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LAWRENCE, Mable L (DE ROSE) (PERRY); 79; Aberdeen WA; Daily World; 1999-12-23; ehokan
LAWRENCE, Marcia Lorraine (SMITH); 42; Perry IA; PerryChief; 1995-3-9; fwssr
LAWRENCE, Perry; 59; Beaufort NC>Valatie NY; Seafarers Log (MD); 2002-8-1; glhia
LAWRENCE, Perry A; 86; Naples FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2004-7-28; hmg
LAWRENCE, Perry David; 45; CA; Bakersfield Californian; 2006-1-19; patcali
LAWRENCE, Perry David; 45; CA; Bakersfield Californian; 2006-1-20; patcali
LAWRENCE, Perry R Sr; 86; Glenwood AL>Lake City FL; Tallahassee D; 1988-4-15; whamo
LAWRENCE, Robert Perry; 68; West Hills CA; Los Angeles D-N; 2002-3-28; dbrownlee
LAWS, Grady Mack; ; Perry IA; Des Moines Register; 2003-6-10; lfkes
LAWS, Grady Mack; 63; Seymour TX>Perry IA; PerryChief; 2003-6-13; fwssr
LAWS, Roger Allen; 51; Perry County MO; Daily Dunklin Demo; 2009-4-23; jdjc
LAWSON, Alexander Lafayette Sr; 83; Perry FL; Tallahassee D; 1995-3-16; whamo
LAWSON, Annie; ; Perry GA; Macon T; 2012-11-22; hzfc
LAWSON, Annie; ; Perry GA; Macon T; 2012-11-22; hzfc
LAWSON, Claudia (DAVIDSON); 64; Perry Co KY>Greensboro NC; Courier-T; 2000-9-18; wrabb
LAWSON, Dollie Mae; 92; Perry GA; Tallahassee D (FL); 2004-11-23; whamo
LAWSON, Earl "Rabbit"; ; Perry GA; Macon T; 2008-7-30; hzfc
LAWSON, George J; 74; Perry GA; Macon T; 2000-6-25; dawgmkr
LAWSON, Georgianna (PERRY)[CORLE]; 65; Clarion PA; Post-Journal (NY); 2005-1-20; mjs
LAWSON, Glenda Sue (PERRY); 57; Chloride AZ>MO; Joplin Globe; 1999-2-22; sherik
LAWSON, Jay; ; Perry GA; Macon T; 2005-10-26; hzfc
LAWSON, JoAnn (PERRY); 70; Warsaw KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2008-9-3; ckalota
LAWSON, Louise (MOORE); ; Perry GA; Macon T; 2010-8-15; hzfc
LAWSON, Mattie (RADFORD); ; Perry GA; Macon T; 1999-10-9; fwenz
LAWSON, Mona Elizabeth "Betty" (PERRY); ; Saint John NB; Telegraph Journal; 2004-10-25; jdlmwc
LAWSON, Nellie; 74; Perry FL; Florida T-U; 2001-6-7; gakiowa
LAWSON, Perry D; 78; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2007-10-28; ckalota
LAWSON, Perry David; 48; Bluefield WV>Martinsville VA; Martinsville B; 2013-9-4; jmcann
LAWSON, Perry David; 48; Martinsville VA; Ent VA; 2013-9-6; mkm
LAWSON, Perry David; 48; Martinsville VA; Martinsville B; 2013-9-3; jmcann
LAWSON, Perry James; 53; ; Edmonton J (AB); 2013-6-1; laurajt
LAWSON, Tommy Lee "Sarge"; 74; Shreveport LA>Perry GA; Shreveport Times (LA); 2013-7-26; pepper
LAWSON, Willie George; 56; Perry GA; Macon T; 2000-4-14; fwenz
LAWVER, Anne (PERRY); 77; Chicago IL>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 1999-11-16; rossy
LAWVER, Anne (PERRY); 77; Chicago IL>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas Sun; 1999-11-16; neb
LAWWILL, Joseph Perry; 43; Aberdeen OH; Cincinnati E/P; 1999-7-2; ckalota
LAY, Henry S; 65; Cincinnati OH>Perry FL; Tallahassee D; 1981-9-3; whamo
LAYCOE, Bob; 66; Port Perry ON; Oshawa This Week; 2005-7-29; winkie
LAYDEN, Catherine (PERRY); 78; Hertford NC>Norfolk VA; Norfolk V-P; 2008-10-26; jsne
LAYFIELD, Sharon Lee (BROWN); 55; Perry Hall MD; Baltimore Sun; 2004-8-31; siwel
LAYNE, Cecil; 77; Perry Co KY>Middletown OH; MiddletownJ; 2011-6-16; ckalota
LAYSER, Perry S; 85; ; Wash DC Post (DC); 2006-12-31; kimk
LAYSON, James "Jimmy"; 56; Perry GA; Macon T; 2004-8-25; hzfc
LAYSON, Joyce (INGRAM); 63; Perry GA; Macon T; 2012-3-13; hzfc
LAYTON, Mary Elizabeth Perry; 74; Edenton NC; Norfolk V-P (VA); 2008-9-14; jsne
LAZENBY, Perry Ernest; 74; Rocky Mount VA; Roanoke Times; 2002-4-1; clh
LAZO, Perry Fredrick Jr; 52; Lakeport CA>Tacoma WA; Tacoma N-T; 2004-3-10; mlou
LEA, Barbara Anne (SOMERTON); 56; Port Perry ON; Toronto Star; 1999-10-10; jmarley
LEACH, Joasiephene Ann (FUNDERBURK); 73; Perry OK>Edom TX; Tyler M-T; 2005-4-30; pfu
LEACH, Roy Raymond; 57; Port Perry ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2000-8-3; priceace
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