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Entries matching "tee"

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ABBOTT, Hortense "Tee" (GRINDLE); 64; Bangor ME; Bangor D-N; 2006-7-6; jhw
ABBOTT, Hortense "Tee" (GRINDLE); 64; Bangor ME; Ellsworth Am; 2006-7-6; jhw
ABNEY, George "Tee"; ; Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2003-5-24; bearcat
ADAMS, Chantell "Tee Tee" (CARMOUCHE); ; TX; Houston Chronicle; 2004-6-25; burzvana
ADAMS, Jack Tee; 71; KY>Clawson MI; Elliott-C-N (KY); 2001-5-11; fgibeau
ADAMS, Teressa Yvonne "Tee"; 86; LA; News Star; 2009-10-3; lfph
ADAMS, Teressa Yvonne "Tee" (SMITH); 86; West Monroe LA; News Star; 2009-10-2; lfph
ADLER, Tee (SULLIVAN); 92; Lufkin TX; Lufkin DN; 2007-8-30; bjl
ADLER, Tee (SULLIVAN); 92; TX; Trinity Standard; 2007-8-30; rcs
AGRICOLA, Cordelia "Tee"; 72; Cape Coral FL; Ft Myers N-P; 2009-6-10; hmg
AIKEN, Lois "Tee" (MORTON); 78; Greenwood SC; Index J; 2003-5-17; wrabb
ALEXANDER, Mary BOWMAN "TEE"; 80; Kingston TN; Knoxville N-S; 2012-11-30; ndvivi
ALLEMAND, Vernice (ORGERON) "Tee"; 84; Lockport LA>Pulaski TN; Times-Picayune (LA); 1999-10-30; mlc
ANDERSON, Clara Tee; ; ; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2000-6-20; geanie1
ANDERSON, Tanesha "Tee Tee" (MARSHALL); 27; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2006-11-19; msty
ANDERSON, Thelma W "Tee" ( ); 84; Lady Lake FL; Daily Commercial; 2001-8-25; jjphethean
ANDERSON, Velma Tee (HARTMAN); 87; Erwin TN; Knoxville N-S; 2008-5-28; ndvivi
ANDRUS, Evelyn "Tee Bay" Guidry; ; Lafayette LA; Opelousas DW; 2001-10-24; glenn
ANDRUS, Evelyn "Tee Bay" Guidry; ; Lafayette LA; Opelousas DW; 2001-10-25; glenn
ARMSTRONG, Artelia Deloris "Tee" (WILLIAMS); 72; Pontiac MI; Oakland Press; 2007-12-5; smk
ARMSTRONG, Artelia Deloris "Tee" (WILLIAMS); 72; Pontiac MI; Oakland Press; 2007-12-6; smk
ARTIS-WILLIAMS, Ersue "Miss Tee"; ; Petersburg VA; Norfolk V-P; 2008-3-6; jsne
ARUNDALE, Hazel Tee (McGREGOR); 90; Oklahoma City OK; Daily Oklahoman; 2009-5-22; ccc
ATHELSTON, Corinne Tee; 63; St Petersburg FL>Sunny Valley OR; Mail Tribune; 2006-9-3; lfkes
AULS, Bessie Lee "Tee" (HARDEN); 80; Woodson AR>Lansing MI; Lansing S-J; 2001-10-2; trawets
BAKER, Auda "Tee" (WATSON); 94; Lincoln AR; Mornews; 2004-9-21; pat
BAKER, Connie "Tee" Jr; ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1996-6-5; wstyles
BAKER, Connie "Tee" Jr; ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1996-6-6; wstyles
BAKER, Connie "Tee" Jr; ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1996-6-8; wstyles
BARBEE, Audrey L "Tee" ( ); 60; Sandston VA; Richmond T-D; 1999-4-5; wstyles
BARBER, Tieawana "Tee" ( ); ; Washington DC; Wash DC Post; 2009-3-25; efdee
BARBOUR, Clyde Milton Sr "Tee"; 55; VA; Wash DC Post (DC); 2008-10-21; efdee
BARLOW, Tee Jr; ; Macon GA; Macon T; 2010-6-4; hzfc
BARNES, Betty L "Tee" (BEVELS-BARNES); 85; Madisonville KY; Paducah S; 2004-4-5; mcc
BARNES, Thomas "Tee-Tom" Jr; 77; Vicksburg MS; Vicksburg Post; 2004-1-10; glenn
BARRETT, Tee (HEADLEY); 85; Madison OH>St Augustine FL; St Augustine Record; 2006-3-30; billspa
BASILE, Mildred "Tee" (PAPE); ; IL; Chicago Sun Times; 2000-6-9; kdusek
BELLAH, M T "Tee"; 94; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2008-12-17; ndvivi
BELLAH, M T "Tee"; 94; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2008-12-18; ndvivi
BENNETT, Henry Thomas "Tee"; 42; ; Gaffney L (SC); 2006-3-17; wrabb
BENNETT, Henry Thomas "Tee"; 42; Kings Mountain NC>Anchorage AK; Shelby Star (NC); 2006-3-17; wrabb
BENNETT, William "Tee"; 88; Cincinnati OH>Tucson AZ; AZ Republic; 2010-8-22; dback
BERGER, Norma (WILLIAMS)"Tee-Norma"; ; New Orleans LA; Times-Picayune; 1997-10-16; mlc
BERMAN, Carolyn "Mama Tee" (KIRSH); 61; Baltimore MD>Ormond Beach FL; DB N-J; 1999-1-23; lorr
BIENVENU, Liburn "Tee" (CLAY); 81; Huntsville AL; Daily Advertiser (LA); 1996-1-13; lpknecht
BIENVENU, Lilburne "Tee"; 82; Huntsville AL; Huntsville News; 1996-1-5; dseay
BIENVENU, Lilburne "Tee"; 82; Huntsville AL; Huntsville Times; 1996-1-5; dseay
BISHOP, James Ray "Tee Wee"; 80; LA; News Star; 2009-11-15; lfph
BLANTON, Arthur T "Tee"; 71; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2005-7-21; delpat
BLANTON, Arthur "Tee"; ; Denison TX; ShermanHD; 2005-7-15; delpat
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