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EYE, Debra A (CLONTS); 49; ; Sullivan I-N (MO); 2000-9-13; lizvc
EYE, Degra A "Debbie" (CLONTS)[ROOSEMANN]; 49; Sullivan MO; Unterrified Democrat; 2000-9-6; bbuchholz
EYLER, Louise (CARRIER); 91; Sullivan Co TN>Atlanta GA; Bristol H C (VA); 2017-4-11; plowgal
EZRATTY, Lillian "Lee" ( ); 85; LaPlume PA>NY; Sullivan C-D; 2011-4-1; mel
EZRATTY, Max J; 80; Brooklyn NY>FL; Sullivan C-D (NY); 1999-8-6; mel
FABER, Constance R ( ); ; NY; Sullivan C-D; 2000-12-26; mel
FABER, Sidney L; 82; Harris NY; Sullivan C-D; 2000-1-14; mel
FABERMAN, Archie; 95; Harris NY; Sullivan C-D; 2003-9-5; mel
FABIA, Bradley C; 12; Valhalla NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-2-20; mel
FABRIZIO, Cella (MULLINS); 96; Lake Katrine NY; Sullivan C-D; 2004-5-11; mel
FAGAIN, Shirley R (DOHERTY); 79; Elizabeth NJ>Fort Smith AR; Sullivan C-D (NY); 2005-10-25; mel
FAGAN, Wanda D (DECKER); 88; Harris NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-8-21; mel
FAGLEY, Dorothy S (SCHNEIDER); 75; NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-11-6; mel
FAHEY, Patricia C (SULLIVAN); ; Reading MA; Boston Globe; 2002-6-9; troll
FAHRENHOLZ, Nicholas; 51; Berkeley CA>Port Jervis NY; Sullivan C-D; 2003-1-7; mel
FAHRENKRUG, Donald D; 81; Sullivan WI; Milwaukee J-S; 2005-12-31; kap
FAHRENKRUG, Donald P; 81; Sullivan WI; Daily J-U; 2005-12-29; kmed
FAHY, Charles E; 71; NY; Sullivan C-D; 2006-3-10; mel
FAHY, Doris C (CODA); 67; Jersey City NJ>Port Jervis NY; Sullivan C-D; 2000-12-12; mel
FAILLA, Mario J; 75; Swan Lake NY; Sullivan C-D; 2002-5-10; mel
FAILLA, Palma C (BONANNO); 70; Liberty NY; Sullivan C-D; 2000-9-12; mel
FAILLA, Robert; 63; Bath NY; Sullivan C-D; 2013-10-29; mel
FAILLA, Rose (MORELLO)[COTTO]; 88; Torrington CT>Liberty NY; Sullivan C-D; 2009-8-28; mel
FAIR, Elvin W "Bud"; 73; Sullivan IL; News-Gazette; 2009-5-30; tennieil
FAIRHOLM, Thelma M (SULLIVAN); 87; Traer IA; Waterloo CFC; 2009-5-31; rutucker
FAIRWEATHER, Carolyn (CROTTY); 59; Otisville NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-10-16; mel
FAIRWEATHER, Edward; 65; Middletown NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-6-12; mel
FAITELL, Charlene (BERNSTEIN); 49; DEU>Monticello NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-6-1; mel
FALCONE, Andrew A; 79; Media PA>Danville IL; Sullivan C-D (NY); 2000-8-4; mel
FALK, Janette R (GROSSKREUTZ); 75; Sullivan WI; Daily J-U; 2007-1-15; kmed
FALLAR, Henrietta (HINKLEY); 64; TN; Sullivan C-D (NY); 2008-1-18; mel
FALLAR, Henrietta (HINKLEY); 64; TN; Sullivan C-D (NY); 2008-1-22; mel
FALLAR, Louis C; 73; Calliconn NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-6-15; mel
FALLON, Debra ( ); 51; Valhalla NY; Sullivan C-D; 2007-3-2; mel
FALLON, Debra A ( ); 51; Valhalla NY; Sullivan C-D; 2007-2-27; mel
FALLON, Donna M (KEIL)[QUICK]; 63; Glen Spey NY; Sullivan C-D; 2009-12-15; mel
FALLON, Donna M (KEIL)[QUICK]; 63; Glen Spey NY; Sullivan C-D; 2009-12-15; mel
FALLON, Donna M (KEIL)[QUICK]; 63; Glen Spey NY; Sullivan C-D; 2009-12-15; mel
FALLOON, Angus W; 86; ; Sullivan I-N (MO); 2001-2-28; lizvc
FALLOON, Angus W; 86; Sullivan MO; Steelville Star; 2001-3-1; jhar
FALLOON, Bessie Gertrude (REEVES); 92; Washington MO; Sullivan I-N; 1999-2-10; lizvc
FANCHER, John O III; 19; Liberty NY; Sullivan C-D; 1999-8-3; mel
FANN, Loretto K (SULLIVAN); ; St Louis MO; St Louis P-D; 1996-4-17; bdoerr
FANNING, Mary (AMBRA); 77; Buffalo NY>Lowell MA; Sullivan C-D (NY); 2001-7-3; mel
FANNING, Philip J; 71; Brooklyn NY>Boca Raton FL; Sullivan C-D (NY); 1999-3-16; mel
FARBER, Doris (GOLDBERG); 77; South Fallsburg NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-12-28; mel
FARCHIONE, Lucille F (LAUFERSWEILER); 75; Syracuse NY; Sullivan C-D; 2000-9-26; mel
FARGO, Dorothy B (BARROWS); 86; Livingston Manor NY; Sullivan C-D; 2001-7-17; mel
FARGO, H Markham; 89; Livingston Manor NY; Sullivan C-D; 2003-12-30; mel
FARKAS, Eileen P (COLELLA); 63; Goshen NY; Sullivan C-D; 2006-7-28; mel
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