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CAMPBELL, Donald Ernest; 71; Parrish FL; Sarasota H-T; 2013-3-11; cariboo
CAMPBELL, Gretta (GIBSON)[PARRISH]; 60; Winfield TX; Tyler M-T; 2007-12-26; pfu
CAMPBELL, Helen (PARRISH)[WEST]; 87; Wilmington NC; Wilmington S-N; 2009-5-30; rtsy
CANNON, E Dean (PARRISH); 86; Parrish FL>Gilbert SC; The State; 2004-1-15; betsten
CANNON, Ethel "Dean" (PARRISH); 86; Parrish FL>Gilbert SC; Sarasota H-T (FL); 2004-1-17; rdr
CANNON, Harry H; 78; Parrish FL; Sarasota H-T; 2003-5-7; sarcher
CANNON, Julianne Marie (PARRISH); 71; Morgan Hill CA; San Jose M-N; 2006-7-28; bjw
CANNON, Manasseh Ray "Ray"; 78; Parrish AL; Post-Trib (IN); 2003-4-18; krmom
CANO, Wayne; 70; Parrish FL; Sarasota H-T; 2016-12-22; cariboo
CANSLER-THRASHER, Elizabeth Gaynell (PARRISH); 86; Kings Mountain NC>Cedar Hill MO; Gaston G (NC); 2001-2-28; wrabb
CANSLER-THRASHER, Gaynell Elizabeth (PARRISH); 86; Kings Mountain NC>St Louis MO; Shelby Star (NC); 2001-2-27; wrabb
CAPPANO, Charles; 79; Jamestown NY>Parrish FL; Buffalo News (NY); 1999-10-5; opnjudy
CARIS, Ruth E (PARRISH); 101; Pottsville PA; Hazleton S-S; 2004-1-5; tlc
CARLSON, Margaret K "Peg" (PARRISH) [DUPRE]; 80; Worcester MA; Worcester T-G; 2013-10-6; chicodo
CARLSON, Thelma LaVerne "Tucky" (PARRISH); 73; La Pine OR; Oregonian; 2004-8-13; jirt
CARLTON, Grace (PARRISH); ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1999-12-27; wstyles
CARLTON, Grace (PARRISH); ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1999-12-28; wstyles
CARNELL, Lois P (PARRISH); 78; Chesapeake VA; Norfolk V-P; 2007-6-21; jsne
CARPENTER, Betty (PARRISH); 69; Columbia NC; Raleigh N & O; 2005-1-14; atjaden
CARR, Lorene (PARRISH); 88; Lizella GA; Macon T; 2008-3-16; hzfc
CARR, Lorene (PARRISH); 88; Lizella GA; Macon T; 2008-3-17; hzfc
CARR, Lorene (PARRISH); 88; Lizella GA; Macon T; 2008-3-18; hzfc
CARROLL, Elizabeth (PARRISH); 40; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 2002-5-10; wstyles
CARSTEN, Dulcie Mae (CROOKSHANK) [PARRISH]; 67; ; Tacoma N-T (WA); 1995-1-23; bhebert
CARTER, Geraldine (PARRISH); 97; Asheville NC; Asheville C-T; 2004-4-4; wrabb
CASERTA, Frank; 87; Hurfville NJ>Parrish FL; Manatee H-T; 2000-5-17; rlh
CASERTA, Frank; 87; Hurfville NJ>Parrish FL; Sarasota H-T; 2000-5-17; sarcher
CASERTA, John Robert; 69; Parrish FL; Bradenton Herald; 2005-9-14; billspa
CASSIDY, Michael Parrish; 63; Bellefonte PA; Centre DT; 2007-3-16; plowgal
CASTLE, Isabel E (KANEFSKY)[PARRISH]; 85; Philadelphia PA>Escondido CA; NewportMiner (WA); 2006-10-25; crtwa
CATES, Minnie B (PARRISH); 97; Corsicana TX; Corsicana D-S; 2001-8-13; gnok
CERESA, Marie E (PARRISH); 93; Cresson PA; Johnstown T-D; 2006-10-16; grw
CERESA, Marie E (PARRISH); 93; Cresson PA; Nanty Glo-J; 2006-10-19; grw
CERIO, Roberta M "Bobi" ( ); 62; Charleston WV>Parrish FL; Sarasota H-T; 2000-8-10; sarcher
CHAMBERS, Paul David; 77; Parrish AL>Waterloo IA; Waterloo CFC; 2002-3-14; rutucker
CHANCE, Winifred (PARRISH-COLE); 88; Hillsborough NC; Burlington T-N; 2005-2-4; huz
CHAPIN, William F; 78; St Charles Parrish LA>Newport Beach CA; Los Angeles T; 1998-11-1; janmrw
CHATTIN, John F; 73; Baltimore MD>Parrish FL; Sarasota H-T; 2003-3-18; sarcher
CHEATHAM, Elizabeth "Lib" (PARRISH); 77; Louisburg NC; Raleigh N & O; 1997-10-14; proudft
CHEEK, Eva Mae (PARRISH); 70; Rock Hill SC; The State; 1997-11-22; llblades
CHEUVRONT, Pearl V (PARRISH); 85; Hopewell Twp PA; Beaver CT; 2009-5-20; budmc
CHILDERS, Mary Louise (PARRISH); 75; New Hope AL; Huntsville Times; 2001-9-27; dgrays
CHILDRESS, Opal M (PARRISH); 80; Litchfield IL>Troy MO; State J-R (IL); 2004-12-1; blj
CHISMAN, Virginea Ruth (PARRISH); 71; Lincoln City OR; News Times; 2008-4-23; apoon
CHRISTIAN, Adrene (DUNN); 77; Parrish AL; DME; 1997-8-11; wbarton
CHRISTIE, Lannie E Mr; 68; Parrish FL; Sarasota H-T; 2003-11-25; rdr
CHRISTIE, Wilmot; 82; St Thomas Parrish JAM>Orlando FL; OS; 2002-11-13; huz
CHURCH, Arnevia (PARRISH); 100; Lufkin TX; Lufkin DN; 2006-4-20; bjl
CHURCH, Arnevia (PARRISH); 100; Lufkin TX; Tyler M-T; 2006-4-20; pfu
CHURCH, Ruth M (PARRISH); 82; Hersey MI; Flint Journal; 2014-4-24; navalex
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