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DUNCAN, David Anthony "Tony"; ; Ottawa ON; Ottawa Citizen; 2009-9-1; mdos
DUNCAN, Dorothy Dean; ; Anthony KS>Stockton CA; Auburn Journal; 2008-2-15; dlk
DUNCAN, Helen Amelia (TOLLEFSON); 93; Nestoria MI>St Anthony MN; Minneapolis S-T; 2005-9-22; jblind
DUNCAN, Irmalee (DUNFIELD); 93; Anthony KS; Hutchinson News; 2009-6-25; retftrdoc
DUNCAN, James Anthony "Tony"; 42; Greenville SC; Greenville News; 2004-4-6; wrabb
DUNCAN, John Anthony "Tony"; 53; Toronto ON; Toronto Star; 1999-12-7; jmarley
DUNCAN, Robert Anthony; ; Denver CO; RMN; 2004-5-19; mak
DUNCAN, Robert Anthony; 37; Oak Ridge TN; Knoxville N-S; 2000-1-7; dmbischoff
DUNCAN, Shane Anthony; 21; Stockton CA; Stockton Record; 2003-11-5; mar
DUNCAN, Susan C (WATTS); 63; Anthony KS; Hutchinson News; 2009-3-15; retftrdoc
DUNCAN, Tyler Anthony; 12; IL; Chicago T; 2006-4-13; jmoo
DUNCAN, Tyler Anthony; 12; Lakemoor IL; Des Plaines DH; 2006-4-13; jmoo
DUNCAN, Tyler Anthony; 12; Lakemoor IL; Northwest Herald; 2006-4-13; lellison
DUNCAN, Tyler Anthony; 12; Lakemoor IL; Northwest Herald; 2006-4-14; lellison
DUNDON, John Anthony "Bud" "Coach"; 74; Reading PA; Norristown TH; 2011-11-17; bvonw
DUNEGAN, Patrick Anthony; 73; Ellin Wood KS>Loveland CO; Star-Herald (NE); 2011-3-10; jrp
DUNEGAN, Patrick Anthony; 73; Ellin Wood KS>Loveland CO; Star-Herald (NE); 2011-3-8; jrp
DUNEGAN, Patrick Anthony; 73; Ellin Wood KS>Loveland CO; Star-Herald (NE); 2011-3-9; jrp
DUNGAN, John Anthony; 102; Exeter CA; VTD; 2009-5-1; msty
DUNGCA, Anthony Manuel Roberto Sr; 47; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 2006-1-24; mgrubbe
DUNGCA, Anthony Manuel Roberto Sr; 47; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 2006-1-25; mgrubbe
DUNIVANT, Luke Anthony; ; CO; Denver P; 2008-1-16; snogirl
DUNLAP, Anthony B; 91; Cincinnati OH; Cincinnati E/P; 1960-4-1; ckalota
DUNLAP, Anthony F "Tony"; ; Cleveland PA; Pittsburgh P-G; 2001-11-10; cotan
DUNLAP, Anthony Wayne "Tony"; 58; Hopkinton IA; Linn News-Letter; 2012-6-5; rek
DUNLEAVY, Anthony Jr [DUNLEVY]; 77; Cherry Hill NJ; Courier Post; 2003-3-18; onerip
DUNLEAVY, Anthony P "Tony"; 52; ; SF Chronicle (CA); 2008-9-22; mgrubbe
DUNLEAVY, Anthony T "Terry"; 66; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2007-6-1; jblind
DUNLEAVY, Anthony "Terry"; 66; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2007-5-31; jblind
DUNLEAVY, Edward Anthony; 58; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2009-2-12; onerip
DUNLEAVY, Edward Anthony; 58; Mt Laurel NJ; Burlington Co Times; 2009-2-12; joboho
DUNLEVY, Anthony Jr; 77; Cherry Hill NJ; Courier Post; 2003-3-17; onerip
DUNMORE, Dennis Anthony; 54; Chicago IL>Poway CA; San Diego U-T; 1999-8-15; laz
DUNN, Albert L; 89; St Anthony IA; Des Moines Register; 2002-1-22; gcegeland
DUNN, Anthony; ; LEI ENG; LoughboroughEcho; 2016-1-13; sdgy
DUNN, Anthony L; ; West Palm Beach FL; PBP; 2000-7-7; billspa
DUNN, Anthony Stephen; 61; Hartford CT>Springfield MA; Agawam A-N; 2008-2-7; pml
DUNN, Anthony "Tony"; 84; San Diego CA; San Diego U-T; 2014-11-2; rfg
DUNN, Anthony W; ; Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2006-6-7; bearcat
DUNN, David Anthony; 61; Halifax NS; Chron-Herald; 2013-5-13; kbutler
DUNN, Dwayne Anthony; 51; CA; OCR; 2013-8-30; lesm
DUNN, George Anthony; 28; Scottsboro AL; Huntsville Times; 2000-3-30; dgrays
DUNN, James Anthony "Tony"; 40; MI; Flint Journal; 2012-5-5; navalex
DUNN, James W "Jim"; 78; Anthony KS; Hutchinson News; 2016-8-29; retftrdoc
DUNN, John Anthony; 65; Pittsburgh PA>Lake Ridge VA; Pittsburgh P-G (PA); 2004-10-30; cotan
DUNN, Maurice Anthony "Tony"; 82; Alberton PE; Toronto Star (ON); 2006-7-18; nutters
DUNN, Ora Anthony (HITCHINS); ; Cumberland MD; Cumberland T-N; 2005-1-27; kat
DUNN, Ronald Anthony; 56; Alexandria KY; Cincinnati E/P (OH); 2015-3-28; ckalota
DUNN, Winston Anthony; 44; ; Medicine Hat News (AB); 2002-1-8; tvte
DUNNADEE, Anthony J; 83; Utica NY; Utica O-D; 2001-9-17; glenn
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