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The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

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RAAB, Robert Anthony; 67; Kent WA; Vashon-Maury I-B; 2004-6-9; jfco
RAABE, Anthony "Tony"; 65; Cincinnati OH>Englewood FL; Charlotte S-H; 2009-6-2; hmg
RAATZ, Janet Ann (BUTLER); 64; PAN>Anthony NM; Salina Journal (KS); 2003-4-15; cwkirsch
RABACOUKAS, Anthony T; 83; Amsterdam NY; The Recorder; 1997-1-28; cwkirsch
RABATTINI, Anthony L Sr; 78; Pievepalago ITA>Elk Grove Village IL; Des Plaines DH; 2006-3-29; jmoo
RABATTINI, Anthony L Sr; 78; Pievepalago ITA>Elk Grove Village IL; Des Plaines DH; 2006-3-30; jmoo
RABATTINI, Anthony L Sr; 78; Pievepalago ITA>Elk Grove Village IL; Des Plaines DH; 2006-3-31; jmoo
RABATTINI, Anthony L Sr; 78; Pievepalago ITA>Elk Grove Village IL; Des Plaines Journal; 2006-4-5; jmoo
RABENDER, Anthony; 81; Cape Coral FL; Ft Myers N-P; 1998-9-25; kjcallanan
RABICE, Anthony M; 89; Utica NY; Utica O-D; 1999-1-7; maryh
RABISA, Clifford Anthony "Steve"; 69; San Francisco CA; SF Chronicle; 2000-1-19; bjw
RABISA, Clifford Anthony "Steve"; 69; San Francisco CA; SF Chronicle; 2000-1-21; bjw
RABISHAW, Wilbert Anthony; 82; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1989-1-15; mfc
RABITO, Anthony John; 71; Metairie LA; Times-Picayune; 1998-5-5; mlc
RABITO, Anthony John; 71; New Orleans LA; Times-Picayune; 1998-5-4; mlc
RABL, Anthony "Tony"; 77; St Germain WI; Milwaukee J-S; 2001-3-9; kap
RACANIELLA, Anthony P; 67; Fanwood NJ>Largo FL; Newark S-L; 1996-3-10; cathode
RACCA, Anthony; ; Revere MA; Boston Globe; 1999-1-30; cgdbout
RACCAGNO, Mark Anthony; 86; Issaquah WA; K C Star (MO); 1999-11-17; dlcict
RACCUGLIA, Anthony J "Tony"; 80; Kansas City MO>Prairie Village KS; K C Star (MO); 2004-1-12; clhurst
RACCUIA, Anthony J; 84; New York NY>Englewood FL; Sarasota H-T; 2001-5-15; sarcher
RACCUIA, Frank Anthony; 74; New York NY>Englewood FL; Sarasota H-T; 2002-11-23; sarcher
RACETTE, Anthony J; 62; ; Fort Worth S-T (TX); 2005-3-24; lmjg
RACHAL, Douglas Anthony; 49; Natchitoches Parish LA; Shreveport Times; 2011-12-1; pepper
RACHER, David Anthony Jr; 42; Modesto CA; Modesto Bee; 2007-4-11; msty
RACHFALOWSKI, Anthony; 80; Barrie ON; K-W Record; 2001-4-30; rnutt
RACHFALOWSKI, Anthony; 81; Barrie ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2001-4-30; priceace
RACHILLA, Anthony J; 79; Jersey City NJ>Chambersburg PA; Hazleton S-S; 1993-6-4; dfadden
RACHOCKI, Anthony; 90; Portage PA; Johnstown T-D; 1999-11-4; grw
RACHOCKI, Anthony; 90; Portage PA; Nanty Glo-J; 1999-11-10; grw
RACHOR, Melvin Anthony Jr; 32; Logan NM; Amarillo D-N (TX); 1997-7-26; gileve
RACKAUCKAS, Anthony Joseph; 83; Mission Viejo CA; OCR; 2000-11-27; mdn
RACKERS, Anthony H "Tony"; 83; Taos MO>Russellville AR; Log Cabin D; 2001-2-2; arshub
RACKI, Anthony J "Tony"; 92; Taylorville IL; State J-R; 2004-4-8; blj
RACKUS, Anthony V Sr; 80; Worcester MA>Lexington SC; Worcester T-G (MA); 2000-9-13; jmd
RACO, Dominick Anthony; 60; AL; Birmingham News; 2006-11-21; lsth
RACZ, Anthony Sr; 71; Budapest HUN>Denver CO; RMN; 2001-5-21; mak
RACZ, Christopher Anthony; 52; Bethlehem PA>National City CA; San Diego U-T; 1999-9-22; laz
RACZ, Ernest Anthony; 62; Montreal QC>Vancouver BC; Vanc Sun; 2000-12-19; mumtaz
RACZAJ, Anthony F; 89; Lawrenceville PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2003-2-24; cotan
RACZELOWSKI, Anthony T; 97; Cumberland RI; Prov Journal; 2004-11-11; wgroberge
RADANO, Anthony D; 85; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2006-4-25; onerip
RADBONE, Anthony Douglas "Tony"; 72; Ashford SRY ENG; Daily T (LND ENG); 2004-10-22; jfpc
RADCHUK, Anthony M Rev; 72; Marion Heights PA; Hazleton S-S; 2003-10-29; tlc
RADCLIFFE, Anthony Jared; 57; Forsyth GA; Macon T; 2010-1-8; hzfc
RADCLIFFE, Frederick Anthony; 74; Old Saybrook CT; Hartford Courant; 2001-8-20; townsend
RADECKI, Anthony E "Tony"; 85; Roseville MN; Herald R; 1997-10-26; ry
RADELL, Anthony; 86; DEU>Aurora IL; The Beacon News; 2006-7-16; kgravlin
RADEMACHER, Anthony V; 67; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2009-2-22; jblind
RADEMACHER, Glen Anthony Msgr; 80; Bakersfield CA>Madrid ESP; Los Angeles T (CA); 1998-4-30; janmrw
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