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ROCHA, George Keven Wills "Cowboy"; 49; Tyler TX>Little Rock AR; Tyler M-T (TX); 2007-10-31; pfu
ROGERS, George Tyler "Red"; 81; Brunswick GA; Savannah MN; 2003-9-7; theg
ROMINE, George Edward; 64; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2002-8-31; pfu
ROMINE, George Edward; 64; Tyler TX; WC Democrat; 2002-9-11; pfu
ROMINE, George Edward; 64; Tyler TX; Winnsboro N; 2002-9-5; eruii
ROOK, George H; 92; Tyler TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2011-5-8; eruii
ROSE, George W Sr; 74; Athens TX; Tyler M-T; 2009-2-27; pfu
ROY, George Jr "Pierre"; 72; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2012-12-11; pfu
RUDY, George Fullen; 88; Memphis MO>Tyler TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2008-4-27; eruii
RUELAS, George Henry; 59; Los Angeles CA>Quitman TX; Tyler M-T; 2004-5-19; pfu
RUSSELL, George W Jr; 78; Dallas TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2005-4-3; eruii
SADLER, George Lee; 67; Rusk TX; Tyler M-T; 2011-6-1; pfu
SANDSTROM, George; ; Brooklyn NY>Lufkin TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-2-21; pfu
SANFORD, George; 91; Jacksonville TX; Tyler M-T; 1999-11-5; baye
SASORF, George N; 87; Dickinson ND>Elkhart TX; Tyler M-T; 2008-3-6; pfu
SCHELL, George; 89; Crowley LA>Chandler TX; Tyler M-T; 1999-3-16; baye
SCHELL, George; 89; Crowley LA>Chandler TX; Tyler M-T; 1999-3-17; baye
SCHMIDT, George Vance III; 66; Diboll TX; Tyler M-T; 2004-7-12; pfu
SCHOEL, George; 77; Cheyenne WY>Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 1998-8-18; baye
SCOGIN, George Hubert; 76; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-10-27; pfu
SEVRA, George Jacob; 95; Carl Junction MO>Duncanville TX; Tyler M-T; 2004-8-4; pfu
SEXTON, George Maness; 83; Palestine TX; Tyler M-T; 2005-7-15; pfu
SHARP, George Allen; 54; Pauls Valley OK>Chandler TX; Tyler M-T; 2004-3-30; pfu
SHAW, Daniel George "Danny"; 56; Tucson AZ>Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2007-12-5; pfu
SHAW, George David "Red"; 83; Gilmer TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2005-8-21; eruii
SHEPHERD, George Wesley Sr; 69; Tyler TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2006-12-31; eruii
SHEWMAKE, George D; 79; Lubbock TX; Tyler M-T; 2010-11-18; pfu
SHOCKLEY, George B Sr; 89; Dallas TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-5-5; pfu
SHOCKLEY, George E Sr; 89; Dallas TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2003-5-4; eruii
SIDES, George D; 86; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2009-1-15; pfu
SIMPSON, George Felton; 83; Overton TX; Tyler M-T; 2011-4-22; pfu
SIMPSON, George H; 93; Montgomery Co AR>Henderson TX; Tyler M-T; 2010-6-26; pfu
SITAR, Edward George; 73; Carteret NJ>Golden TX; Tyler M-T; 2008-6-28; pfu
SITTON, George D III; 59; Tyler TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2006-1-15; eruii
SITTON, George D III; 59; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2006-1-16; pfu
SITTON, George Ray; 94; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2006-6-16; pfu
SKINNER, Jessie George; 85; Nacogdoches TX; Tyler M-T; 2004-3-4; pfu
SMITH, George; 55; Dallas TX; Tyler C-T-T; 2004-3-7; eruii
SMITH, George; 55; Dallas TX; Tyler M-T; 2004-3-6; pfu
SMITH, George "Budd"; 66; Tyler TX; Longview N-J; 2006-7-12; lgbm
SMITH, George "Budd"; 66; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2006-7-12; pfu
SMITH, George L; 80; Grand Saline TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-5-26; pfu
SMITH, Jesse George Jr; 80; Athens TX; Tyler M-T; 2011-5-4; pfu
SMITH, Willie George "Buck"; 58; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2005-3-7; pfu
SMITH-GEORGE, Marionetta Faye (ALEXANDER) [SMITH] [TILLERY]; 79; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2010-8-30; pfu
SOCKWELL, George Jr; 81; Martins Mill TX; Tyler M-T; 2011-4-29; pfu
SOTO, Loura (TYLER); ; Webb AZ>St George UT; Spectrum; 2006-6-3; fehut
SPARKS, Ronald George; 61; St Joseph MO>Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2007-12-28; pfu
STALEY, George; 65; Tyler TX; Tyler M-T; 2008-10-10; pfu
STANDIFER, George Donald; 62; Flint TX; Tyler M-T; 2003-7-17; pfu
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