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LEGLER, Rose ( ); 48; CA; Oakland Tribune; 2000-12-16; latvija
LeGRAND, Rose J (LIANTONIO); ; Huntington NY; Newsday; 2004-1-31; rpng
LEGRIS, Patricia Rose ( ); 62; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 1999-10-30; gjm
LEGRIS, Patricia Rose ( ); 62; Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 1999-10-31; gjm
LEGROS, Marie Rose (LEBEAU); 83; L'Epiphanie QC; J de Montreal; 1999-5-3; lnt
LEGUM, Rose (RENBAUM); 85; Annapolis MD; Annap MD Capital; 1997-1-20; jwilly
LEHEW, Rose (SMITH); 87; Winchester VA; N Virginia Daily; 2000-4-20; casf
LEHMAN, Julia Rose ( ); 96; ; Ottawa Citizen (ON); 1998-3-5; aashfield
LEHMAN, Rose Helene; 87; Sioux Falls SD>Rolla MO; Rolla D-N; 2006-2-21; bdoerr
LEHMAN, Rose (HEWISON); 88; Regina SK; Regina L-P; 1995-12-2 smpitzel
LEHMAN, Rose M; 77; ; The Vindicator (OH); 2004-11-13; jage
LEHMAN, Rose M (KELLY); ; PA; Bucks Co C-T; 2006-3-19; mcs
LEHMAN, Rose M (MOSBACH); 99; Minonk IL; Journal Star; 2002-3-25; evallie
LEHMAN, Rose Mary (HALFORD); 66; Taylorville IL; State J-R; 2006-11-2; blj
LEHMANN, Rose ( ) [KARWOSKI]; 80; Gaylord MI; Gaylord H-T; 1996-5-9; rwfuller
LEHMANN, Rose-Pauline Amanda (PIEHL); 94; Chicago IL; LombardSL; 2014-10-10; ajway
LEHMBERG, Rose Mary (ERIKSSON); 90; New Orleans LA>Taylor TX; Statesman; 2011-12-18; cwkirsch
LEHMKUHLE, Rose "Mary Jane" ( ); 83; Flint MI; Flint Journal; 2012-10-27; navalex
LEHNER, Rose E (McLAUGHLIN); 82; Petrolia PA; Butler Eagle; 1999-7-26; ljluke
LEHNER, Wanda Rose (PESCINSKI); 96; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2004-10-24; kap
LEHOUX, Marie-Rose (DION); 90; Disraeli QC; Courrier Frontenac; 2002-10-11; jacquest
LEHOUX, Marie-Rose (GINGRAS); 81; Sherbrooke QC; La Tribune; 1999-8-18; jacquest
LEHOUX, Marie-Rose (GINGRAS); 81; Sherbrooke QC; La Tribune; 1999-8-19; jacquest
LEHOUX, Marie-Rose (GINGRAS); 81; Sherbrooke QC; La Tribune; 1999-8-20; jacquest
LEHOUX, Rose-Annette (SYLVAIN); 75; Ste-Marie-de-Beauce QC; J de Quebec; 2000-12-29; jacquest
LEHOUX, Rose-Eva (LACHANCE); 78; Thetford-Mines QC; Courrier Frontenac; 2002-5-3; jacquest
LEHR, Eileen Rose (BLOOM); 79; Glen Burnie MD; Maryland G; 2006-10-25; aconley
LEHR, Lois Rose (AHEARN)[BROSH]; 79; ; Medicine Hat News (AB); 2001-11-10; tvte
LEHR, Lois Rose (AHEARN)[BROSH]; 79; ; Medicine Hat News (AB); 2001-11-13; tvte
LEHR, Lois Rose (AHEARN)[BROSH]; 79; ; Medicine Hat News (AB); 2001-11-16; tvte
LEHR, Rose F (STEWART); 101; York PA; York DR; 2003-6-26; glenn
LEHRKAMP, Marcia Rose ( )[VOLK]; 50; Pierre SD>Parker CO; RMN; 2000-7-23; mak
LEHRKAMP, Marcia Rose; 50; Pierre SD>Parker CO; Denver P; 2000-7-28; krns
LEIBEL, Martha Rose ( ); 81; Spring Hill FL; HomeNewsTrib (NJ); 2006-6-27; mdp
LEIBEL, Rose (WILD)[REITMEIER]; 88; Regina SK; Regina L-P; 1999-12-23; jmarley
LEIBERT, Rose Marie (McCLEARY); 70; Kansas City MO>Colville WA; Walla Walla U-B; 1999-11-11; clemmy
LEIBOVITZ, Rose (KETCHIFF); 90; Rock Island IL; Quad-City Times (IA); 1998-7-11; cmlabath
LEICK, Mary Rose ( ); 99; DEU>Middleburg Hts OH; Akron B-J; 2007-7-21; hmg
LEICK, Mary Rose ( ); 99; DEU>Middleburg Hts OH; Akron B-J; 2007-7-22; hmg
LEIDER, Rose E; 90; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2007-10-20; jblind
LEIFEL, Rose (SIMON); 77; AUT>North Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1985-8-24; ckalota
LEIFER, Zenna "Rose" (ERESTEN); 88; Milwaukee WI; Milwaukee J-S; 1999-2-6; mschears
LEIFSEN, Patricia Rose (BARBER); 42; Yuma AZ>New Orleans LA; Times-Picayune; 1997-9-7; mlc
LEIGH, Dorothy Rose "Dot" (PALOMBI); 85; ; Deseret News (UT); 2004-8-5; icopy
LEIKAUF, Irene L (ROSE)[RYAN]; 94; WA; Spokesman-Review; 2009-3-12; cahal
LEIKER, Rose Marie "Rosie"; 60; Victoria KS; Wichita Eagle; 2005-10-26; dlcict
LEIN, Rose M (ANDERSEN) [HANSEN]; 94; Milton WI; Janesville G; 2003-9-15; lakegeneva
LEINART, Otsy Louise (ROSE); 53; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 1998-1-10; dmbischoff
LEINGANG, Rose K (KNOLL); 91; Bismarck ND; Bismarck Trib; 2007-4-1; ndvivi
LEINGANG, Rose M (FROELICH); 96; Lemmon SD; Leader-News (ND); 2002-9-12; ndvivi
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