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RICK, Gerald LSr; 66; Spokane WA; Spokesman-Review; 2008-10-10; cahal
RICK, Gerald W Jr "Jerry"; 43; Oshkosh WI; Oshkosh Northwestern; 2001-7-17; dmenace
RICKARD, Gerald C; 74; Waterford NY; Daily Gazette; 1997-6-1; wknigh1
RICKARD, Gerald H; 65; Penn Yan NY; Canandaigua D-M; 1999-9-7; ccllari
RICKARD, Gerald M "Jerry"; 67; Cantonment FL; Post-Journal (NY); 2010-4-20; mjs
RICKENBAUGH, Coy Gerald; 87; Thousand Oaks CA; Ventura C-S; 2007-12-28; lehca
RICKER, Robert Gerald; 85; Grass Valley CA; Grass Valley U; 2011-11-15; dlk
RICKER, Robert Gerald "Bob"; 85; Grass Valley CA; Oakland Tribune; 2011-11-20; dlk
RICKERT, Gerald Elmer; 100; Luverne MN>IA; Des Moines Register; 2016-12-1; lfkes
RICKERT, Gerald W; 72; New York NY; Albany T U; 2006-10-7; rtaa
RICKRODE, Gerald Edwin Sr; 68; Wyandotte MI>Salters Cove SC; Dearborn P-G (MI); 2003-9-24; windy
RICKSECKER, Gerald E; 83; Hoffman Estates IL; The Daily Herald; 2017-8-15; kingster
RICKSECKER, Gerald V; ; Roseville CA; Sacramento Bee; 1996-10-31; sandrah
RICKY, Gerald Knight "Rick"; 93; Stillwell KS; Wichita Eagle; 2002-9-8; dlcict
RIDDELL, Gerald; 89; Houston TX; Houston Chronicle; 2005-1-14; burzvana
RIDDELL, Gerald R; 82; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2007-11-4; jblind
RIDDELL, Gerald R; 82; Winnipeg MB>Hot Springs AR; HSSentinelRecord; 2007-8-24; lsmgen
RIDDELL, Gerald Rev; 89; TX; Statesman; 2005-1-15; kat
RIDDLE, Gerald Floyd; 89; Columbus OH; Tiffin A-T; 2003-3-13; cdr
RIDDLE, Gerald Frank Laverne; ; Brantford ON; Simcoe Reformer; 2003-10-14; mihaley
RIDDLE, Gerald L; 34; Warren MI; Royal Oak DT; 2005-2-13; rtc
RIDDLE, Gerald Ralph; 68; Robbinsdale MN; Minneapolis S-T; 2004-3-28; jblind
RIDDLER, Gerald Keith; ; Cloverdale BC; Vanc Sun; 2001-1-8; mumtaz
RIDDLES, Gerald Glenn; 59; Claremore OK; Owasso Rep; 2000-8-31; bizemom
RIDDLES, Gerald Glenn "Jerry"; 59; Claremore OK; Claremore D-P; 2000-8-24; bizemom
RIDEL, Gerald M "Gerry"; 57; Vernon CT; Hartford Courant; 1998-8-20; townsend
RIDENOUR, Gerald "Jerry"; 73; Lowell AR; Mornews; 2000-11-2; pat
RIDENOUR, Gerald W "Bill"; 84; Ashland MT>OR; Corvallis G-T; 2007-7-11; cmc
RIDEOUT, Gerald; ; ; Worcester T-G (MA); 2015-4-8; chicodo
RIDEOUT, Gerald Chesley; 77; Cambridge ON; K-W Record; 2004-6-14; rnutt
RIDEOUT, Gerald F; 66; Liverpool NS>Wasaga Beach ON; Chron-Herald (NS); 2000-1-26; kbutler
RIDER, Gerald G; 62; Ruston LA; Texarkana G (TX); 2003-11-18; dorisl
RIDER, Gerald J Sr; 76; Albany NY; Daily Freeman; 1999-1-20; nydafree
RIDER, Gerald J Sr; 76; Albany NY; Daily Freeman; 1999-1-21; nydafree
RIDER, Gerald "Jerry"; 77; El Dorado Co CA; Sacramento Bee; 2004-12-29; cachona
RIDER, Gerald "Jerry"; 77; El Dorado Co CA; Sacramento Bee; 2004-12-30; cachona
RIDER, Gerald "Jerry"; 77; El Dorado Co CA; Sacramento Bee; 2005-1-1; cachona
RIDER, Gerald Walter; 62; AB>Eatonville WA; Tacoma N-T; 2001-2-6; mlou
RIDGE, Gerald Beams; 85; ; Daily T (LND ENG); 2004-9-14; jfpc
RIDGE, Gerald D; 76; ; Akron B-J (OH); 2002-3-18; cmgray
RIDGE, Gerald S; 44; Chicago IL; Des Plaines DH; 2007-4-1; jmoo
RIDGE, Gerald S; 44; Chicago IL; Des Plaines DH; 2007-4-2; jmoo
RIDGE, Gerald S; 44; IL; Des Plaines Journal; 2007-4-11; jmoo
RIDGEWAY, Gerald "Chop"; 80; Twin Falls ID; Times-News; 1998-9-24; kwday
RIDGEWAY, Gerald Dean; 76; Huntsville AL; Huntsville Times; 2001-11-17; dgrays
RIDGEWAY, Gerald M "Gary"; 66; Emporia KS>Loveland CO; Johnstown B; 2013-2-28; njb
RIDGEWAY, Gerald W; 39; San Antonio TX; San Antonio E-N; 2001-8-21; larryad
RIDGWAY, Gerald; 87; Centralia MO; Columbia D-T; 2013-5-21; cfoley
RIDGWAY, Gerald K "Garry"; 82; Columbus OH; Columbus D; 2009-10-3; doday
RIDGWAY, Gerald K "Garry"; 82; Columbus OH; Newark Advocate; 2009-10-3; doday
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