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EVANS, Beatrice (WRIGHT); 75; Liberty NC; Winston-Salem J; 1997-1-9; wrabb
EVANS, Bessie Jo Anna (WRIGHT); 71; Nash County NC>Grand Blanc MI; Flint Journal; 2012-8-25; navalex
EVANS, Bessie L (WRIGHT); 61; Sumter SC>New Rochelle NY; Harrisburg P-N (PA); 2006-8-3; mam
EVANS, Betty Lou (WRIGHT); 83; Escondido CA; Californian; 2008-2-16; mts
EVANS, Betty Lou (WRIGHT); 83; Escondido CA; Ventura C-S; 2008-2-17; lehca
EVANS, Betty Lou (WRIGHT); 83; Escondido CA; Ventura C-S; 2008-2-19; lehca
EVANS, Betty Lou (WRIGHT); 83; Escondido CA; Ventura C-S; 2008-2-20; lehca
EVANS, Chalotte (WRIGHT); 84; Penn Hills PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2006-7-15; cotan
EVANS, Doris May (WRIGHT); 98; LEI ENG; LoughboroughEcho; 2012-3-23; sdgy
EVANS, Eunice Altoga (WRIGHT); 96; Bowie TX; Fort Worth S-T; 2004-12-16; lmjg
EVANS, Gladys I (WRIGHT); 89; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2006-8-15; ndvivi
EVANS, Gladys I (WRIGHT); 89; Knoxville TN; Knoxville N-S; 2006-8-16; ndvivi
EVANS, Gladys (WRIGHT); ; Union City TN; Paducah S (KY); 1999-3-5; mcc
EVANS, Gladys (WRIGHT)[BOWE]; 84; Washington Twp NJ; Courier Post; 2003-9-30; onerip
EVANS, Henrietta B "Dolly" (WRIGHT); 101; Quispamsis NB; Telegraph Journal; 2014-9-1; jdlmwc
EVANS, Jackie Lynn ( ); 58; Wright City OK; Texarkana G (TX); 2017-6-4; skc
EVANS, Jo Ann (WRIGHT); 61; Sylacauga AL>Richland WA; TriCity Herald; 2004-2-18; tcgswa
EVANS, Julienne ( ) [WRIGHT]; 88; FRA>Pilot Point TX; Denton R-C; 2002-12-19; krumspa
EVANS, Lizzie (WRIGHT); 85; Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 1999-1-26; bearcat
EVANS, Lucy (WRIGHT); 74; Santa Rosa CA; Press Demo; 1996-10-19; rohrings
EVANS, Marion Grace (WRIGHT); 72; Gull Lake SK>Bassano AB; Medicine Hat News; 2002-12-2; tvte
EVANS, Marrion Grace (WRIGHT); 72; Gull Lake SK>Bassano AB; Brooks Bull; 2002-12-6; tvte
EVANS, Mary (WRIGHT); 82; Brooklyn NY>TX; Dallas M-N; 2004-2-29; lmjg
EVANS, Maxine Elizabeth (WRIGHT); 101; Dublin OH; Columbus D; 2011-7-11; doday
EVANS, Maxine Elizabeth (WRIGHT); 101; Dublin OH; Columbus D; 2011-7-12; doday
EVANS, Opal (MARSHALL); 107; Ft Wright KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2017-1-10; ckalota
EVANS, Opal (MARSHALL); 107; Ft Wright KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2017-1-11; ckalota
EVANS, Sharon Ann (WRIGHT); 40; Gardens Corner SC; The State; 2004-10-7; betsten
EVANS, Shirley Jean (WRIGHT); 66; NM; RMN (CO); 1998-10-27; mjt
EVANS, Shirley (WRIGHT) (CHRISMAN); ; Sweet Springs MO>Los Alamos NM; Higginsville Adv (MO); 1998-10-28; jriffey
EVANS, Theresa "Tish" (WRIGHT); 42; Vacaville CA>Dillingham AK; Anchorage D-N; 2003-12-15; dlp
EVENS, Della Marie ( ); 86; Wright City MO>AZ; AZ Republic; 2004-1-15; dback
EVERETT, Barbara Ann (WRIGHT); 63; Digby NS; Chron-Herald; 2013-12-18; kbutler
EVERS, Juanita (THRASH)[WRIGHT]; 90; North Little Rock AR; DemGaz; 2009-9-20; arshub
EVERSMEYER, Dorothy D; ; Wright City MO; St Louis P-D; 1995-9-29; bdoerr
EVERSMEYER, Marie (); ; Wright City MO (?); St Louis P-D; 1995-11-7; bdoerr
EVERSOLE, Debra Leigh (WRIGHT) [VICK]; ; CA; Daily Press; 2013-1-29; lfkes
EVERSOLE, Garnet R (WRIGHT); 70; Columbus OH; Columbus D; 2008-1-12; doday
EVERSON, Steven W; 47; Williston ND>Wright WY; Bismarck Trib (ND); 2000-8-18; ndvivi
EVERSON, Steven W; 47; Wright WY; Gillette N-R; 2000-8-17; mjs
EWERS, Carolyn Jean (WRIGHT); 68; Raymond OH>Hemet CA; AZ Republic (AZ); 2001-11-21; dback
EWING, Dorothy A (NICHOLS)[WRIGHT]; ; ; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2001-9-19; geanie1
EWING, Ruby (WRIGHT); 90; Kansas City MO; K C Star; 2007-9-4; clhurst
EYLER, Virginia Jean (SHIPLEY)[WRIGHT]; 74; Everett PA; Cumberland T-N (MD); 1999-3-19; kat
FAGAN, Rella (WRIGHT); 81; Riverside CA; PE; 1999-6-2; mts
FAGAN-WRIGHT, Veneta Veronica ( ); 76; ; Toronto Star (ON); 2004-6-12; cfoisy
FAGAN-WRIGHT, Veneta Veronica ( ); 76; ; Toronto Sunday Sun (ON); 2004-6-13; aashfield
FAGAN-WRIGHT, Veneta Veronica ( ); 77; St Thomas JAM>Toronto ON; Toronto Sun; 2004-6-13; mer
FAGEN, Zola (WRIGHT); 84; Dodge City KS; Hutchinson News; 2001-2-25; retftrdoc
FAGG, Doris M (WRIGHT) [CARLSON]; 88; Blairstown MO>Olathe KS; LouisburgH; 2015-7-14; sbfur
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