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CASTELL, Winnie; 89; Havana FL; Tallahassee D; 1995-12-28; whamo
CASTLE, Juanita "Winnie" (SIZEMORE); 69; Prestonburg KY>Ft Wayne IN; Wabash PD; 2005-12-21; llt
CASTLE, Juanita "Winnie" (SIZEMORE); 69; Prestonsburg KY>Ft Wayne IN; ThePaper; 2005-12-27; llt
CASTOR, Winona M "Winnie" (WATROUS); 84; Kingston NY; Daily Freeman; 2003-10-16; nydafree
CASWELLENGELMEYER, Winifred G "Winnie" (WINGROVE); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2007-2-16; siwel
CATANZARO, Winifred "Winnie" (FUSTAFSON); ; ; Chicago T (IL); 2007-11-14; scrttt
CATHEY, Ethel Rose (SIMON)[PATIN]; 70; Winnie TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2004-12-20; mesn
CATING, Jesse Lee; 82; Winnie TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2005-4-10; mesn
CATOUR, Winifred "Winnie" (LARSON); 83; Munterville IA>Denver CO; Quad-City Times (IA); 2002-2-22; dnb
CATOUR, Winnie ( ); 83; Munterville IL>Denver CO; RMN; 2002-2-27; mak
CAUDILL, James Winnie; 77; Auxier KY; Floyd Co T; 2002-2-8; jtneed
CAUDILL, James Winnie; 77; Auxier KY; Paintsville H; 2002-2-13; jtneed
CAULFIELD, Winifred A "Winnie" ( ); 84; San Diego Co CA; San Diego U-T; 2008-9-26; mcwlr
CAVANAUGH, Edith "Winnie" (EVANS); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2008-10-26; siwel
CAVER, Paula ( ); 59; Winnie TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2003-1-8; mesn
CAVILIA, Wynilou "Winnie" (COX); 84; Breckenridge TX>Reno NV; Reno G-J; 2012-8-6; cwkirsch
CECIL, Winnie Jean ( ) [MILAM]; 74; Cove AR; DemGaz; 2009-11-27; arshub
CHAMBERLAIN, Winnie (SMITH); 88; Shawneetown IL; Daily Register; 2003-8-11; cwkirsch
CHAMBERLIN, Winnie; 88; Somerville MA>Louisville KY; Courier J; 2000-6-18; ggc
CHAMBERS, Winnie (HOLLINGSWORTH); 82; Ninety Six SC; The State; 1998-8-5; llblades
CHAMBERS, Winnie Mae (WILSON); 83; Gainesville GA; Gainesville T; 1998-8-29; louleo
CHAMBERS, Winnifred C "Winnie"; ; Nashville TN>Pensacola FL; PNJ; 2000-1-13; jsf
CHAMBEWRLAIN, Margaret "Winnie" [DUNLAP]; 93; Minneapolis MN>Seattle WA; W Seattle H; 2000-9-13; lrj
CHAMP, Winnie Lee; 38; New Orleans LA; Times-Picayune; 1999-2-25; mlc
CHAMPAGNE, Audrey "Maw"; 67; Winnie TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2001-1-17; mesn
CHAMPION, Winifred T "Winnie" (YOUTZ); 86; PA; Bucks Co C-T; 2002-5-28; dharg
CHAN, Winnie Wing Yee ( ); 87; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 2010-6-20; laurajt
CHANDLER, Winifred Bernadine "Winnie" ( ); 91; KS>San Luis Obispo CA; San Luis Obispo T; 1999-8-26; dmstr
CHANDLER, Winifred "Winnie"; 87; AZ; AZ Republic; 2005-4-20; dback
CHANDLER, Winnie K; 86; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2007-8-9; lfkes
CHANDLER, Winnie K (McCOY); 86; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2007-8-7; lfkes
CHANDLER, Winnie K (McCOY); 86; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2007-8-8; lfkes
CHANTELOUP, Winifred "Winnie"; 89; San Mateo CA; Grass Valley U; 2000-6-29; zntki
CHAPEL, Winnie; 76; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 1990-4-13; clh
CHAPMAN, Winnie Mae; ; Chattanooga TN; Chattanooga TFP; 2002-12-30; juasmo
CHAPMAN, Winnie Ruth (GAGE); 89; Douglas OK>Azle TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2004-7-7; lmjg
CHAPMAN, Winnie (SKEHILL); ; Tuam GAL IRL; Irish Examiner (COR IRL); 2002-5-14; dja
CHAPPELL, Winnie (BATES); 87; Waynesboro GA; Augusta Ch; 1997-12-10; llblades
CHAPPELL, Winnie Jewell (MARTIN); 73; Nocona TX; Wichita Falls T-RN; 1998-8-3; dcseese
CHARLES, Virgie (VENABLE); 80; Winnie TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2001-2-14; mesn
CHARLTON, Winnie Hazel (STEPHENS); 75; Jackson MS; Conservative; 2005-5-5; slj
CHARPIOT, A B; 91; Winnie TX; Beaumont Enterprise; 2000-7-23; mesn
CHARPIOT, A B; 91; Winnie TX; Houston Chronicle; 2000-7-24; jhodgin
CHASE, Winifred A "Winnie" (WINTHER); 79; Minneapolis MN>Leonardtown MD; LP Enterprise; 2005-1-12; dmf
CHASE, Winifred A "Winnie" (WINTHER); 79; Minneapolis MN>Leonardtown MD; Md Indep; 2005-1-12; dmf
CHEATHAM, Winnie Lee (VERNER); 82; Cherokee Co NC>Ducktown TN; Blue Ridge N-O (GA); 2006-7-18; jkg
CHEEK, Winnie Alice; 90; Bedford IN; Bedford T-M; 2000-1-6; jjdj
CHEEK, Winnie Alice (GODSEY); 90; KY>Bedford IN; Bedford T-M; 2000-1-4; jjdj
CHEETHAM, Winnifred "Winnie" (ELLIS); 89; Neepawa MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2008-8-30; smb
CHELTON, Winnie (TAYLOR); 63; Madison TN; Nashville Tenn; 2000-4-14; marvin
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