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ROBERTS, Julia Lorene ( ); 86; ; Tucson Citizen (AZ); 2000-10-9; suet
ROBERTS, Julia Lorene; 86; Tucson AZ; AZStar; 2000-10-9; mdgc
ROBERTS, Julia M; ; New Westminster BC; Province; 1999-1-22; verbeek
ROBERTS, Julia M (DUDEK); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2000-12-2; siwel
ROBERTS, Julia M (McAHON); 86; Fall River MA; Standard-Times; 2002-6-8; pdg
ROBERTS, Julia M (THOMAS); ; Huntsville AL; Huntsville Times; 1998-10-17; dgrays
ROBERTS, Julia (MADDREMA); 56; Greenfield TN; Com-A; 2003-8-24; mjcw
ROBERTS, Julia Mae ( ); 84; Granbury TX; Fort Worth S-T; 1996-7-21; rhstoudt
ROBERTS, Julia "Mickey" (FERGUSON)[BURNES]; ; Hyde Park MA; Boston Globe; 2000-2-6; cgdbout
ROBERTS, Julia "Mickey" (FERGUSON)[BURNES]; ; Hyde Park MA; Boston Globe; 2000-2-7; cgdbout
ROBERTS, Julia N (HUDSON) [STICKNEY]; 86; Hudson NY>Sebring FL; Tampa Trib; 2012-1-6; evallie
ROBERTS, Julia (STANLEY); 84; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2005-6-2; wrabb
ROBERTS, Julia (STARR); 88; GA>Merritt Island FL; MiddletownJ (OH); 2004-12-18; ckalota
ROBERTS, Julia (STARR); 88; GA>Merritt Island FL; MiddletownJ (OH); 2004-12-19; ckalota
ROBERTS, Julia Starr (McCARTHY); 88; OH; Dayton D-N; 2004-12-18; schatze
ROBERTS, Julia Starr McCarty; 88; Hamilton OH; Hamilton J-N; 2004-12-18; redbird
ROBERTS, Julia (THRICE)[PAIGE]; 71; Efland NC; Burlington T-N; 2002-11-24; huz
ROBERTS, Julia (TURNER); 80; Collierville TN; Com-A; 2003-3-11; mjcw
ROBERTS, Julia V (KAUTTO); 97; Hibbing MN; Mesabi Daily; 2011-5-31; jarh
ROBERTS, Julia (WEBB); 47; Monument Valley UT; San Juan Record; 1992-10-21; clsm
ROBERTS, Julian F "G Boy"; 82; Atlanta GA; NewnanTH; 2006-1-23; dkajjl
ROBERTS, Julian H; ; Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2003-9-21; bearcat
ROBERTS, Julian H; 81; Bath SC; Augusta Ch (GA); 2009-9-30; bearcat
ROBERTS, Julian H Sr; 88; Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2003-9-22; bearcat
ROBERTS, Julian Wayne; 75; La Crescenta CA>Corvallis OR; News Times; 2007-11-14; apoon
ROBERTS, Julie A (McINTYRE); 48; Reno NV; Reno G-J; 2002-10-9; neb
ROBERTS, Julie Belle; 75; Klickitat WA; WhiteSalmonE; 2001-4-19; jfco
ROBERTS, Julie Belle (SHURTZ); 75; Klickitat WA; Hood River News (OR); 2001-4-18; tatsy
ROBERTS, Julie (BOLDUC); 84; Mexico ME>Springfield MA; Agawam A-N; 2009-4-9; pml
ROBERTS, Julie Darnell ( ); 80; Natchitoches LA>Houston TX; Houston Chronicle; 1998-5-23; retftrdoc
ROBERTS, Julie Helen (JOHNSON); 68; Nacogdoches TX; Lufkin DN; 2011-3-17; bjl
ROBERTS, Julie Ophelia (MARSHALL); 67; Hall GA>Nashville TN; Flint Journal (MI); 2016-2-8; navalex
ROBERTS, Julie Shaw; 50; Orinda CA; Contra Costa; 2000-12-13; gbuteau
ROBERTS, Juliet Mae (BIRDSHEAD); 79; Colony OK>Lander WY; AZ Republic (AZ); 2006-1-17; dback
ROBERTS, Julius; 58; Memphis TN>Wooster OH; Wooster D-R; 2003-7-7; bostrock
ROBERTS, Julius; 58; Wooster OH; Wooster D-R; 2003-7-6; bostrock
ROBERTS, Julius; 58; Wooster OH; Wooster D-R; 2003-9-10; bostrock
ROBERTS, Julius; 74; Corinth MS; News Sun (IL); 2004-12-8; jmoo
ROBERTS, Julius; 74; Corinth MS; News Sun (IL); 2004-12-9; jmoo
ROBERTS, Julius; 77; Starrville TX>Des Moines IA; Tyler M-T (TX); 2003-4-4; pfu
ROBERTS, Julius; 86; West Siloam Springs OK; Mornews (AR); 2002-7-5; pat
ROBERTS, Julius; 92; Savannah GA; Savannah MN; 1999-4-23; theg
ROBERTS, Julius Jr; 71; Charlevoix MI; Petoskey N-R; 1998-1-2; rwfuller
ROBERTS, Julius Ray; 48; AZ; AZ Republic; 2003-4-14; dback
ROBERTS, Julldean (RUSSELL); 61; Bethany OK; Mornews (AR); 2000-11-29; pat
ROBERTS, Jumelle R (RIVERS); 75; Lyman SC>Hephzibah GA; Augusta Ch; 2000-8-12; bearcat
ROBERTS, Jumelle (RIVERS); 75; Lyman SC>Hephzibah GA; Augusta Ch; 2000-8-13; sybga
ROBERTS, June ( ); 79; El Dorado KS>Arvada CO; RMN; 2001-12-7; mak
ROBERTS, June; 76; Spencer IA; Sioux City Journal; 2000-7-27; nennikers
ROBERTS, June A (BUCHER); 89; Bloomsburg PA>Moravia NY; Press E (PA); 2009-5-1; tlc
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