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KALO, Jozef Zoli; 81; HUN>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2009-1-2; rita
KALO, Jozef Zoli; 81; HUN>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2009-1-3; rita
KALOUDIS, Margaret "Rita" [GLESSING]; 77; Las Vegas NV; Las Vegas R-J; 2005-4-4; rossy
KALOUSTIAN, Rita Marie (LaPIERRE)[TEBO]; 86; Northborough MA>Warrenton VA; Worcester T-G (MA); 2009-9-19; chicodo
KALTENBACH, Joan Rita (ANDERSON); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2008-8-31; siwel
KALTENBACH, Joan Rita (ANDERSON); 87; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2008-9-3; siwel
KALUPA, Rita T (SCHINDLER); 82; WI; Milwaukee J-S; 2015-1-6; rjm
KALUPA, Rita T (SCHINDLER); 82; WI; Milwaukee J-S; 2015-1-7; rjm
KALVE, Elfreda ( ); 88; LVA>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2012-9-22; rita
KALVE, Elfreda; ; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2012-9-1; rita
KALVE, Janis "John"; ; LVA>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2012-9-22; rita
KALYNIUK, Irene ( ); 92; Mundare AB>Marathon ON; Chronicle J; 2001-10-7; rita
KALYNIUK, Joseph; 89; Newmarket ON; Chronicle J; 2010-3-18; rita
KALYNIUK, Olga (SPECHT); 87; Newmarket ON; Chronicle J; 2012-9-12; rita
KAMARAINEN, Helvi Julia (ESKELINEN); 86; Sonkajarvi FIN>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2010-7-27; rita
KAMER, Rita J (McATEE); 68; Kansas City MO; Topeka C-J (KS); 2002-8-16; eileen
KAMINOSKI, Rick; 42; Prince George BC; Chronicle J (ON); 2000-10-12; rita
KAMINSKI, Rita (PISANELLI); ; OH; Akron B-J; 2002-5-2; cmgray
KAMINSKI, Rita R; 80; Long Grove IL; Northwest Herald; 2002-11-28; lellison
KAMINSKI, Rita R (LITWICK); 80; Long Grove IL; Northwest Herald; 2002-11-30; lellison
KAMINSKI, Stanley; 88; Lublin POL>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2003-8-6; rita
KAMINSKY, Rita; 92; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2007-11-19; kap
KAMIS, Therese Rita (HOLZINGER) "Teddy"; 84; Chicago IL>Lake Placid FL; Tampa Trib; 2012-5-2; evallie
KAMLOTH, Rita M; 74; Superior NE; Hastings Tribune; 2016-11-28; jrp
KAMLOTH, Rita miss; 74; Omaha NE; Superior Express; 2016-12-1; jrp
KAMMER, Rita J (KOOKER); 81; South Dennis NJ; ATC Press; 2002-7-29; cbentiv
KAMMER, Rita J (KOOKER); 81; South Dennis NJ; ATC Press; 2002-7-30; cbentiv
KAMMERER, E Rita (DuHAMEL); 90; North Andover MA; Eagle T; 2000-4-16; cgdbout
KAMMES, Rita F (DIETER); 82; Darlington WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2007-10-21; kmed
KAMMES, Rita F (DIETER); 82; Naperville IL>Darlington WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2007-9-21; kmed
KAMO, Masa "Martha" (KAYAHARA); 88; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2010-3-5; rita
KAMOWSKI, Rita A; ; ; Chicago T (IL); 1999-12-14; cquin
KAMP, Rita D (VANTIGER)[MERSCHMAN]; 63; Fort Madison IA; Hawk Eye; 2000-12-29; slw
KAMPETER, Rita H (EVERS); 62; Meta MO; Unterrified Democrat; 1996-9-25; schwegwl
KAMPHOF, Gerrit; 92; Oldeborek NLD>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2010-5-14; rita
KAMPHOF, Gerrit; 92; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2010-5-13; rita
KAMPHOF, Hendrijke "Hennie" (Van Der LINDE); ; Ommen NLD>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2003-8-12; rita
KAMSTRA, Freda (AEDY); 91; Westcott ENG>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2011-3-3; rita
KAMSTRA, Gaye (DEKKER); ; HOL>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 1998-8-13; rita
KAMSTRA, Klaas; 90; Britswerd NLD>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2001-4-6; rita
KAMUDA, Rita L (JOYAL); 86; Smithfield RI>Putnam CT; Norwich Bulletin; 2011-3-24; chicodo
KAMULA, Sherry Lynn (KIRKPATRICK); 49; Hamiota MB>Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2008-3-8; rita
KANAAR, Rita (BIJL); ; ON; Pembroke O; 2015-10-22; egs
KANADY, Rita; 82; Urbana IL; News-Gazette; 2000-2-22; mlf
KANADY, Rita (HOLDERREAD); 82; Urbana IL; News-Gazette; 2000-2-23; mlf
KANAN, Rita (McCANN); 49; Sandusky MI; Flint Journal; 2011-3-6; navalex
KANATE, Gladys Alice (BEARDY); 68; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2011-12-10; rita
KANATSKI, Doreen (HODSON) [BLACKE]; 82; Dryden ON; Chronicle J; 2012-6-16; rita
KANCS-CIRCENIS, Rita H ( )[KANCS]; 87; LVA>Carmel IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2007-8-5; etob
KANCS-CIRENIS, Rita H; 87; Carmel IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2007-7-28; etob
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