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Entries matching "salazar"

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RIVAS, Crescencio Salazar "Cris"; 75; Santa Maria CA; Santa Maria Times; 2011-3-9; tdf
RIVERA, Celia (SALAZAR); 82; Ignacio CO>Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2004-12-19; clh
RIVERA, Maria A (SALAZAR); 77; Amillia NM; Albuquerque J; 2000-3-1; retftrdoc
RIVERA, Mela M (SALAZAR); 61; Espanola NM; RioGrandeS; 2008-7-17; grldjsmt
RIVERA, Sandra (SALAZAR) [JONES]; 44; Ft Worth TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2004-3-1; lmjg
ROBLES, Angelita (SALAZAR); 66; Houston TX; Houston Chronicle; 2002-4-4; burzvana
ROBLES, Maria Magdalena (SALAZAR); 71; Guachinango MEX>Concord CA; Contra Costa; 1999-4-27; gbuteau
ROBUSTELLI, Andrew T [SALAZAR]; ; Dallas TX; Dallas M-N; 1996-8-6; ksavage
RODELO, Mary Louise (SALAZAR); 63; Tucumcari NM>Montclair CA; Chino Champion; 2006-9-2; sjnk
RODRIGUEZ, Betty S (SALAZAR); 90; Arkadelphia LA>Denver CO; RMN; 2001-3-11; mak
RODRIGUEZ, Domingo Salazar; 60; Denton TX; Valley M-S; 2000-5-10; fbrew
RODRIGUEZ, Elvira "Vera" (SALAZAR); 73; San Antonio TX; San Antonio E-N; 1999-7-7; retired
RODRIGUEZ, Frances (SALAZAR); 65; TX; San Antonio E-N; 2005-1-13; kat
RODRIGUEZ, Josefina (SALAZAR); 95; Espanola NM; RioGrandeS; 2003-12-4; grldjsmt
RODRIGUEZ, Rosa (SALAZAR); 66; Zapopan JAL MEX>Loma Linda CA; Desert Sun; 2007-11-6; lfkes
RODRIGUEZ-SALAZAR, Francine M (RODRIGUEZ); 46; Albuquerque NM; NavajoNationM; 2006-9-20; tlsc
ROGER, Judith (SALAZAR); 46; Dallas TX>Pacific Grove CA; Monterey Herald; 2010-12-10; msty
ROGERS-SALAZAR, Audrey M; 69; Madison WI>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 1998-7-8; rossy
ROGERS-SALAZAR, Audrey M; 69; Madison WI>Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas Sun; 1998-7-8; neb
ROJAS, Marta A (SALAZAR) ( ); 82; Santiago CHL>Barstow CA; Florida Today (FL); 1997-10-24; ylifter
ROLAND-SALAZAR, Christian; ; CA; Long Beach P-T; 2002-7-18; ennui
ROMERO, Maria (SALAZAR); 89; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2006-2-23; clh
ROMERO, Rosa S (SALAZAR); 92; Santa Cruz NM; RioGrandeS; 2001-1-18; grldjsmt
ROMERO, Rose (SALAZAR); 92; Santa Cruz NM; Albuquerque J; 2001-1-12; retftrdoc
ROMERO, Trinidad E (SALAZAR); 81; Pojoaque NM; Albuquerque J; 2003-3-6; clh
ROMERO, Trinidad E (SALAZAR); 81; Pojoaque NM; RioGrandeS; 2003-3-13; grldjsmt
RoQUE, Mary Alice (SALAZAR)[GARCIA]; 60; Colorado Springs CO; GZ; 2001-5-9; linnea
ROUNDS, Mary M (SALAZAR); 64; Fargo ND>Eaton CO; GreeleyTribune; 2010-7-14; gfan
ROYBAL, Ruby S (SALAZAR); 80; Nambe NM; RioGrandeS; 2001-3-22; grldjsmt
ROYBAL, Ruby S (SALAZAR); 80; Santa Fe NM; SFNMexican; 2001-3-20; clh
RUBIO, Oscar Alberto Salazar; 21; AZ; AZ Republic; 2003-4-9; dback
RUIZ, Adela S (SALAZAR); 95; Casa Grande AZ; AZ Republic; 2006-8-30; dback
RUIZ, Adela (SALAZAR); 98; San Angelo TX; San Angelo S-T; 2008-12-15; serii
RUIZ, Gloria Salazar ( ); 80; Camarillo CA; Ventura C-S; 2012-3-3; lehca
SAENZ, Aurora (SALAZAR); 72; Mission TX>South Bend IN; Monitor (TX); 2001-2-28; ddheller
SALAS, Dulcinea (SALAZAR); 76; Rancho De Taos NM; Albuquerque J; 2007-1-18; clh
SALAS, Martin Salazar; 88; Moctezuma SLP MEX>Hutchinson KS; Hutchinson News; 2014-9-27; retftrdoc
SALAS, William Salazar "Bill"; 84; Durango Dgo MEX>Mount Olive IL; State J-R; 2004-12-7; blj
SALAZAR, A R Sr; 77; Big Spring TX; Abilene R-N; 1998-6-21; cwkirsch
SALAZAR, A R Sr; 77; Big Spring TX; Abilene R-N; 1998-6-22; cwkirsch
SALAZAR, Aaron; 17; Odessa TX; Odessa A; 2013-3-4; cwkirsch
SALAZAR, Abel; 78; Cueravaca MEX; RMN (CO); 1995-10-24; kim
SALAZAR, Abel; 78; Cuernavaca MEX; The Sun (MD); 1995-10-25; jtneed
SALAZAR, Abel; 78; Cuernavaca MEX; Wash DC Post; 1995-10-24; andrusko
SALAZAR, Abel H; 69; Martindale TX>Joliet IL; Herald News; 2000-1-1; darnol
SALAZAR, Abel R "Juan"; 93; Durango MEX>Porterville CA; PortervilleRecorder; 2012-12-5; rmaxs
SALAZAR, Abenicio "Abe"; 82; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 1990-3-5; clh
SALAZAR, Adalecia (GARCIA); 82; Alamogordo NM; CurrentArgus; 2006-1-25; clh
SALAZAR, Adalecia (GARCIA); 82; Albuquerque NM; Albuquerque J; 2006-1-24; clh
SALAZAR, Adam; ; Denver CO; RMN; 2006-7-12; mak
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