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The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

Entries matching "randall+""

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BINGHAM, Barbara R (RANDALL); 76; Casseville MI; Huron Daily; 1999-10-11; mmtm
BINGHAM, Barbara R (RANDALL); 76; MI; Detroit News; 1999-10-11; mmtm
BINGHAM, Grant Randall Jr; 58; AZ; AZ Republic; 2008-11-9; dback
BINGHAM, John Randall; 59; Tucson AZ; AZStar; 1996-1-5; wstyles
BINGHAM, Randall Joseph; 0; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 2005-4-14; lfkes
BINKLEY, Randall T; 66; ; Los Altos TC (CA); 2001-5-23; bjw
BINKLEY, Randall T; 66; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2001-5-10; bjw
BINKLEY, Randall T; 66; ; San Jose M-N (CA); 2001-5-12; bjw
BINKLEY, Randall T; 66; Vancouver WA>San Jose CA; San Jose M-N; 2001-5-18; bjw
BIRD, James Randall; 55; Sylacauga AL>Sherman TX; ShermanHD; 2001-9-30; delpat
BIRD, Randall; 77; Sublette KS>Amarillo TX; GCTelegram (KS); 2005-10-10; kphil
BIRD, Randall; 77; Sublette KS>Amarillo TX; SWDailyTimes (KS); 2005-10-9; kphil
BIRD, Randall C; 78; St Albans WV>Richardson TX; K C Star (MO); 1999-6-15; dlcict
BIRD, Randall John "Randy"; 39; Salt Lake City UT; Salt Lake Tribune; 1998-11-26; kwday
BISCAYNO, Randall K; 47; Ewa Oahu HI; Honolulu S-B; 1999-3-19; tine
BISCAYNO, Randall Kenneth; 47; HI; Honolulu A; 1999-3-17; gamorris
BISHOP, John Randall; 60; El Dorado AR; ARGaz; 2004-5-11; arshub
BISHOP, Randall Eugene; 26; El Dorado AR; DemGaz; 2009-2-27; arshub
BISHOP, Randall H; 47; Grand Ridge FL; Tallahassee D; 2003-2-26; whamo
BISHOP, Randall P; 55; Christiansburg VA; Roanoke Times; 2000-1-10; retftrdoc
BISHOP, Randall W "Randy"; 60; Gary IN>Macedonia IL; CentraliaMS; 2013-7-9; tdh
BISSET, Thomas Randall Whyte Jr; 79; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2007-2-21; onerip
BITTLE, Randall; 90; AZ; AZ Republic; 2006-8-30; dback
BITTLE, Randall Thomas "Randy"; 52; Kennewick WA; TriCity Herald; 2006-11-6; tcgswa
BITTNER, Ruth Carrol (RANDALL); ; Mechanicsville MD; Wash DC Post; 1996-1-15; andrusko
BIXLER, Randall Clint; 27; Hillsboro OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2007-3-19; ckalota
BJERGUM, Randall Bruce; 46; Spring Grove MN; LaCrosse Tribune (WI); 2003-3-20; jvdlask
BJERKEN, Randall; 51; Moorhead MN>Scottsdale AZ; Fargo Forum (ND); 2011-6-5; ndvivi
BJORGUM, Randall J "Randy"; 48; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2007-4-27; jblind
BLACK, David Randall; 81; Grand Rapids MI>CA; OCR; 2014-12-31; lesm
BLACK, Nellie (RANDALL) [WEAVER] [DICKINSON]; 94; Big Flats NY; Elmira S G; 2010-1-16; hmg
BLACK, Nellie (RANDALL)[WEAVER][DICKINSON]; 94; Big Flats NY; Elmira S G; 2010-1-17; hmg
BLACK, Randall H "Randy"; 55; AZ; AZ Republic; 2008-10-17; dback
BLACK, Randall H "Randy"; 55; AZ; AZ Republic; 2008-10-18; dback
BLACK, Randall M; 84; Pulaski Twp PA>Salem OH; Coraopolis R (PA); 2003-4-2; cwkirsch
BLACKLEDGE, Randall David; 41; AZ; AZ Republic; 2007-5-2; dback
BLACKLEDGE, Randall David; 41; AZ; AZ Republic; 2007-5-6; dback
BLACKWELL, Randall; 42; Gaffney SC; Spartanburg H-J; 2003-5-26; wrabb
BLADES, Roger Thomas; 89; Randall KS>Bartlesville OK; Bartlesville E-E; 2003-7-1; ryeats
BLAIR, Lula F "Lou Ann" (RANDALL); 90; Lawton OK>Corvallis OR; Corvallis G-T; 2010-3-31; cmc
BLAIR, Randall G [McINTOSH]; 58; Leander KY>Dayton OH; Dayton D-N; 2002-5-18; mghearing
BLAIR, Randall Neal "Randy"; 45; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 1997-12-5; dmbischoff
BLAIR, Randall Scott "Randy"; 55; CA; OCR; 2013-6-18; lesm
BLAJESKI, Randall "Randy"; 78; AZ; AZ Republic; 2001-11-10; dback
BLAKE, Randall E Jr; 19; ; Omaha W-H (NE); 1997-10-23; narchde
BLAKE, Thelma (RANDALL); 96; Evansville VT>Bedford NH; Manchester U-L; 2005-7-13; kzav
BLAKELEY, W Randall Dr; 76; Rancho Mirage CA; Desert Sun; 2007-11-20; lfkes
BLAKESLEE, Randall; 84; New Haven CT>Warwick RI; Prov Journal; 1999-10-23; jtjr
BLAKNEY, Philip Randall; 88; Milton-Freewater OR>Prosser WA; TriCity Herald; 2013-10-22; tcgswa
BLANCH, Robert Randall "Bob"; 90; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2007-4-15; jblind
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