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The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

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RUSH, Philip Carl; 67; Morgantown WV; Times WV; 2003-12-31; glenn
RUSH, Philip James; 63; Houlton ME>WA; Seattle Times; 2011-5-4; glpwa
RUSH, Philip S; 83; Manchester CT; Hartford Courant; 2001-4-20; townsend
RUSINKO, Philip Michael; 47; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2010-4-8; onerip
RUSK, Philip E; 70; Salt Lake City UT; Deseret News; 2004-5-14; icopy
RUSS, Joseph Philip; 76; Bethlehem PA>Texarkana TX; Texarkana G; 2016-11-1; skc
RUSSAKOFF, Philip; 86; Skowhegan ME; Kennebec J; 2010-10-29; nyllw
RUSSELL, Brian Philip; 46; Listowel ON; Listowel B (ON); 1999-4-28; rnutt
RUSSELL, John Philip; 55; Wrentham MA; Boston Globe; 2001-11-22; troll
RUSSELL, John Philip; 55; Wrentham MA; Boston Globe; 2001-11-23; troll
RUSSELL, John Philip Davie; ; ON; London F-P; 1997-7-4; blawton
RUSSELL, John Philip Davie; ; Weston ON; London F-P; 1997-7-5; blawton
RUSSELL, Philip; 79; Philadelphia PA>Bremerton WA; Brem S; 1997-7-27; ezy
RUSSELL, Philip H; 69; KY; Des Plaines DH (IL); 2001-1-1; kag
RUSSELL, Philip H; 69; KY; Des Plaines DH (IL); 2001-1-2; kag
RUSSELL, Philip H; 69; KY>Elgin IL; C-N IL; 2001-1-1; ricrac
RUSSELL, Philip H; 69; KY>Elgin IL; C-N IL; 2001-1-2; ricrac
RUSSELL, Philip J Sr; 57; E Hartland CT; Hartford Courant; 2000-8-26; townsend
RUSSELL, Philip Michael; 50; Wilmington DE; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2001-4-11; gschubert
RUSSELL, Philip N; 68; North Wildwood NJ; ATC Press; 1997-2-26; cbentiv
RUSSELL, Philip P; 83; Marlboro MA; Worcester T-G; 1996-4-23; cwhee
RUSSELL, Philip P; 83; Marlborough MA; Middlesex N; 1996-4-23; jgraham
RUSSO, Anthony Philip; 80; New York NY>Gainesville FL; Tampa Trib; 1998-8-1; cpig
RUSSO, Philip; 52; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1938-4-5; ckalota
RUSSO, Philip; 62; AZ; AZ Republic; 2009-10-1; dback
RUSSO, Philip; 80; Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 2008-3-21; rossy
RUSSO, Philip A; ; San Diego CA; San Diego U-T; 1996-1-28; aquii
RUSSO, Philip B; ; Medford MA>Bedford NH; Boston Globe (MA); 2005-7-29; deliman
RUSSO, Philip B; 95; Boston MA>Bedford NH; Medford Trans; 2005-8-4; skgjhmb
RUSSO, Philip J; 68; Johnstown PA; Johnstown T-D; 2000-8-23; grw
RUSSO, Philip J; 68; Lawton OK; Lawton C; 1999-9-9; glenn
RUSSO, Philip J; 69; Trainer PA>Wilmington DE; Philadelphia I (PA); 2008-2-27; nmcocc
RUSSO, Philip J; 76; Cleveland OH>Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 2002-4-19; wstyles
RUSSO, Philip Joseph; 79; Detroit MI>East Prairie MO; Southeast Missourian; 1998-12-30; cannon
RUSSO, Philip K Jr; ; ; Chicago T (IL); 2007-8-10; scrttt
RUSSO, Philip R; 79; Brooklyn NY>Torrance CA; SO BAY D-B; 2002-7-14; janmrw
RUSSO, Philip S; 78; Philadelphia PA>Phoenix AZ; AZ Republic; 1998-1-26; pac
RUSSOM, Philip R; 70; Clarkton MO>Piggott AR; Daily Dunklin Demo (MO); 2009-8-14; jdjc
RUST, Philip Frederick Jr; 83; AZ; AZ Republic; 2012-10-14; dback
RUST, Philip M; 15; Harvey ND; Bismarck Trib; 2003-6-22; ndvivi
RUST, Philip Michael; 15; Harvey ND; Minot Daily; 2003-6-22; ndvivi
RUST, Philip Schuyler; 80; Hendersonville NC; Hendersonville T-N; 2002-7-20; wrabb
RUSTAD, Philip Allen; 54; Willmar MN; West Central Trib; 1999-1-25; gonfishn
RUSTON, Philip G; 64; Clinton WI; Beloit D-N; 2006-1-9; cdk
RUSYWICH, Philip; 91; St Claude MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2000-9-29; smb
RUTCHICK, Philip; 83; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2003-12-21; jblind
RUTCHICK, Philip; 83; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2003-12-22; jblind
RUTHERFORD, PHILIP R; 91; RATON NM>LA; News Star; 2007-7-4; lfph
RUTHSTROM, Philip Karl; 85; Kiruna SWE>The Woodlands TX; Conroe Courier; 2000-4-6; tcfaj
RUTHSTROM, Philip Karl; 85; SWE>The Woodlands TX; Houston Chronicle; 2000-4-6; jhodgin
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