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DAWSON, Kathleen Louise (PATTERSON)[TURNER]; 78; Pine Bluff AR; Pine Bluff Com; 2009-12-29; arshub
DAWSON, Lanna Jo (TURNER) [JOHNSON]; 56; Clatskanie OR; BakerCH; 2011-2-16; lfkes
DAWSON, Lanna Jo (TURNER) [JOHNSON]; 56; Clatskanie OR; RecordCourier; 2011-2-17; lfkes
DAWSON, Pearl Luella (TURNER); 94; Romney WV; Cumberland T-N (MD); 2004-10-23; kat
DAWSON, Perl Luella (TURNER); 94; Romney WV; Mineral DNT; 2004-10-23; glenn
DAY, Dorothy A (TURNER); 81; Butler PA; Butler Eagle; 1999-1-24; ljluke
DAY, Douglas Turner III; 72; Albemarle County VA; Charlottesville DP; 2004-10-17; glenn
DAY, Jyoce Frances (TURNER); 71; ON; Toronto Star; 2007-6-26; nutters
DAY, Lorraine (TURNER); 100; Los Gatos CA; San Jose M-N; 2006-1-15; bjw
DAYTON, Katherine (BARTHOLOMEW) [TURNER]; 57; Goshen NY; T H Record; 1998-1-25; russjoe
DAZZO, Daphne (TURNER); 90; Mount View CA; Kearney Hub (NE); 2003-8-19; jrp
DAZZO, Daphne (TURNER); 90; Omaha NE>Mountain View CA; Kearney Hub (NE); 2003-8-20; jrp
DAZZO, Daphne (TURNER); 90; Omaha NE>Mountain View CA; Kearney Hub (NE); 2003-8-21; jrp
DEALY, Juanita Jean (TURNER); 84; Hutchinson KS; Hutchinson News; 2001-9-21; retftrdoc
DEAN, Bertha Sue (TURNER); 61; Hamilton OH; Hamilton J-N; 2001-1-8; redbird
DEAN, Christeen Elaine (TURNER); 72; Kansas City MO; K C Star; 2007-6-6; clhurst
DEAN, Martha (TURNER); 71; Addison NY>Trenton NJ; Tonawanda News (NY); 1929-3-11; ckalota
DEAN-TURNER, Joanne Mary; ; Iowa Hill CA; Grass Valley U; 2009-1-14; dlk
DEARBORN, Barbara 'Susie' (TURNER); 43; Reno NV>Redding CA; Reno G-J (NV); 2001-9-5; neb
DEARTH, Dana M (TURNER); 69; Clovis NM>Santa Rosa CA; Press Demo; 2005-6-11; kayj
DEARTH, Dana (TURNER); 69; Clovis NM>CA; Argus Courier; 2005-6-22; cacg
DEASON, Mary "Turner" (DEASON) [MARTIN]; 42; Marion Co FL; Ocala S-B; 2010-2-12; mcgsfl
DEASON, Mary "Turner" (DEASON) [MARTIN]; 42; Marion Co FL; Ocala S-B; 2010-2-13; mcgsfl
DEATHERAGE, Frankie Louise (TURNER); ; ; Dallas M-N (TX); 2000-8-16; kjp
DEATHERAGE, Luella (TURNER); 84; Downers Grove IL; Journal Star; 2011-7-14; evallie
DEATON, Pauline (TURNER); 76; Newport KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2010-2-3; ckalota
DEATRICH, Margaret Ellen (TURNER); 84; Boonsboro MD; Hagerstown M-H; 2013-5-22; gschubert
DEAVER, Linda (TURNER); 55; ; Charlotte Obs (NC); 2004-3-26; wrabb
DEAVER, Linda (TURNER); 55; ; Lincoln T-N (NC); 2004-3-29; wrabb
DEAVER, Linda (TURNER); 55; Cherryville NC; Gaston G; 2004-3-26; wrabb
DEAVER, Linda (TURNER); 55; Cherryville NC; Shelby Star; 2004-3-26; wrabb
DeBAIE, Elizabeth Jane "Dee" (TURNER); 79; Sackville NB>Musquodoit Harbour NS; Chron-Herald; 2013-2-15; kbutler
DEBOSE, Ruby C (TURNER); 72; Spartanburg SC; Spartanburg H-J; 2003-2-13; wrabb
DECK, Katherine (TURNER); 66; Holton KS; Columbia D-T (MO); 1996-7-29; sbender
DECKER, Dorothy (TURNER); 87; Aurora IL; Springfield J-R; 1999-1-30; jal
DEDI, Virginia Fleetwood (TURNER); 88; Haymarket VA; NewsMessenger; 2012-7-4; jck
DEEDON, Darrel M; 52; Turner OR; Register-Guard; 1997-12-29; carle
DEEDON, Darrel M; 52; Turner OR; Salem Statesman J; 1997-12-20; sgb
DEEL, Bertha Turner; 92; Clincho VA; Dickenson S; 1998-11-18; glenn
DEESE, Norman Turner "Perk"; 80; Spartanburg SC; Shelby Star (NC); 2009-4-10; wrabb
DeFOOR, Novline (TURNER); 93; Rusk TX>Johnson City TN; Tyler M-T (TX); 2008-11-3; pfu
DEFOREST, Doris Allene (TURNER); 64; TN>Milton FL; PNJ; 1999-12-22; jsf
DeFOREST, Dorris Allene (TURNER); 64; TN>Milton FL; Times-Picayune (LA); 1999-12-22; mlc
DeFRANTZ, Flora Belle (TURNER); 85; Chicago IL>IN; Indianapolis S-N; 2008-1-16; etob
DeHART, Mary (TURNER); 61; Pine Bluff AR; ARGaz; 2007-11-30; arshub
DeHART, Turner David; 53; Baltimore MD; Wash DC Post (DC); 2008-11-11; efdee
DeHAVEN, Dorothy Virginia (TURNER); 83; Harrisonburg VA>Martinsburg WV; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2008-8-7; gschubert
DEHAVEN, Dorothy Virginia (TURNER); 83; Martinsburg WV; Martinsburg J; 2008-8-7; holdridg
DELANCY, Cynthia T (TURNER); 66; Jensen Beach FL; PJ; 2009-2-25; gnut
DELANEY, Cora T (TURNER); 87; Lansdale PA; Norristown TH; 2000-5-18; bvonw
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