 2010-11-7; lfph
RAY, Dois Monroe; 85; Big Spring TX; BigSpringHerald; 2006-1-5; mtls
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