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KUNKLE, Ivanette Pearl (WOODWORTH); 88; Stockton CA; Stockton Record; 1997-3-29; mar
LAFFERTY, Mildred Woodworth; 92; Jonesboro AR; DemGaz; 1999-4-10; lkb
LAFLIN, Arline C (WOODWORTH); 82; Bangor ME; Times Record; 2001-9-5; jpeve
LAFLIN, Arline C (WOODWORTH); 82; Winthrop ME; Portland P H; 2001-9-6; bettyy
LAMAY, Gladys (WOODWORTH); 87; Elmwood IL>Shelbina MO; Hannibal C P (MO); 2001-3-10; mbs
LAMAY, Gladys (WOODWORTH); 87; Elmwood IL>Shelbina MO; Macon J (MO); 2001-3-13; mbs
LAMAY, Gladys (WOODWORTH); 87; Elmwood IL>Shelbina MO; Shelby C H (MO); 2001-3-14; mbs
LANDRY, Elizabeth C "Bette" (WOODWORTH); 59; Chelsea MA>Manchester NH; Manchester U-L; 2001-8-22; pboro
LANGE, Lurene Necia (BUCK); 84; Woodworth ND>Beaverton OR; Oregonian; 2008-6-18; jirt
LANGILLE, Jennie E (WOODWORTH); 77; Wilmington DE; News Journal; 2005-10-19; jry
LARA, Audrey "Kay" (WOODWORTH)[KAHOUN]; 64; Marion IL; Paducah S (KY); 2005-12-14; mcc
LARSON, Laura M (FISHER); 93; Woodworth ND>Little Falls MN; M-CRecord; 2007-6-5; ljvix
LARSON, Stanley Leonard; 88; Woodworth ND>Portland OR; Oregonian; 2004-5-24; jirt
LENICH, Amelia A (WOODWORTH); 83; West Reading PA; Reading Eagle; 2002-1-16; ewea
LIBERDA, Gust; 91; Woodworth ND>Crookston MN; Bismarck Trib (ND); 2000-10-18; ndvivi
LIEBELT, Adeline M (VOTH); 94; Woodworth ND>Hurricane UT; Spectrum; 2005-11-10; fehut
LITTELL, Carol M (WOODWORTH); 56; Willington CT; Hartford Courant; 1996-2-10; townsend
LIVICK, Mary Catherine (WOODWORTH); 79; Lamar MO; K C Star; 1999-7-4; dlcict
LIVINGSTON, Ruth M (WOODWORTH); 90; Corry PA>Ashtabula OH; Star Beacon; 2008-1-8; cutsh
LOCHHEAD, Hazel Marie ( )[WOODWORTH]; 80; Vancouver BC; Vanc Sun; 2009-4-21; mumtaz
LOCKE, Patricia A (WOODWORTH); ; Baltimore MD; Baltimore Sun; 2000-11-24; siwel
LORD, Jeanette ( ); 64; Woodworth Hill NY; SS-Saratogian; 1920-1-12; rtaa
LOWRY, Cecilia Kate (WOODWORTH); 93; OR; Oregonian; 2012-8-4; jirt
LUCE, Gertrude Lucille (WOODWORTH); 81; Hornell NY>Carlisle PA; Sentinel; 2011-12-21; wwwalton
MacFARLANE, Dolores (WOODWORTH); 68; Hillsborough NB>Toronto ON; Times Transcript (NB); 2003-3-18; meuncoll
MacISAAC, Goldie Ethel Mae (WOODWORTH); 80; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2003-11-4; kbutler
MacMICHAEL, John Woodworth; 75; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2009-8-11; kbutler
MacMILLAN TAYLOR, Blanche (WOODWORTH); ; Truro NS; Chron-Herald; 2005-5-23; kbutler
MALLEN, Herbert Zum; 82; Woodworth IL>Phoenix AZ; AZ Republic; 1998-1-9; pac
MALLORY, Dorothy (WOODWORTH); 89; Waverly NY>West Burlington Township PA; Evening Times; 1999-9-29; jndann
MALONE, Bess M (WOODWORTH); 78; New Hampton IA; Waterloo CFC; 1975-2-13; rutucker
MANCHESTER, Estella May "Woodie" (WOODWORTH); ; Dartmouth NS; Chron-Herald; 2005-12-13; kbutler
MARCISAK, Ruth E (WOODWORTH); 83; Lynn MA; Salem E-N; 2007-9-10; matms
MARMION, Martha M [WOODWORTH]; 76; Keosauqua IA; Hawk Eye; 1999-6-22; slw
MARSTERS, Cheryl Dianne (WOODWORTH); 59; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2006-8-10; kbutler
MARTIN, Lenore P; 82; Woodworth ND>Excelsior MN; The Daily Herald (IL); 2017-3-12; kingster
MARTIN, Ralph Woodworth; 84; AZ; AZ Republic; 2005-3-25; dback
MASON, Gertrude; ; Woodworth LA; Alexandria TT; 2001-10-23; glenn
MASON, Gertrude (LINDSEY); 55; Woodworth LA; Alexandria TT; 2001-10-25; glenn
MASON, Mary G "Mae" (WOODWORTH); ; Saint John NB; Saint John E-T-G; 1990-10-15; jdlmwc
MATHEWS, Gertrude Rosana (GAIER); 87; Woodworth ND>Eugene OR; Register-Guard; 1997-6-3; carle
MAYER, Barbara W (WOODWORTH); 75; Newark DE; News Journal; 1997-10-2; smacfar
MAYER, Merrylees (WOODWORTH); 66; Lafayette IN>Tucson AZ; Tucson Citizen; 2000-7-12; suet
MAYER, Merrylees (WOODWORTH); 66; Tucson AZ; Tucson Citizen; 2000-7-9; suet
McCOMSEY, Dorothy E (WOODWORTH); 68; Norfolk VA>Phoenixville PA; Lancaster N-E; 2001-10-9; egoodman
McCRAY, John Woodworth; 73; Newport Beach CA; OCR; 2013-1-4; lesm
McCRAY, John Woodworth; 73; Newport Beach CA; OCR; 2013-1-9; lesm
McCUBBIN, Albro Woodworth; 93; Newt KY>Lincoln IL; Lincoln Courier; 2005-4-21; ztime
McCUBBIN, Albro Woodworth; 93; Newt KY>Lincoln IL; State J-R; 2005-4-22; blj
McELROY, Mary Jane (WOODWORTH); 67; ; Milwaukee J-S (WI); 2001-7-21; kap
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