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Entries matching "salisbury"

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MAREK, Leonard John; 73; Salisbury MO>Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2015-3-30; ckalota
MARINER, Doreen ( ); 76; WIL ENG; Salisbury J; 2005-1-13; ajm
MARINER, Eric M; 45; Salisbury MD>Lynchburg VA; ESN; 2007-6-23; cms
MARINER, Eric Van Sr; 45; Salisbury MD>Lynchburg VA; Norfolk V-P; 2007-6-20; jsne
MARINER, Jane P (DANENHOWER); 48; Salisbury Twp PA; The Morning Call; 2005-1-12; kat
MARINER, Raymond Lee; 70; Salisbury MD; News Journal (DE); 2001-3-11; gmtopaz
MARINO, Linda (HIRSCHFIELD); 54; New York NY>Grimes Co TX; Salisbury P (NC); 2003-11-16; wrabb
MARINO, Lydia (TURCUTTI); ; ITA>Salisbury NC; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2003-12-11; wrabb
MARINO, Tara Nadine; 25; Grimes Co TX; Salisbury P (NC); 2003-11-16; wrabb
MARION, Arlie Banner; 81; Lexington NC; Salisbury P; 2001-10-24; wrabb
MARION, Cletus Rayvon; 66; Winston-Salem NC; Salisbury P; 2004-10-30; wrabb
MARIONEAUX, Harold Joseph; 82; Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2003-12-18; wrabb
MARKANIK, Marcella (TOMASKO); 72; Salisbury Twp PA; Scranton T; 2001-10-21; wwwalton
MARKAY, Peter Paul; 86; White Plains NY>Lexington NC; Salisbury P; 2006-4-6; wrabb
MARKHAM, Ida Mae "Fran" ( ); ; Amesbury WIL ENG; Salisbury J; 2004-12-30; ajm
MARKLAND, Frank Milton; 84; Winston-Salem NC; Salisbury P; 2006-6-28; wrabb
MARKLAND, Ruby Dare (MORRIS); 93; Advance NC; Salisbury P; 2006-6-28; wrabb
MARKLIN, Margaret (BURKE); 78; Winston-Salem NC; Salisbury P; 2002-5-31; wrabb
MARKS, Jessie William "Cotton"; 81; ; Salisbury P (NC); 2005-12-27; wrabb
MARKS, Robert L; 66; Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2003-12-16; wrabb
MARKSBURY, Danny Gayle; 53; Gold Hill NC; Salisbury P; 2003-7-11; wrabb
MARKSBURY, Danny Gayle; 53; Gold Hill NC; Salisbury P; 2003-7-8; wrabb
MARKSBURY, Danny Gayle; 53; Gold Hill NC; Salisbury P; 2003-7-9; wrabb
MARKWELL, Edith Morgretta ( ); 82; Salisbury PA>Annapolis MD; Annap MD Capital; 2000-8-8; gilligaloo
MARLIN, Christine (ECCLES); 83; Columbus OH>Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2005-2-10; wrabb
MARLIN, Samuel H; 46; Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2006-2-28; wrabb
MARLIN, Samuel Hiawatha "Sammy"; 46; Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2006-2-26; wrabb
MARLOW, Alice (COLLINS); ; Walterboro SC; Salisbury P (NC); 2002-7-23; wrabb
MARLOW, Alice (COLLINS); 78; Walterboro SC; Salisbury P (NC); 2002-7-24; wrabb
MARLOW, Douglas Aldine; 84; Salisbury NC; Charlotte Obs; 2006-7-27; mfsmith
MARLOW, Douglas Aldine; 84; Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2006-7-27; wrabb
MARLOW, Frank Ray; 72; Kannapolis NC; Salisbury P; 2006-2-10; wrabb
MARLOW, Harl Avery; 78; Mooresville NC; Salisbury P; 2002-8-31; wrabb
MARLOW, Myrtle Marie (GOULDMAN); 69; Concord NC; Salisbury P; 2003-12-21; wrabb
MARLOW, Rosalie (GOODMAN); 63; Salisbury NC>Taylors SC; Greenville News; 1999-12-5; wrabb
MARLOWE, Christopher Thomas; 31; Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2003-10-20; wrabb
MARLOWE, Frances (VINSON); 73; Kannapolis NC; Salisbury P; 2006-5-9; wrabb
MAROUDAS, Bernadette ( ); 66; Brooklyn NY>Salisbury MD; Annap MD Capital; 2001-9-7; gilligaloo
MARQUEZ, Hector J; 33; ; Salisbury P (NC); 2004-3-14; wrabb
MARQUEZ, Hector J; 33; Durango MEX>Fisher IN; Salisbury P (NC); 2004-3-20; wrabb
MARSDEN, Dorothy Anne (BOICE); 68; ; Salisbury P (NC); 2006-5-30; wrabb
MARSH, Clyde Carl; 62; Salisbury NC; Charlotte Obs; 1998-11-13; cher
MARSH, George; 69; Upland PA>Salisbury MD; HomeNewsTrib (NJ); 2006-5-11; mdp
MARSH, Joyce Norah; 69; Tisbury WIL ENG; Salisbury J; 2004-12-23; ajm
MARSH, Margaret Irene (ASHE); 86; Winston-Salem NC; Salisbury P; 2000-8-10; wrabb
MARSHALL, Alfred Robinson; 85; Sangerville ME>Salisbury NB; Times Transcript (NB); 1997-1-2; gpinet
MARSHALL, Frank Freddie; 74; Salisbury MD; ESN (VA); 2005-11-9; cms
MARSHALL, Guy Finney; 55; Salisbury MD; Norfolk V-P (VA); 2002-3-7; jsne
MARSHALL, Guy Finney; 55; Saxis VA>Salisbury MD; ESN (VA); 2002-3-13; cms
MARSHALL, Irene (SHORE); 80; Salisbury NC; Salisbury P; 2000-12-10; wrabb
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