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Entries matching "voss"

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PERRY, Dorothy (VOSS); 79; Kannapolis NC; Salisbury P; 2000-12-7; wrabb
PETERS, Glenn L [VOSS][ROBINSON]; 75; Crandon WI; Janesville G; 2002-2-19; lakegeneva
PETERS, Glenn L [VOSS][ROBINSON]; 75; Crandon WI; Lake Geneva R-N; 2002-2-21; lakegeneva
PETERS, Henrietta "Pat" (VOSS); 91; Carlyle IL>Florissant MO; CentraliaMS (IL); 2011-1-20; tdh
PETERS, Henrietta (VOSS); 91; Carlyle IL>Florissant MO; CarlyleUB (IL); 2011-1-19; tdh
PETERS, Lucinda E (VOSS); 96; Clinton IA; Quad-City Times; 1997-4-14; cmlabath
PETROS, Gloria Lee (VOSS); 79; Chicago IL>Tallahassee FL; Tallahassee D; 2005-7-17; whamo
PHILLIPS, Betina (VOSS); 98; North East PA; Erie T-N; 1998-7-1; gypsy50
PICKEL, Frances (VOSS); 86; TX; Baytown Sun; 1999-7-18; sanderson
PIERCE, Hazel I (VOSS); 77; Bangor MI; HollandS; 2007-6-3; evallie
PIPKIN, Elizabeth "Lib" (VOSS); ; Pfafftown NC; Winston-Salem J; 2003-1-25; sdnldsn
POIESZ, Evelyn C (VOSS); 96; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2002-5-21; kap
POMERVILLE, Jacqueline Frances "Jacki" (VOSS); 61; WA; Seattle Times; 2008-9-25; glpwa
POPE, Gertrude Voss (CHARTERS); 88; Owen Sound ON; Toronto Star; 2001-4-10; klf
POTTER, Aslaug K (KEISERUD); 92; Voss NOR>Centralia WA; The Chron; 2009-4-17; jfco
POWERS, Sharon (VOSS); 69; Bridgeport CT>Brooksville FL; Tampa Trib; 2014-5-25; evallie
PRESTON, Ann (VOSS); 58; Loraine TX; SnyderDailyNews; 2002-4-8; lmjg
PRINCE, Helen A (VOSS); 76; Pierce NE>Amarillo TX; Norfolk Daily News (NE); 1997-4-23; dfdietl
RAKERS, Clara T (VOSS); 76; Aviston IL; CarlyleUB; 2000-2-16; tdh
RAKERS, Leona F (VOSS); 87; Aviston IL; CarlyleUB; 2009-4-1; fch
RAKERS, LEONA F (VOSS); 87; Aviston IL; CentraliaMS; 2009-3-29; tdh
RANDOW, Helga Amanda (VOSS); 87; Seguin TX; San Antonio E-N; 2005-1-2; kat
RATSCH, Edna Olga (VOSS); 84; Rochester MN; Rochester P-B (MN); 1997-11-13; eck
READE, Marjorie (TIBERT) [DOLPH]; 92; Voss ND>Ann Arbor MI; Grand Forks H (ND); 2010-8-20; ndvivi
REDER, Margaret (VOSS); 89; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 2009-3-6; ckalota
REGETH, Marcella (VOSS); 87; Manning ND; Bismarck Trib; 2004-8-18; ndvivi
REIMER, Marie Veronica (VOSS); 92; Guthrie OK>Tacoma WA; Tacoma N-T; 2002-1-23; mlou
RENKES, Maggie (VOSS); 88; Morrison IL; Quad-City Times (IA); 1998-10-21; cmlabath
REPAAL, Martin J; 101; Voss NOR>Sturgis SD; Eau Claire L-T (WI); 2013-7-5; retftrdoc
RETHERFORD, Emma Elsie (VOSS); 89; Dakota County NE>Hampton IA; Mason City G-G; 2000-6-25; jldc
REW, Shirley M (VOSS)[LANGLEY]; 65; Humboldt KS>Kansas City MO; K C Star; 2001-12-1; gmwarmy
RIBBKE, Martha E (VOSS); 81; Loganville WI; Wisconsin S-J; 1996-6-19; pegmar
RICHARDSON-VOSS, Ivadell (VAIL)[USHER]; ; Oklahoma City OK; Sunday Oklahoman; 2000-6-18; betc
RIEGEL, Minnie J (VOSS)[BOES]; 91; Jefferson City MO; Unterrified Democrat; 2002-11-13; bbuchholz
ROBBINS, Connie Rae (VOSS); 45; ; Deseret News; 1996-3-27; slemon
ROBINSON, Etta K (REIHER) [VOSS]; 84; Waterloo IA; Waterloo CFC; 1976-11-24; rutucker
ROCHE, Amanda (VOSS); 91; Manhattan KS; Topeka C-J; 1999-4-26; eileen
ROEMING, Alice M (VOSS); 83; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2004-6-16; kap
ROETTGER, Ella (VOSS); 90; ; Braunschweiger Z (NSAC DEU); 2010-3-5; juerdree
ROLAND, Martha M (VOSS); 92; Manawa WI; Post Crescent; 1991-2-12; newsj
ROOKER, Phyllis (VOSS); ; Marshall MN>AZ; AZ Republic; 2012-5-15; dback
ROSSETTI, Glovenia Ora (VOSS); 78; Spray NC>Gorham ME; Portland P H; 2006-8-7; jhw
RUSSELL, Dorothy (VOSS); 73; Wilmington NC; Wilmington S-N; 2006-4-25; rtsy
RUZICKA, Wilma A (VOSS); 81; Lisle IL; Downers Grove R; 2006-1-6; redbird
RYAN, Yvonne J "Vonnie" (VOSS); 76; Madison WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2007-1-7; kmed
SALLIN, Mildred "Pill" (VOSS); 61; Linn MO; Unterrified Democrat; 1998-2-18; bbuchholz
SALLIN, Mildred "Pill" (VOSS); 61; Linn MO; Unterrified Democrat; 1998-2-18; schwegwl
SAUER, Norma E (VOSS); 83; Baldwin IL>St Louis MO; Belleville N-D (IL); 2003-2-8; dgrider
SCHAFER, Anna M (VOSS); 74; DEU>San Pedro CA; SO BAY D-B; 1998-12-4; dbraly
SCHAUDT, Ella A (WOLGAST) [VOSS]; 84; Rogers City MI; Alpena News; 2004-7-8; kaem
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