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Entries matching "wilkerson"

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PATTERSON, Gladys S (WILKERSON); 87; Henderson KY>Wautoma WI; Wisconsin S-J; 1999-3-5; kmed
PATTERSON, Okal V [WILKERSON]; 88; Wichita KS; Wichita Eagle; 2001-9-30; dlcict
PAULEY, Donna Lee (WILKERSON); 82; Clifton KS>Bellingham WA; Bellnghm H; 2011-4-13; crpear
PAYNE, Margaret (WILKERSON); 94; Dallas TX; Dallas M-N; 2004-1-9; lmjg
PEEK, Julia Wilkerson ( ); 96; Nashville GA>Jacksonville FL; Jacksonville T-U; 1998-12-18; retftrdoc
PEEPLES, Bettie (WILKERSON); 84; Portsmouth VA; Norfolk V-P; 2003-4-26; jsne
PEGRAM, Mary E (TALIAFERRO)[WILKERSON][TRUEHEART]; ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 2000-3-13; wstyles
PEKARIK, Tywanna W (WILKERSON); 64; Goldsboro NC>AZ; AZ Republic; 2012-12-30; dback
PENNINGTON, Barbara (COMITO) [WILKERSON]; 85; IA; Des Moines Register; 2014-8-31; lfkes
PEPPERS, Elaine F (SANDERS) [WILKERSON]; 55; Tokyo JPN>Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2010-8-6; bearcat
PERLEBERG, Jerelene Louise (WILKERSON); 66; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2008-2-13; kap
PETERS, Emily (WILKERSON); 95; Greenville TX>Grand Blanc MI; Flint Journal; 2010-2-18; navalex
PETERSON, Betty V (BILLINGSLEY)[WILKERSON]; 86; Mount Vernon WA; Skagit V-H; 2006-12-13; vony
PETERSON, Helen Marie (OVERBYE)[WILKERSON][KENDALL]; 90; Rushville NE>Springville UT; Daily Herald; 2002-5-1; clh
PETERSON-WILKERSON, Alex Cary; 0; Minneapolis MN; Minneapolis S-T; 2003-11-4; jblind
PETRIE, Myrtle (STAHL)[WILKERSON]; 85; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1999-4-3; wstyles
PETTIJOHN, Emma Louise (WILKERSON); 95; Marion AL>Martinsburg WV; Hagerstown M-H (MD); 2006-9-19; gschubert
PETTIJOHN, Emma Louise (WILKERSON); 95; Martinsburg WV; Martinsburg J; 2006-9-19; holdridg
PICKLER, Dorothy (WILKERSON); 90; Bossier City LA>Magnolia AR; Shreveport Times (LA); 2006-12-5; pepper
PICKLER, Dorothy (WILKERSON); 90; Taylor AR; ARGaz; 2006-12-6; arshub
PILLOW, Martha (WILKERSON); 83; Bedford VA; Farmville H; 2002-8-28; jfd
PITTENGER, Robert Wilkerson; 66; Chester VA; Richmond T-D; 1996-12-1; wstyles
PITTMAN, Dorothy Anne (WILKERSON); 72; Virginia Beach VA; Norfolk V-P; 2001-12-21; jsne
PITTS, Paula (WILKERSON); 86; Sylacauga AL>Greer SC; Greenville News; 2005-9-9; wrabb
PLEASANT, Addie Mae (WILKERSON); ; East Orange NJ; Newark S-L; 1997-11-8; fgibeau
PLESSALA, Wilkerson J "Jack"; 80; Evansville IN; Evansville Courier; 1996-10-27; saappler
POARCH, Marjorie (WILKERSON); 67; Emporia VA; Richmond T-D; 1997-9-11; wstyles
PODIO, Margaret M (WILKERSON); 90; Belton TX>Castroville CA; Monterey Herald; 2003-10-21; msty
POLK, Mary Elizabeth (WILKERSON); 83; Big Pine CA; Guard (OR); 2002-6-12; beverly
POOLE, Betty Jo (WILKERSON-LASSITER); 78; Murray KY; Paducah S; 2003-4-2; mcc
POOLE, Mettie Lee (WILKERSON); 85; Lincolnton NC; Hickory R; 2005-10-30; wrabb
POPE, Elaine (WILKERSON); ; Chesapeake VA; Norfolk V-P; 2007-3-29; jsne
PORTER, Edna Nonne (WILKERSON); 58; Crestwood KY; Oldham Era; 1999-7-8; glenn
PORTER, Edna Norine (WILKERSON); 58; Crestwood KY; Elliott-C-N; 1999-7-16; fgibeau
PORTER, Edna Norine (WILKERSON); 58; Crestwood KY; Oldham Era; 1999-7-9; glenn
POWELL, Doris Louise (MALONE)[WILKERSON]; 64; Hazel Green AL; Huntsville Times; 2000-4-22; dgrays
POWELL, Edna Louise (WILKERSON); 94; Tracys Landing MD; Calvert Ind; 2007-8-15; dmf
POWELL, Edna Louise (WILKERSON); 94; Tracys Landing MD; Calvert Recorder; 2007-8-15; dmf
PRATER, Donna Jane (WILKERSON); 62; West Siloam Springs OK; Mornews (AR); 2005-10-22; pat
PREDDY, Ferebee Gray (WILKERSON); 80; Franklinton NC; Wake W; 2009-12-9; mwl
PRESTON, Iris (WILKERSON); 91; Gorman TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2004-10-21; lmjg
PRIDGEON, Gloria (WILKERSON); 89; Gainesville FL; Gainesville Sun; 2003-11-3; pmc
PRINCE, Ellen Ilola (WILKERSON); 78; Malvern AR; Malvern D-R; 2000-9-2; absy
PRINCE, Ellen Iola (WILKERSON); 78; Malvern AR; Daily Siftings H; 2000-9-5; absy
PRINCE, Ellen Iola (WILKERSON); 78; Malvern AR; Jonesboro Sun; 2000-9-8; willroe
PRITCHARD, Celesta Lougenia "Jeanie" (WILKERSON)[CARROLL]; 82; Raleigh NC; Raleigh N & O; 2006-3-27; atjaden
PRUETT, May (WILKERSON); 95; Lead Hill AR; HarrisonDailyT; 2002-5-23; tlknwmn
PRUETT, May (WILKERSON); 95; Lead Hill AR; HarrisonDailyT; 2002-5-24; tlknwmn
PRUETT, May (WILKERSON); 95; Lead Hill AR; HarrisonDailyT; 2002-5-26; tlknwmn
PURYEAR, Elizabeth Wilkerson ( ); 94; Virgilina VA; Richmond T-D; 1996-1-25; wstyles
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