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ALEXANDER, Susan (NYLAND) [WILSON]; 66; OH>Austin TX; Statesman; 2012-6-20; cwkirsch
AUTRY, Susan (WILSON); 42; Wichita Falls TX; Shreveport Times (LA); 2000-8-2; pepper
BEBEE, Susan Kay (WILSON)[WILLIAMS]; 46; Waterloo IA; Waterloo CFC; 2003-8-12; rutucker
BEDFORD-WILSON, Susan "Susie" (BEDFORD); 55; Saskatoon SK; Salmon Arm Observer (BC); 2006-4-7; dickc
BICKNESE-WILSON, Susan Lou (WALKER); 40; Santa Ana CA>Gaithersburg MD; Oregonian (OR); 2004-9-10; jirt
BOHN, Susan Margaret (WILSON); ; Nanaimo BC; Victoria T-C; 2007-3-7; zac
BOLINGER, Susan (WILSON); 77; Bellevue WA; Seattle Times; 2004-6-16; leswa
BULLARD, Susan D (WILSON); 58; Portland OR; Oregonian; 2010-6-18; jirt
BURNETT, Susan (WILSON); 54; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 1998-7-24; dmbischoff
CALAMAN, Susan M (RHODES)[WILSON]; 70; Carlisle PA; Harrisburg P-N; 2000-7-13; mam
CALAMAN, Susan M (RHODES)[WILSON]; 70; Carlisle PA; Sentinel; 2000-7-13; wwwalton
CALIN, Susan Lynn (WILSON); 41; Bellevue WA; KingCoJournal; 2004-3-5; eaj
CALIN, Susan Lynn (WILSON); 41; Bellevue WA; KingCoJournal; 2004-3-7; eaj
CHRISTENSEN, Susan E (WILSON); 48; Cleburne TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2003-4-12; lmjg
CLEMENTS, Susan Anne (WILSON); 81; Pembroke ON; Trentonian; 2004-7-2; nutters
COLE, Susan L (WILSON); 48; Brownstown IN; Seymour Trib; 2008-12-24; etob
EDWARDS, Susan Anne (WILSON); 44; Southampton ENG; Guernsey P (GSY CHI); 2003-7-17; kbutler
EDWARDS, Susan L (WILSON); 51; Wilmington NC>Anchorage AK; Anchorage D-N; 2002-1-15; dlp
ELDER, Susan Wilson Hutton; 96; Peterborough ON; Peterborough E; 2000-5-10; margwrig
ENDICOTT, Susan L (WILSON); 64; Paola KS; LouisburgH; 2008-9-10; sbfur
ENDICOTT, Susan L (WILSON); 64; Paola KS; Miami County R; 2008-9-10; sbfur
ENDICOTT, Susan L (WILSON); 64; Paola KS; Osawatomie G; 2008-9-10; sbfur
FAGAN, Susan Marie Wilson (WILSON); 39; Youngwood OH; PJ (FL); 2001-12-9; gnut
FREE, Susan (WILSON); 76; Tiger GA; Clayton T; 2004-2-5; vlt
FRIERSON, Susan (WILSON); ; Columbia SC; The State; 2003-4-30; betsten
GREEN, Susan L (WILSON); 56; AZ; AZ Republic; 2002-5-18; dback
GROSHONG, Susan Elizabeth "Wibbie" (WILSON); 98; Columbia MO; Columbia D-T; 2010-2-10; cfoley
GROSSE, Phyllis Susan (WILSON); 51; Toronto ON; Toronto Star; 1999-2-26; ghall
HACKMAN, Mabel Susan (WILSON); 84; Bradsfordville KY>Boonville MO; Boonville D-N; 2007-2-23; fdsmith
HACKMAN, Mabel Susan (WILSON); 84; Bradsfordville NY>New Franklin MO; Columbia D-T; 2007-2-23; cfoley
HAUN, Susan Denise (WILSON); 38; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2003-11-13; ndvivi
JENSON, Margaret Susan (WILSON); 83; West Jordan UT; Deseret News; 2001-8-11; kwday
JENSON, Margaret Susan (WILSON); 83; West Jordan UT; Salt Lake Tribune; 2001-8-11; kwday
JUSTUS, Susan Joanne ( )[WILSON][CRAWLEY]; 53; Quincy IL>West Burlington IA; Hawk Eye; 2007-7-15; slw
LANE, Susan (TEDDER); 56; Wilson NC; Raleigh N & O; 2005-8-13; atjaden
MADERA, Nola Susan (ATKINSON) [WILSON]; 53; Palm Springs CA; Desert Sun; 2004-8-5; lfkes
MANUEL, Susan (WILSON); 49; Dell GA>Gretna FL; Tallahassee D; 1989-2-22; whamo
MILLER, Susan P (WILSON); 63; Westfield MA; Harrisburg P-N (PA); 2007-1-3; mam
MILLER, Susan (WILSON); 63; Frankenmuth MI; Flint Journal; 2015-12-16; navalex
MORRIS, Susan Streeper (WILSON); 72; Oxford PA>Portland OR; The Daily News (WA); 1926-8-30; jfco
MORRIS, Susan (WILSON); 52; Elgin SC; The State; 1997-2-2; llblades
NABORS, Susan (WILSON)[WEATHERLY]; 48; Pinewood SC; The State; 2003-12-8; betsten
NAPLES, Susan Georgeanne (WILSON) [PARKINS]; 59; Burlington IA>Davie FL; Hawk Eye (IA); 2002-7-1; slw
PAPKA, Rachel Susan (WILSON); 94; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 2006-5-10; mgrubbe
PAPKA, Rachel Susan (WILSON); 94; Kettle Falls WA>Redwood City CA; San Mateo T; 2006-5-10; jch
PENNELL, Susan Marion (WILSON); 68; Marion IL>Naples FL; Naples D-N; 2009-3-30; hmg
RODAK, Susan Marie (WILSON); 46; Fort Belvoir VA>Severna Park MD; Annap MD Capital; 2007-11-13; gilligaloo
ROSS, Susan Jane (ROSS)[WILSON][WRY]; 64; Dewey OK; Bartlesville E-E; 2005-10-16; ryeats
RUESCH, Susan Nola (WILSON); 84; UT; Spectrum; 2008-6-12; fehut
RUESCH, Susan Nola (WILSON); 84; UT; Spectrum; 2008-6-13; fehut
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