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Entries matching "pearl"

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BALLARD, Minnie Pearl; 86; Brownfield TX; Lubbock A-J; 1999-6-28; trjm
BALLARD, Pearl ( ); ; ENG; Newbury W-N; 2004-1-15; argare
BALLARD, Pearl (MALACHI); 87; Memphis TN; Wash DC Post (DC); 2001-11-13; jwilly
BALLARD, Pearl Myrtle ( ); 91; Giles TX>Lakewood CO; RMN; 2001-6-21; mak
BALLESTEROS, Floserfina; 85; Solsona PHL>Pearl City HI; Honolulu A; 2002-5-14; seires
BALLIET, Pearl H (HARTER); ; Hazleton PA; Hazleton S-S; 1996-11-28; dfadden
BALLIK, Pearl L; ; Plantation FL; Chicago T (IL); 2017-10-15; kingster
BALLING, Pearl (SUPPLE); 66; North Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1975-4-1; ckalota
BALLING, Pearl (SUPPLE); 66; North Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1975-4-2; ckalota
BALLINGER, Minnie Pearl (GRAY); 83; Cincinnati OH; Hamilton J-N; 2004-6-21; redbird
BALLINGER, Pearl (BRASHERS); 84; Bonnieville KY>Brownstown IN; Seymour Trib; 2005-2-2; jhar
BALLOU, Christine Pearl; 75; West Harrison IN; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2005-3-29; ckalota
BALOGH, Pearl (HORVATH)[KARANGIS]; 87; Ronkonkoma NY; Newsday; 2002-8-12; rpng
BALOGH, Pearl (HORVATH)[KARANGIS]; 87; Ronkonkoma NY; Newsday; 2002-8-13; rpng
BALSER, Violet Pearl (DOWNEY); 87; Covington VA; Virginian Review; 2017-2-13; plowgal
BALTHASER, Pearl S (SHOEMAKER); 86; Topton PA; Reading Eagle; 2000-6-3; ewea
BALTHUS, Sylvia Pearl (HIXON); 74; Hagerstown MD; Hagerstown M-H; 1999-5-14; gschubert
BALTZER, Pearl Edna ( ); 76; Toledo OH>Livermore CA; Contra Costa; 1999-9-4; gbuteau
BANAAY, Barney; 76; Pearl City HI; Honolulu A; 2003-3-10; seires
BANAAY, Barney; 76; Pearl City HI; Honolulu A; 2003-3-12; seires
BANASH, Pauline Pearl ( ); 91; Selkirk MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2017-8-17; smb
BANCROFT, Pearl (YOAKUM); 97; Eureka KS>Trenton FL; Gilchrist J; 2003-7-17; vmars
BANDOLA, Beverly Pearl (RANCIER); 58; Perryvale AB; Edmonton J; 2001-7-26; gjm
BANDURA, Pearl ( ); 81; Andrew AB; Edmonton J; 1996-8-27; gjm
BANDURA, Pearl ( ); 81; Andrew AB; Edmonton J; 1996-8-28; gjm
BANDY, Maude Pearl (BLISS); 95; Cawker City KS>Medford OR; Mail Tribune; 1999-1-26; billeter
BANDY, Pearl O (WARD); 77; St Charles MO; St Louis P-D; 2000-7-16; nlekw
BANDY, Rita Pearl (THOMPSON); 73; Arnprior ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2009-7-28; mdos
BANDZA, Pearl V (MILLER); 82; Harrisburg PA; Harrisburg P-N; 1999-12-20; mam
BANE, Hazel Pearl (ROBERTSON); 63; Coles Co IL; News-Gazette; 2000-5-9; mlf
BANGEMAN, Pearl (MELLEM)[THORESON]; 97; Rosewood MN>Kalispell MT; Missoulian; 2005-3-25; jke
BANGEMAN, Pearl (MELLEN) [THORESON]; 97; Rosewood MN>Kalispell MT; DIL; 2005-3-25; dnb
BANKER, Mildred Pearl ( ); 98; Harbor Beach MI; Port Huron T-H; 1996-3-31; bdeaver
BANKHEAD, Pearl Clara ( ); ; Winston - Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2001-6-25; djcov
BANKHEAD, Pearl Clara; ; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2001-6-24; wrabb
BANKHEAD, Pearl Jackson; 80; Caddo Parish LA; Shreveport Times; 2010-11-5; pepper
BANKS, Annie Pearl; ; Warner Robins GA; Macon T; 2007-2-10; hzfc
BANKS, Clara Pearl ( ); 77; AR>San Diego CA; San Diego U-T; 1997-4-28; laz
BANKS, Clara Pearl ( ); 77; AR>San Diego CA; San Diego U-T (CA); 1997-5-1; laz
BANKS, Esther Pearl; 98; Carlisle PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2003-3-19; mam
BANKS, Ida Pearl; 75; AZ; AZ Republic; 2003-2-7; dback
BANKS, Lillie Pearl ( ); ; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2005-2-9; bugaboom
BANKS, Maxine Pearl (HEER); 87; Elmo KS>Junction City OR; Register-Guard; 2013-11-10; carle
BANKS, Pearl; 81; AZ; Tucson Citizen; 2001-2-9; suet
BANKS, Pearl; 83; Manchester TN; Nashville Tenn; 2000-8-31; marvin
BANKS, Pearl; 83; Manchester TN; Tullahoma N&G; 2000-9-1; jparsons
BANKS, Pearl B (BUTLER); 84; Jasper AL; DME; 2001-5-7; mwtfpc
BANKS, Pearl B (GLASSER); 91; Conneautville PA; Meadville Trib; 2002-2-13; kjbee
BANKS, Pearl (BROWN); 78; Burnsville NC; Asheville C-T; 2000-1-18; wrabb
BANKS, Pearl (COLEMAN); 89; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2004-9-9; ckalota
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