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DUNCAN, Phyllis; ; Delia AB>Victoria BC; Victoria T-C; 2001-1-22; zac
DUNCAN, Phyllis; ; Reinbeck IA; Waterloo CFC; 2004-3-10; rutucker
DUNCAN, Phyllis; 42; Phil Campbell AL; Times-Daily; 1998-9-2; alangley
DUNCAN, Phyllis A; 60; Columbus IN; Evansville Courier; 2001-1-5; jjj
DUNCAN, Phyllis A (BARTLETT); 68; ; Akron B-J (OH); 2002-3-24; cmgray
DUNCAN, Phyllis Ann (ROLD); 74; Reinbeck IA; Waterloo CFC; 2004-3-11; rutucker
DUNCAN, Phyllis Elizabeth ( ); 87; Langley BC; Vanc Sun; 2000-8-4; mumtaz
DUNCAN, Phyllis Elizabeth; 88; Langley BC; Province; 2000-8-4; verbeek
DUNCAN, Phyllis Florence ( ); ; Brampton ON; Toronto Star; 2004-12-16; cfoisy
DUNCAN, Phyllis Geraldine (BARUM); 91; Colfax WI; Eau Claire L-T; 2015-3-2; retftrdoc
DUNCAN, Phyllis J ( ); 72; Kalamazoo MI; SturgisJournal; 2006-2-1; lrs
DUNCAN, Phyllis J ( ); 87; AZ; AZ Republic; 2005-9-22; dback
DUNCAN, Phyllis J (NORDYKE); 71; Wichita KS; Hutchinson News; 2005-3-22; retftrdoc
DUNCAN, Phyllis J (WUTHRICH); 72; Kosciusko Co IN>Kalamazoo MI; Times-Union (IN); 2006-1-31; jmt
DUNCAN, Phyllis "Jeanie" (ROBINSON)[PRATER]; 46; Cincinnati OH; Peoplesdefender; 2002-5-31; ckalota
DUNCAN, Phyllis Keziah (SHUTE); 85; St John's NF>Saint John NB; Telegraph Journal; 2009-12-22; jdlmwc
DUNCAN, Phyllis L ( ); ; Washington DC; Wash DC Post; 2000-12-25; troll
DUNCAN, Phyllis Marie (NELSON); 76; Toulon IL>Glendora CA; Kewanee S-C (IL); 2001-9-25; krumspa
DUNCAN, Phyllis Maxine (WEST); 79; Roanoke Rapids NC>West Palm Beach FL; PBP; 2007-7-21; billspa
DUNCAN, Phyllis (MAY); 63; Hughes Springs TX; Texarkana G; 2003-7-19; dorisl
DUNCAN, Phyllis (NICOSIA); 70; Skokie IL; Park Forest Star; 1999-7-1; ijr
DUNCAN, Phyllis (YOUNG); 97; Woodstock ON; London F-P; 1997-8-22; blawton
DUNCAN-DESJARDINS, Phyllis Marie ( )[DUNCAN]; ; Kingston ON; Kingston W-S; 2004-5-26; lhmack
DUNCCAN, Phyllis J; 71; Liberal KS; Wichita Eagle; 2005-3-22; dlcict
DUNFORD, Phyllis; 92; Logan UT; Herald Journal; 1995-12-26; slemon
DUNHAM, Phyllis B (LEVERE); 75; Chicopee MA; Spfld U-N; 2000-2-28; fgibeau
DUNHAM, Phyllis C ( ); 85; Vero Beach FL; PJ; 2004-3-28; gnut
DUNHAM, Phyllis E (GIFFORD); 89; Kennebec SD>OH; Columbus D; 2012-9-26; doday
DUNHAM, Phyllis E (GIFFORD); 89; Kennebec SD>OH; Columbus D; 2012-9-27; doday
DUNHAM, Phyllis Mae; 85; Nipomo CA; Santa Maria Times; 2003-5-31; tdf
DUNIFON, Phyllis (STEWART); 78; Port Angeles WA; Peninsula D-N; 1999-5-11; ljm
DUNKAK, Phyllis Jean (MARBLE); 82; Bellingham WA; Bellnghm H; 2008-11-9; crpear
DUNKIN, Phyllis Ann ( ); 77; MI; Oak Leaves (IL); 2004-7-21; jmoo
DUNKIN, Phyllis Ann (HUBERTY); 68; Appleton WI>Sacramento CA; San Jose M-N; 2005-11-23; bjw
DUNKLE, Phyllis E (BLUM); 88; Titusville PA; Forest Press; 2007-7-4; mmetzler
DUNLAP, Phyllis G; 94; LaConner WA; Skagit V-H; 2008-3-8; jfco
DUNLAP, Phyllis Genevieve (LEAMER); 94; Anacortes WA; Skagit V-H; 2008-3-11; jfco
DUNLAP, Phyllis Lauretta (HANSON); 92; Salem OR>Modesto CA; Modesto Bee; 2014-3-19; msty
DUNLAVY, Phyllis Lillian (CRABILL)[HAUNTZ][HARRADINE]; 90; Corvallis OR; BakerCH; 2004-3-5; lfkes
DUNLAVY, Phyllis Lillian (CRABILL)[HAUNTZ][HARRADINE]; 90; Corvalllis OR; Corvallis G-T; 2004-2-28; cmc
DUNLEA, Phyllis (McGIRR); ; Cork City COR IRL; Evening Echo; 2002-1-16; dja
DUNLOP, Phyllis Ada ( ); 96; Winnipeg MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2017-8-12; smb
DUNLOP, Phyllis Edith Joan (HARRISON); 92; Amherst NS; Chron-Herald; 2012-8-9; kbutler
DUNLOP, Phyllis Eloise ( ); 81; Omro WI>Turlock CA; Modesto Bee; 2003-5-29; msty
DUNLOP, Phyllis Eloise; 81; Omro WI>Reno NV; Reno G-J; 2003-5-29; neb
DUNLOP, Phyllis (LEFEBURE)[WHITMAN]; 86; Coshocton OH>Beacon NY; Journal N; 2000-3-17; most
DUNN, Filamena G "Phyllis" ( ); 66; Gloucester City NJ; Courier Post; 2001-7-23; onerip
DUNN, Filamena G "Phyllis" (STAIANO); 66; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2001-7-21; onerip
DUNN, Phyllis ( ); 51; Marlow OK>Wichita KS; WDC; 2002-11-30; cwkirsch
DUNN, Phyllis ( ); 89; Reno NV; Reno G-J; 2010-10-22; wjk
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