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DUFFE, Julia (HIDALGO); 79; Neosha Falls KS>Muscatine IA; Muscatine Journal; 2003-2-11; iapat
DUFFE, Julia (HIDALGO); 79; Neosha Falls KS>Muscatine IA; Quad-City Times; 2003-2-12; dnb
DUFFEK, Helen Julia (GRGURICH); 76; Pleasant Hills PA; McKeesport DN; 2000-8-12; cotan
DUFFEY, Julia A (KRZYWON); 84; Chicago IL>Westport CT; Conn Post; 2004-3-21; dpt
DUFFEY, Julia A (KRZYWON); 84; Chicago IL>Westport CT; Conn Post; 2004-3-22; dpt
DUFFEY, Julia E ( ); 78; Conway AR; DemGaz; 1998-2-24; jtk
DUFFY, Edwin J Fr; 81; Port Chester NY; Catholic NY; 1998-10-22; julia
DUFFY, Julia; 57; Tonawanda NY; Tonawanda News; 1900-12-3; ckalota
DUFFY, Julia (KORNAFEL); 80; Springfield PA; Spfld P; 2003-1-8; wab
DUFFY, Julia miss; 21; Kingstown DUB IRL; Cork Examiner (COR IRL); 1881-11-15; dja
DUFFY, Michael J MM Father; 66; Montclair NJ>Ossining NY; Catholic NY; 1999-11-25; julia
DUFFY, William J SJ Father; 96; Waltham MA; National Jesuit News (DC); 1998-11-1; julia
DuFOUR, Julia; 96; Kalispell MT; DIL; 1999-2-17; jriffey
DuFOUR, Julia; 96; Kalispell MT; DIL; 1999-2-18; jriffey
DUFOUR, Julia M (BOISVERT)[SULLIVAN]; 96; Rollinsford NH; FostersDD; 1999-5-27; cgdbout
DUFOUR, Julia Marie; 96; Kalispell MT; Missoulian; 1999-2-18; hharley
DUGAY, Julia; ; CT; Conn Post; 2007-8-26; dpt
DUGAY, Julia (SZENTMIKLOSY); 76; CT; Conn Post; 2007-8-28; dpt
DUGGAN, Julia (HICKEY); ; Knockane Drimoleague COR IRL; Irish Examiner; 2002-1-15; dja
DUGGAN, Julia L (BURNS); ; Medford MA; Boston Globe; 2002-1-30; troll
DUGGAN, Julia L (BURNS); 83; Malden MA; Medford Trans; 2002-2-7; skgjhmb
DUGGAN, Julia N (CONNEARNEY); ; Waltham MA; Boston Globe; 2000-8-22; troll
DUGIE-LOWE, Julia Ellen (REID); 98; Sheet Harbour NS; GuysboroughJournal; 2006-6-28; pttrb
DUGIE-LOWE, Julia Ellen (REID)[LOWE]; 98; Sheet Harbour NS; Chron-Herald; 2006-6-24; kbutler
DUGO, Julia M (HOLMES); 81; Glenview IL; Barrington Courier-Review; 2004-12-30; jmoo
DUGO, Julia M (HOLMES); 81; Glenview IL; Glenview Announcements; 2004-12-23; jmoo
DUGO, Julia M (HOLMES); 81; Glenview IL; Skokie Review; 2004-12-23; jmoo
DUGO, Julia M (HOLMES); 81; Glenview IL; Wilmette Life; 2004-12-23; jmoo
DUHAMEL, Julia (PUSZTAL)[DESI]; 76; Kaszaper HUN>Rocky Mountain House AB; Edmonton J (AB); 2004-12-31; laurajt
DUHAN, Elayne Julia [RUSH]; 76; Southbury CT; News-Times; 2003-3-16; navct
DUICK, Julia ( ); ; Hanover PA; Scranton T; 1999-8-28; wwwalton
DUICK, Julia (CUCRA); 83; Hanover PA; York DR; 1999-8-28; glenn
DUIGNAN, Julia (STOTT); ; Lower Makefield PA; Bucks Co C-T; 2001-4-15; dharg
DUKE, Joseph Aubert Father; 85; Cleveland OH>Philadelphia PA; National Jesuit News (DC); 1999-10-26; julia
DUKES, Julia Ann; 60; Caddo Parish LA; Shreveport Times; 2003-5-6; pepper
DUKES, Julia Crumpler; 60; DeRidder LA; Shreveport Times; 2003-5-4; pepper
DUKES, Julia Esther (KERR); 78; IN; Post-Trib; 2002-12-20; krmom
DUKES, Julia [NESMITH]; 78; Paducah KY; Paducah S; 2002-12-15; mcc
DULANEY, Julia Kathleen "Kay" (LEFTWICH); 69; Mt Airy NC; Winston-Salem J; 1998-6-10; wstyles
DULEY, Julia A (ROBERTS); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2004-4-14; siwel
DULEY, Julia Atta (ROBERTS); 96; Timonium MD; Baltimore Sun; 2004-4-17; siwel
DULIN, Julia Louise (GUESS); 86; Anderson IN; Anderson H-B; 2000-4-25; amr
DULIN, Julia Mae (ARNOLD); 75; Winston-Salem NC; Salisbury P; 2004-2-11; wrabb
DULISSE, Rose "Sister Mary Donata"; 88; Philadelphia PA>Cortlandt NY; Catholic NY; 1999-9-23; julia
DUMA, Julia (KAPLINSKI); ; Winnipeg MB; Winnipeg F-P; 2000-9-16; smb
DUMLER, Julia G (TERRY); 89; Hays KS>Normal IL; Naperville Sun; 2012-4-1; dmj
DUMOND, Mary Julia (STRANGEWAY); 103; Young's Station NY; The Daily Star; 1999-11-4; caemcn
DUNAGAN, Julia (STEPHENS); 81; Kingsport TN>Roanoke VA; Roanoke Times; 2001-7-12; clh
DUNAJA, Julia ( ); 88; Virginia Beach VA; Norfolk V-P; 2002-6-14; jsne
DUNAND, Julia Elaine (KAY); 77; DeRidder LA; Beaumont Enterprise (TX); 2000-11-11; mesn
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