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JEFFRIES, T Alberta "Bert" (THORNE); 94; Riverview NB; Telegraph Journal; 2016-8-26; jdlmwc
JOENKS, Rita (THORNE); 67; IA; Hartley Sentinel; 2006-1-19; jage
JOHNSON, Borgny T (THORNE); 93; ; Chicago T (IL); 2008-1-14; scrttt
JOHNSON, Donald S; 68; Thorne Creek IN>Odenton MD; Maryland G; 1997-12-27; aconley
JOHNSON, Ida Pearl (THORNE); 89; Brownn's Flat NB; Telegraph Journal; 2003-3-5; jdlmwc
JOHNSON, Leara Faye (THORNE); 80; Athens TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-8-13; pfu
JOHNSON, Margaret E "Peggy" (THORNE); 85; Hamilton ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2007-8-9; nutters
JOHNSON, Patricia [THORNE][HOLGATE]; ; ON; Toronto Star; 1999-6-21; ghall
JOHNSON, Thorne; 83; Hamlet NC>Jacksonville FL; Florida T-U; 2006-3-30; billspa
JOHNSON, Zida Marie (THORNE); 83; Washington DC>Charlotte Hall MD; LP Enterprise; 2007-4-20; dmf
JOHNSTON, Beatrice (THORNE); 82; Newburgh NY; Times Herald Rec; 2009-2-21; tjmny
JOHNSTON, Esther Ruth (THORNE); 91; Longmont CO; Longmont T-C; 2009-7-9; gfan
JOHNSTON, Joyce (THORNE); ; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2004-11-10; cfoisy
JOHNSTON, Joyce (THORNE); ; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2004-11-11; cfoisy
JOHNSTON, Joyce (THORNE); ; ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2004-11-11; nutters
JOHNSTON, Joyce (THORNE); ; ON; Hamilton Spectator; 2004-11-12; nutters
JOHNSTON, Joyce (THORNE); ; ON; London F-P; 2004-11-10; nutters
JONES, Alma Faye (MARTIN)[THORNE]; 77; Batesville AR; ARGaz; 2006-9-15; arshub
JONES, Gladys I (THORNE); 91; Leon KS; WDC; 1999-6-2; cwkirsch
JONES, Jean (THORNE)[HERMAN]; ; Scranton PA; Scranton T; 2007-12-17; mmcbp
JONES, Judith Ann "Judy" (THORNE); 62; Washington DC; Calvert Ind (MD); 2002-5-29; dmf
JONES, Mable Margret ( )[THORNE]; 97; KS>Littleton CO; Denver P; 1996-8-30; bharrison
KALBACH, Evelyn V (THORNE); 69; Shickshinny PA; Citizen V; 1997-5-5; cwkirsch
KARNEY, Martha Fern (THORNE); 95; Bella Vista AR; Mornews; 1999-5-18; pat
KATO, Janice Marilyn (THORNE); 70; Grand Blanc MI; Flint Journal; 2008-10-20; navalex
KAUPPI, Jane Thorne (SAGENDORPH); 71; New York NY>Peterborough NH; Keene S; 2001-7-22; pboro
KAUPPI, Jane Thorne (SAGENDORPH); 71; New York NY>Peterborough NH; Manchester U-L; 2001-7-22; pboro
KAUPPI, Jane Thorne (SAGENDORPH); 71; New York NY>Peterborough NH; Monadnock L; 2001-7-26; pboro
KAUPPI, Jane Thorne (SAGENDORPH); 71; New York NY>Peterborough NH; Peterborough T; 2001-7-26; pboro
KEISTER, Betty (FRENCH)[THORNE]; 85; ; Times Recorder (OH); 2003-11-23; dmf
KEISTER, Betty (FRENCH)[THORNE]; 85; OH; Lancaster E-G; 2003-11-23; jillrj
KEITH, Velma Louise (THORNE); 92; Moncton NB; Telegraph Journal; 2007-11-16; jdlmwc
KELLEY, Thelma Muriel (THORNE); 81; Industry PA; E Liverpool Rev (OH); 1999-3-15; jwaite
KENNEDY, Hugh Thorne; 79; CA; Bakersfield Californian; 2006-11-19; patcali
KERBER, Leta Lucille (THORNE); 94; Council Bluffs IA; Nonpareil; 2001-2-10; catdan
KERBER, Leta Lucille (THORNE); 94; Council Bluffs IA; Nonpareil; 2001-2-11; catdan
KINNAMAN, Frances Pauline (THORNE); 85; Waldorf MD; Md Indep; 2007-4-11; dmf
KINNAMAN, Frences Pauline (THORNE); 85; Waldorf MD; Calvert Recorder; 2007-4-13; dmf
KINZER, Donald Thorne; 74; Williamsport MD; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2003-6-15; gschubert
KLAIBER, Thorne S; 69; North Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1977-10-28; ckalota
KOLB, Margaret Della (THORNE); 87; Sumter SC; The State; 2003-8-2; betsten
KOONCE, Trica M (THORNE); 93; ; Sullivan I-N (MO); 2001-1-10; lizvc
KOONCE, Tricia M (THORNE); 93; Sullivan IL; Anna G-D; 2000-1-11; rwunder
KOUNTZ, Leslie (THORNE); 92; Winnetka IL>St George ME; Portland P H; 1998-10-25; bettyy
KRETSINGER, Ida (BRENNAND)[THORNE]; 88; Janesville WI; Chippewa H; 2002-3-5; retftrdoc
KRETSINGER, Ida (BRENNARD)[SMITH][THORNE]; 88; Janesville WI; Janesville G; 2002-3-5; lakegeneva
KRETSINGER, Jean L (THORNE)[BRENNAN]; 68; Janesville WI; Janesville G; 2004-7-20; lakegeneva
KRIGER, Helen V (THORNE); 84; Huntington NY>Southington CT; News-Times; 2007-12-31; navct
KROGFUS, Adeline V "Addie" (THORNE); 93; Granite Falls MN; West Central Trib; 1998-9-22; gonfishn
LAFON, Loretta (THORNE); 60; Princeton WV; Roanoke Times (VA); 2000-1-30; retftrdoc
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