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GROSS, Betty B "Jane" (BOOTHROYD); 85; Middletown CT; MiddletownP; 2016-8-6; watson
HODDER, Sarah Jane (WATSON); 83; Adamsburg PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2006-3-7; cotan
HODDER, Sarah Jane (WATSON); 83; Adamsburg PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2006-3-8; cotan
HOPPING, Jane C (WATSON); 69; Humboldt KS>Gold Hill OR; Mail Tribune; 1998-11-18; billeter
HOPPING, Jane (WATSON); 69; KS>Gold Hill OR; Mail Tribune; 1998-11-15; billeter
HUBBELL, Sarah Jane ( )[WATSON]; 67; Tucson AZ; Tucson Citizen; 2002-10-10; suet
HURD, Jane (WATSON)[MILLNER]; 52; Tryon NC; Asheville C-T; 2000-8-31; wrabb
JULIAN, Willow Jane (WATSON); 98; Almonte ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2009-5-9; mdos
LAGO, Jane M (WATSON); 68; Kalamazoo MI; Kalamazoo Gazette; 2016-1-12; elehea
LEWIS, Florrie Jane "Bobbie" (WATSON); 70; London ON; London F-P; 1997-8-13; blawton
MacDONALD, Mary Jane Watson (RODGERS); 82; New Glasgow NS; Halifax H L; 1997-7-28; jral
MAGNANO, Vicenza "Jane" (FAZZINO); ; ; MiddletownP (CT); 2016-2-22; watson
MAHAFFEY, Jane (WATSON); 87; Williamsport PA; SunGazette; 2013-5-22; lcs
MARSH, Nancy Jane (BATTISTINI); 81; Bristol CT; MiddletownP; 2016-8-30; watson
MAZZULLI, Jane (BANKOWSKI); 91; Middletown CT; MiddletownP; 2017-5-10; watson
McINTYRE, Leitha Jane (WATSON); 72; Aliquippa PA; Beaver CT; 2009-10-21; budmc
McMORRIS, Mattie Jane ( ) [WATSON]; 97; Winston-Salem NC; Winston-Salem J; 2004-9-16; msty
McMULLEN, Shirley Jane (WATSON); ; ; Buffalo News; 1996-5-7; mbaron
MOORE, Jane (WATSON); 79; Cleveland TN; Knoxville N-S; 2013-3-13; ndvivi
MUELLER, Harriet Jane (WATSON); 88; Madison WI; Capital Times; 2005-3-1; ebnflo
MUELLER, Harriet Jane (WATSON); 89; Madison WI; Wisconsin S-J; 2005-3-1; kmed
NANCE, Jessie Jane (WATSON); 70; Danville VA; Danville R-B; 1998-12-18; jimw
NANCE, Jessie Jane (WATSON); 70; Danville VA; Danville R-B; 1998-12-19; jimw
OLSON, Jane (WATSON); 77; Chesaning MI; Saginaw News; 2000-6-11; nheidger
OLSON, Jane (WATSON); 77; Chesaning MI; Saginaw News; 2000-6-14; nheidger
OLSON, Sara Jane (WATSON); 88; Poughkeepsie NY; Daily Freeman; 2003-7-12; nydafree
OPALKA, E Jane (WATSON); 81; Elk City OK>Eagle River AK; Anchorage D-N; 2001-10-15; dlp
OPALKA, E Jane (WATSON)[REEVES]; 81; Eagle River AK; Daily Sentinel (CO); 2001-11-17; wynona
QUICK, Margaret "Jane" (WATSON); 71; Grove OK>ID; TriCity Herald (WA); 2006-3-3; tcgswa
QUICK, Margaret Jane (WATSON); 71; Grove OK>Missoula MT; Missoulian; 2006-2-27; jke
QUICK, Margaret Jane (WATSON); 71; Missoula MT; Missoulian; 2006-2-26; jke
RICHARDSON, Mary Olive Jane (WATSON); 83; Strathroy ON; London F-P; 2007-8-27; nutters
RIDER, Jane Watson ( ); 94; Etobicoke ON; Toronto Star; 2004-4-18; cfoisy
RIDER, Jane (WATSON); 95; Toronto ON; Toronto Sun; 2004-4-17; mer
RIVERA, Mary-Jane Viola (GUIDA); 66; Hartford CT; MiddletownP; 2017-9-12; watson
ROSS, Dorothy Jane (WATSON); 94; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2010-2-24; mdos
ROSS, Dorothy Jane (WATSON); 94; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2010-2-27; mdos
ROSS, Dorothy Jane (WATSON); 94; ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2010-3-2; mdos
SCHEDER, Elizabeth Jane "Betty" (WATSON); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2009-2-1; siwel
SCHOONOVER, Bertha Jane (WATSON); 77; Jefferson City MO; MariesCoGazette; 1990-4-11; schwegwl
SHELTON, Ida Jane (WATSON); ; Knightdale NC; Raleigh N & O; 2005-12-7; atjaden
SHEVER, Shirley Jane (WATSON)[GRAY]; 69; Sioux City IA; Sioux City Journal; 1997-9-22; nennikers
SIMS, Mary Jane (WATSON); 54; Memphis TN>Auburndale FL; Ledger; 1998-6-16; clbates
SIMS, Mary Jane (WATSON); 54; Memphis TN>Auburndale FL; OS; 1998-6-16; bjstock
TARESHAWTY, Jane A (ROSENBERGER)[WATSON]; 72; Austintown OH; The Vindicator; 1998-11-11; mmpharis
TAYLOR, Helen Jane (WATSON); 81; ON; Toronto Star; 2006-12-12; nutters
THOMAS, Mary Jane "Mamie" (WATSON); 93; Johnstown PA; Nanty Glo-J; 2006-12-14; grw
THOMAS, Mary Jane "Mamie" (WATSON)[MILLER]; 93; Johnstown PA; Johnstown T-D; 2006-11-23; grw
TOZER, Jane A (ERLACHER); 76; ; MiddletownP (CT); 2015-11-23; watson
TRAPNELL, Dorothy Jane (WATSON); 93; ; Deseret News (UT); 2003-11-23; icopy
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