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Entries matching "rushwort+glenn"

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JUSTICE, Glenn M; 77; Bainbridge GA; Tallahassee D (FL); 2009-2-14; whamo
JUSTICE, Glenn W Jr "Butch"; 44; Steubenville OH; Steub H-S; 2009-7-18; dlk
JUSTICE, Harry Epp; 83; Logan WV; Logan Banner; 2009-3-11; glenn
JUSTICE, Hazel (SHEEHAN); 90; Geneva IL; Elburn H; 2004-1-29; glenn
JUSTICE, Iris Faith (DIAL); 69; Arlington VA; LincolnJ (WV); 2009-2-4; glenn
JUSTICE, Iverson; 77; Dublin VA; Virginia M; 2007-6-14; glenn
JUSTICE, James; 67; Justice WV; Logan Banner; 2008-6-25; glenn
JUSTICE, James; 77; Clarksburg WV; Times WV; 1999-2-25; glenn
JUSTICE, James F; 90; Princeton WV; Bluefield DT; 1999-3-19; glenn
JUSTICE, James W; 77; Williamson KY; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-10-31; glenn
JUSTICE, James W; 77; Williamson KY; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-11-1; glenn
JUSTICE, Jerry O; 51; Green Cove Springs FL; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-8-9; glenn
JUSTICE, John; 85; Welch WV; Welch DN; 1999-3-5; glenn
JUSTICE, John Peyton II; 32; Baltimore MD; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-7-22; glenn
JUSTICE, John Peyton II; 32; Baltimore MD; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-7-24; glenn
JUSTICE, Jonathon Darrell; 27; Majestic KY; Williamson DN (WV); 2008-7-8; glenn
JUSTICE, Justin Jeffrey; 37; Williamson WV; Logan Banner; 2007-7-18; glenn
JUSTICE, Justin Jeffrey; 37; Williamson WV; Williamson DN; 2007-7-16; glenn
JUSTICE, Leland; 40; Baisden WV; Logan Banner; 2008-6-19; glenn
JUSTICE, Leonard "Bo"; 49; Pinsonfork KY; Williamson DN (WV); 1999-1-29; glenn
JUSTICE, Leslie Ray; 83; Madison Heights VA; Lynchburg NA; 2008-11-27; glenn
JUSTICE, Lexie (CLINE); 82; Parkersburg WV; Logan Banner; 2001-9-19; glenn
JUSTICE, Lexie (CLINE); 82; Parkersburg WV; Williamson DN; 2001-9-19; glenn
JUSTICE, Lola; 43; Kermit WV; Williamson DN; 2001-10-6; glenn
JUSTICE, Louise Jane (LeMASTERS); 95; Parkeersburg WV; Parkersburg NS; 2007-6-1; glenn
JUSTICE, Mae; 88; Lumberton NC; Fayetteville O; 2004-1-8; glenn
JUSTICE, Mary Pauline; 74; Williamson WV; Williamson DN; 1998-12-1; glenn
JUSTICE, Mexico (CHAPMAN); 94; Lebanon VA; Dickenson S; 2008-11-12; glenn
JUSTICE, Milton Emerson; 86; Grundy VA; Bluefield DT (WV); 2002-5-11; glenn
JUSTICE, Opal (GOFF)[THACKER]; 81; Pikeville KY; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-9-19; glenn
JUSTICE, Pauline Atha (WOODS); 72; Grundy VA; Dickenson S; 2005-11-23; glenn
JUSTICE, Ralph Lawson Sr; 61; Welch WV; Williamson DN; 2001-7-20; glenn
JUSTICE, Raymond; 78; Eidson TN; Kingsport T N; 2001-8-27; glenn
JUSTICE, Raymond Russell; 78; Mountain Home TN; Kingsport T N; 2001-8-26; glenn
JUSTICE, Riley J; 84; Tazewelll VA; Welch DN (WV); 2009-2-9; glenn
JUSTICE, Roma Glenn; 72; Charleston WV; Huntington H-D; 2007-6-20; yonnie
JUSTICE, Roma Glenn (McKINNEY); 72; Charleston WV; LincolnJ; 2007-6-27; glenn
JUSTICE, Roma Glenn (McKINNEY); 72; Charleston WV; LincolnS; 2007-6-26; glenn
JUSTICE, Stella Martha (BEVINS); 83; Pikeville KY; Williamson DN (WV); 1999-3-8; glenn
JUSTICE, Sudie Christine; 62; Alum Creek WV; LincolnJ; 2008-12-10; glenn
JUSTICE, Sudie Christine (SCHULTZ); 62; Alum Creek WV; LincolnS; 2008-12-9; glenn
JUSTICE, Taylor Jr; 57; Pikeville KY; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-9-6; glenn
JUSTICE, Taylor Jr; 57; Pikeville KY; Williamson DN (WV); 2001-9-7; glenn
JUSTICE, Ted; 91; Gary WV; Logan Banner; 2002-4-29; glenn
JUSTICE, Thomas Harold; 59; Grantsville WV; Calhoun C; 2004-4-22; glenn
JUSTICE, Thomas L; 78; Davin WV; Logan Banner; 2001-7-12; glenn
JUSTICE, Thomas Lilly; 79; Davin WV; Logan Banner; 2001-7-9; glenn
JUSTICE, Tilden; 79; Pikeville KY; Williamson DN (WV); 1999-5-20; glenn
JUSTICE, Wanda A; 53; Bluefield WV; Welch DN; 1999-1-5; glenn
JUSTICE, Wanda A (BLANKENSHIP); 53; Bluefield WV; Independent H; 1999-1-13; glenn
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