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IRVAN, Myrtle Irene (ADCOCK); 81; TX; Houston Chronicle; 1999-3-14; jhodgin
IRVEN, Gonda Irene (HUTTON); 94; Burlington ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2006-11-16; nutters
IRVIN, Chrstine Irene (EMENHIZER); 76; Bellefonte PA; Centre DT; 2006-12-11; plowgal
IRVIN, Daisy Irene (McCLAIN); 71; Baker Co GA>Phenix City AL; Phenix Citizen; 2000-8-17; mwgal
IRVIN, Irene (CALDWELL); 81; Carrollton TX>Van Buren AR; SW Times; 2006-8-17; scsps
IRVIN, Irene M (DUTTON); 85; Williamsport PA; SunGazette; 2013-6-8; lcs
IRVIN, Irene (NICHOLSON); 75; Statesville NC; Statesville L; 2001-4-19; wrabb
IRVIN, Irene (THIES); 86; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2008-10-12; onerip
IRVIN, Louise Irene; ; ; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2003-3-26; cotan
IRVIN, Louise Irene (STANDBACK); 89; Mount Gilead NC>Pittsburgh PA; Valley N D; 2003-3-26; tasson
IRVINE, Irene ( ); 94; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2009-1-7; rita
IRVINE, Irene ( ); 94; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2009-1-9; rita
IRVINE, Irene L (DUYCKE); ; Springfield VA; Wash DC Post; 1996-11-20; andrusko
IRVINE, Irene Mabel; 93; Lumsden SK; Regina L-P; 1995-9-16; cowid
IRVINE, Irene Mary (SZENTES); 52; Toronto ON; Brampton G; 2004-11-16; nutters
IRVINE, Irene Rebecca (ROBERTSON); 87; Guelph ON; Guelph Daily Mercury; 1999-1-18; koorn
IRVINE, Irene (SZALWINSKI); 39; Oshawa ON; Toronto G&M; 2000-6-10; sw
IRVING, Eva Irene (AMOS); 81; Upper Nappan NS; Amherst DN; 2004-11-5; rjaleg
IRVING, Eva Irene (AMOS); 81; Upper Nappan NS; Chron-Herald; 2004-11-5; kbutler
IRVING, Irene ( ); 96; AL>Bradenton FL; Sarasota H-T; 2002-10-10; sarcher
IRVING, Thelma Irene (CROSS); 78; Greenknoll CO>Winfield KS; WDC; 1998-10-13; cwkirsch
IRVINGS, Irene S (STADLEN); 87; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2010-7-11; kap
IRWIN, Blanche Irene (GROVIER); 74; Riverside CA; PE; 2003-10-5; mts
IRWIN, Faye Irene (HUNT) [RADKE]; 81; Windsor ND>Renton WA; Brem S; 2004-8-6; ezy
IRWIN, Irene Betty (SIMMONDS) Cannon Shannon; ; Peterborough ON; Peterborough E; 2000-3-4; margwrig
IRWIN, Irene (HAJLASZ); 79; Portage La Prairie MB; Daily Graphic; 2012-10-26; egs
IRWIN, Irene (HAJLASZ); 79; Portage La Prairie MB; Daily Graphic; 2012-10-29; egs
IRWIN, Irene (HAJLASZ); 79; Portage La Prairie MB; Daily Graphic; 2012-11-1; egs
IRWIN, Irene M (YORK) [MOORE]; 92; Owsley Co KY>Lebanon OH; Western Star; 2011-5-12; ckalota
IRWIN, Irene R ( ); 90; Youngsville PA; Post-Journal (NY); 2003-10-21; mjs
IRWIN, Irene R (BARTLEY); 93; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 2011-3-1; chicodo
IRWIN, Irene R (BARTLEY); 93; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 2011-3-2; chicodo
IRWIN, Irene R (RICKETTS); 90; Buffalo NY>Youngsville PA; Post-Journal (NY); 2003-10-22; mjs
IRWIN, Irene S (CHERRY); 74; East Stroudsburg PA; Lebanon D-N; 2001-10-8; egoodman
IRWIN, Irene Stacey ( ); ; ; Ottawa Citizen (ON); 1999-7-10; aashfield
IRWIN, Martha Irene "Marty" (UNDERWOOD); 75; Rainier OR; The Daily News (WA); 2015-4-6; jfco
IRWIN, Phyllis Irene (WARD); ; Markham ON; Toronto Star; 2003-5-24; cfoisy
IRWIN, Sybil Irene ( ) [STUMBAUGH]; 84; Longmont CO; GreeleyTribune; 2014-5-23; gfan
ISAAC, Elizabeth Irene; 73; Oak Grove LA; News Star; 1998-9-6; clan
ISAAC, Irene; 93; Barrie ON; Barrie Examiner; 2004-8-25; nutters
ISAAC, Irene J (JANTZ); 71; Sherwood Park AB; Edmonton J; 1996-10-20; gjm
ISAAC, Mary Irene ( ); 66; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2012-6-23; kbutler
ISAAC, Mary Irene; 82; Kansas City MO; K C Star; 2000-3-16; dlcict
ISAAC, Rebecca Irene (GULLETT); 68; West Liberty KY; Lexington H-L; 2013-2-2; jjl
ISAACS, Irene E ( ); 98; West Lebanon IN>Royal Oak MI; Royal Oak DT; 2009-3-5; rtc
ISAACS, Irene (STURDIVANT); 87; Winston-Salem NC; Clemmons C; 2004-8-26; wrabb
ISAACS, Irene (STURDIVANT); 87; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2004-8-19; msty
ISAACS, Lucille Rose Irene (ROBERTS); 98; Anna IL; Anna G-D; 2012-4-26; rwunder
ISAACS, Mabel Irene; 83; Exline IA; Des Moines Register; 2007-2-4; lfkes
ISAACS, Martha Irene; 83; Kelso WA; The Daily News; 1998-3-14; khaddenham
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