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SOMERVILLE, Reginald Hugh; 20; Sebastopol UKR RUS; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1855-9-24; dja
SOMERVILLE, Richard; 65; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2014-2-8; mdos
SOMERVILLE, Richard C; ; Duxbury MA; Boston Globe; 2005-6-13; deliman
SOMERVILLE, Richard C; 71; Duxbury MA; Abington Mariner; 2005-6-17; deliman
SOMERVILLE, Richard C; 71; Duxbury MA; Rockland Mariner; 2005-6-17; deliman
SOMERVILLE, Richard F; 60; Randolph VT>Deltona FL; DB N-J; 2000-8-16; rstarce
SOMERVILLE, Richard Kilgore; 81; Pasadena CA; Pasadena Star N; 2000-9-3; jld
SOMERVILLE, Rita M (COSENTINO); 92; IL; Chicago T; 2016-4-13; kingster
SOMERVILLE, Rita (O'NEILL); 78; IRL>Middletown NY; Times Herald Rec; 2008-12-14; tjmny
SOMERVILLE, Robert; 56; St James NY; Newsday; 1985-6-18; rpng
SOMERVILLE, Robert; 68; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1955-3-31; ckalota
SOMERVILLE, Robert; 78; Annapolis MD; Annap MD Capital; 2006-7-9; gilligaloo
SOMERVILLE, Robert A; 64; Smithfield RI; Prov Journal; 2001-3-6; wgroberge
SOMERVILLE, Robert George; 86; London ON; London F-P; 2006-10-17; nutters
SOMERVILLE, Robert Hugh; 89; Los Angeles CA>Kennewick WA; TriCity Herald; 2016-2-18; tcgswa
SOMERVILLE, Robert J; 79; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 2008-9-5; mgrubbe
SOMERVILLE, Robert J; 82; Ogden UT>Antioch IL; Gurnee Review; 2006-12-28; jmoo
SOMERVILLE, Robert J; 82; Ogden UT>Antioch IL; News Sun; 2006-12-21; jmoo
SOMERVILLE, Robert M; 71; Troy NY>Pittsfield MA; Berkshire Eagle; 2004-1-15; troll
SOMERVILLE, Robert N; 88; Williamsport PA; SunGazette; 2007-2-11; blspe
SOMERVILLE, Robert W "Bob"; 59; Madison WI>Sioux Falls SD; Daily Republic; 2008-5-3; anderj
SOMERVILLE, Roberta; ; Maple Falls WA; Bellnghm H; 1987-12-11; jfco
SOMERVILLE, Robina "Choppy" (JAME); 80; Swansea WLS>Saginaw MI; Saginaw News; 2005-12-15; nheidger
SOMERVILLE, Roger Lincoln; ; Naples FL; Naples D-N; 2011-2-3; hmg
SOMERVILLE, Ron; ; Hamilton ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2000-10-3; priceace
SOMERVILLE, Ronald B; 48; Parkersville WV>Chapel Hill NC; Wilmington S-N; 2008-1-21; rtsy
SOMERVILLE, Ronald Herbert; 63; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2003-7-19; cfoisy
SOMERVILLE, Ronald L; 69; ; Oakland Press (MI); 2010-1-3; smk
SOMERVILLE, Ronald "Ron"; ; Hot Springs Village AR; DemGaz; 2009-4-19; arshub
SOMERVILLE, Rose Lillian (RAFUSE); 87; Mahone Bay NS; Chron-Herald; 2002-11-20; kbutler
SOMERVILLE, Rose V ( ); 85; Detroit MI; Detroit News; 1996-9-9; cwkirsch
SOMERVILLE, Ross James; 72; Spencerville ON; The Prescott Journal; 2001-10-10; neils
SOMERVILLE, Ruby; 78; New Sewickley Twp PA; ParsonsA (WV); 2008-11-5; yonnie
SOMERVILLE, Ruby Kathleen ( ); 95; Sussex NB; Telegraph Journal; 2002-12-10; jdlmwc
SOMERVILLE, Ruby W (WATRING); 78; Leadmine WV>New Sewickley Twp PA; Beaver CT; 2008-10-28; budmc
SOMERVILLE, Ruby W (WATRING); 78; Leadmine WV>New Sewickley Twp PA; Beaver CT; 2008-10-29; budmc
SOMERVILLE, Russell Herman; ; Kemptville ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2000-12-20; klf
SOMERVILLE, Russell Stanley; 80; Guelph ON; K-W Record; 2007-6-4; nutters
SOMERVILLE, Ruth ( ); 85; NY; Rochester D C; 2003-10-1; hkohut
SOMERVILLE, Ruth (HOLMES); 87; Manchester CT; Hartford Courant; 2002-12-12; townsend
SOMERVILLE, Ruth (HOLMES); 87; Manchester CT; Journal Inquirer; 2002-12-16; ajrgii
SOMERVILLE, Sadie Aimee (JOLLIFFE); 90; Ottawa ON; K-W Record; 1999-12-31; jpcoursey
SOMERVILLE, Sadie Aimee "Syd" (JOLLIFFE); 89; Ottawa ON; Ottawa Citizen; 1999-12-31; aashfield
SOMERVILLE, Sadie Aimee "Syd" (JOLLIFFE); 90; Luchow CHN>Ottawa ON; Toronto G&M; 1999-12-31; sw
SOMERVILLE, Samuel Jr Dr; 41; Buffalo NY; Tonawanda News; 1911-3-15; ckalota
SOMERVILLE, Sarah ( ); 93; Newmarket ON; Toronto Star; 2003-5-10; cfoisy
SOMERVILLE, Sarah; 88; Valley Falls KS; AZ Republic (AZ); 2013-2-21; dback
SOMERVILLE, Sarah Elizabeth "Liz"; 81; ; LP Enterprise (MD); 2009-3-11; dmf
SOMERVILLE, Sarah Elizabeth "Liz" (YOUNG); 81; ; LP Enterprise (MD); 2009-3-13; dmf
SOMERVILLE, Scott Archibald; 88; Seaforth ON; London F-P; 1997-6-20; jmor
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