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Entries matching "slater+crossmand"

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NORTH, Ruth S (SLATER); 86; Hale MO>Belle Vista MN; Minneapolis S-T; 2002-9-13; jblind
NORTH, Ruth (SLATER); 86; Bella Vista AR; Mornews; 2002-9-7; pat
NOVOTNY, Evelyn H (SLATER); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2002-11-6; siwel
NUNAN, Shirley (SLATER); 71; Montreal QC>Albany NY; Daily Gazette; 2001-4-17; kkg
OBERG, George W; 84; Slater WY>Delphos OH; Lima News; 2006-7-4; lrs
OCHESKEY, Edward A; 78; Hope MO>Slater IA; Des Moines Register; 2001-10-7; gcegeland
O'CONNOR, Mildred "Mickey" (COX)[SLATER]; 68; Des Moines IA; Des Moines Register; 1998-10-25; gcegeland
O'CONNOR, Ruth G (SLATER); 88; Fountain Hill PA; The Morning Call; 2000-12-28; tjbdpa
O'CONNOR-SLATER, Timothy C Rev; 49; Abilene TX>Auburn NY; The Patriot; 2005-9-10; janmrw
O'DELL, Roberta E (PEARSON); 90; Slater CO>Kuna ID; Idaho P-T; 2012-12-26; cwkirsch
O'DONNELL, Lillian B (HICKS); 84; Slater MO>Louisburg KS; Independence E (MO); 2001-8-16; fdsmith
OFFICER, Kathleen L "Tootie" (SANGUINETTI); 73; Natchez MS>Slater MO; K C Star; 2001-7-23; gmwarmy
OFFICER, Kathleen L "Tootsie" (SANGUINETTI); 73; Slater MS; Natchez D; 2001-7-23; glenn
OLAFSON, H Slater; 86; Mortlach SK; MooseJaw TH; 2001-6-29; wlfg
OLAFSON, H Slater; 86; Regina SK; Regina L-P; 2001-6-29; jmarley
OLDALE, Jacqueline Elizabeth (SLATER); ; Thunder Bay ON; Chronicle J; 2003-10-21; rita
OLSON, Patricia Jean "Patty" (SLATER); 68; ; Edmonton J (AB); 2014-7-11; laurajt
OLSON, Patricia Jean "Patty" (SLATER); 68; ; Edmonton J (AB); 2014-7-12; laurajt
OMVIG, Clayton; 66; Lexington KY>Slater IA; Ames T; 2004-10-6; glenn
ONSTOT, Owen; 0; Slater IA; Ames T; 2011-1-21; jrrsed
OPOLKA, Mary Helen (FLYNN)[ESS]; 81; Slater MO>Sparta IL; State J-R; 2005-5-21; blj
O'PRAY, Elsie (SLATER); 83; Jamestown NY>Pasadena CA; Buffalo News (NY); 1997-9-29; opnjudy
ORTNER, Coleen A (SLATER); 63; Waterloo IA; Waterloo CFC; 2003-1-5; rutucker
OSBORNE, Burnley (SLATER)[OSBORNE]; 96; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1998-11-26; wstyles
OSTLING, Stan F; 80; Slater IA>Carlsbad CA; Los Angeles T; 1998-1-3; janmrw
OVERMAN, Lee Slater; 76; Washington DC; Tonawanda News (NY); 1930-12-12; ckalota
PACE, Willie (SHEWBERT); 86; Slater SC; The State; 2004-10-5; betsten
PAGE, Marywood ( ); 92; Slater MO; Independence E; 1999-3-11; fdsmith
PAGE, Marywood; 92; Slater MO; K C Star; 1999-3-11; dlcict
PALACIOS, Virginia Ybarra Slater (MOSQUEDA); ; San Pedro CA; SO BAY D-B; 2014-6-7; dkrb
PALMER, Cornelia Ash; ; Slater MO; Kansas City Star; 1996-1-2; bdoerr
PALMER, Jana Leann; 30; Slater IA; Des Moines Register; 2004-9-28; lfkes
PARADIS, Patric Jean (SLATER); 56; Albermarle NC; Press & Sun-B (NY); 2003-7-17; snips
PARADIS, Patricia Jean (SLATER); 56; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2003-7-9; wrabb
PARKER, George; 82; Slater MO; Boonville D-N; 2002-12-30; fdsmith
PARKER, George C "Hawk"; 82; Slater MO; Boonville D-N; 2002-12-31; fdsmith
PARKER, Gregory Franklin; 61; Slater MO>Peoria IL; Journal Star; 2011-10-8; evallie
PARKER-BAILEY, Elaine (EIKERMAN)[PARKER]; 85; Slater MO>KS; HiawathaWorld; 2008-1-7; toptom
PARKER-BAILEY, Elaine (EIKERMAN)[PARKER][BAILEY]; 85; Slater MO>KS; BasehorSen; 2008-1-8; toptom
PARSONS, Eva (TAGGART)[SLATER]; 78; Indianapolis IN>Fletcher NC; Asheville C-T; 2002-1-8; wrabb
PARSONS, Eva (TAGGART)[SLATER]; 78; Indianapolis IN>Fletcher NC; Hendersonville T-N; 2002-1-9; wrabb
PASSWATERS, Paul Slater; 69; Newark OH; Newark Advocate; 2016-2-14; kingster
PATTON, Virginia (WILHITE)[GAMBLE]; 90; Slater MO>Hemet CA; Hemet News; 1999-4-16; sdelosie
PAULSEN, Laura (SLATER); 98; Retreat WI>Ontario OR; Idaho S (ID); 2000-3-18; lndill
PAULSRUD, Ada L ( ); 96; Slater IA>Palatine IL; Des Moines Register (IA); 1998-6-13; gcegeland
PAYNE, Patricia Catherine (SLATER); 86; Lockport NY; Tonawanda News; 2010-1-10; ckalota
PEACOCK, Audra (SLATER); 84; Marianna FL; Tallahassee D; 1990-5-24; whamo
PEACOCK, Mabel (SLATER); 86; Bracebridge ON; Bracebridge Examiner; 2000-7-12; ekim
PEAVEY, Gay Eva "Grandma" (SLATER); 95; Hubbard TX>Flushing MI; Flint Journal; 2002-11-24; navalex
PEEL, Emogene (PERRIN); 84; Slater MO>Centralia WA; The Chron; 2011-10-24; jfco
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