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Last Name, First Name “Nickname” (Maiden Name) [Other Last Names]; Age; Place of Birth>Place of Death; Publication Abbreviation; Publication Date; tag name

The publication abbreviation can be found in our list of publications—find the link to it and other information on our main page. This can help you contact the publication to obtain a copy of the obituary.

The tag name is the code for the person who submitted the entry. Only submitters know the identity of the person behind the tag name.

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KIME, Anthony "Tony"; 98; Brownsville PA; H-S; 2000-7-23; edwarded
KIME, Anthony "Tony"; 98; Brownsville PA; H-S; 2000-7-24; edwarded
KIMLEIN, Anthony P; 89; MI; Detroit News; 2002-1-15; msb
KIMMI, Eldon Anthony; 83; Atchison KS; St Joseph N-P (MO); 2008-2-25; toptom
KIMMI, Eldon Anthony; 83; Atchison KS; St Joseph N-P (MO); 2008-2-26; toptom
KIMPEL, George Anthony; 62; Brooklyn NY>Boston MA; Manchester U-L (NH); 1997-2-8; cgdbout
KINBERGER, Carl Anthony; 75; Lexington KY; State Journal; 2011-1-25; ssp
KINBERGER, Carl Anthony; 75; Lexington KY; State Journal; 2011-1-26; ssp
KINCHELOE, Gertrude Irene (BISHOP); 90; Anthony KS; Wichita Eagle; 2000-2-29; arw
KINCIUS, Anthony J; 87; Hammond IN; MunsterTimes; 2007-1-15; etob
KINDERKNECHT, Virgil Anthony; 69; Hoxie KS; Salina Journal; 2001-6-23; jdlish
KINDIG, Neal Anthony; 74; Cleveland OH>Manchester TN; Lorain J (OH); 2000-10-20; pegpat
KINDL, Anthony R; 92; Amsterdam NY; The Recorder; 1997-2-20; cwkirsch
KINDRASKY, Gary Anthony; 57; Canora SK>Calgary AB; Calgary Herald; 1998-6-18; putneym
KINDRASKY, Gary Anthony; 57; Canora SK>Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 1998-6-18; gjm
KINDRASKY, Gary Anthony; 57; Canora SK>Edmonton AB; Edmonton J; 1998-6-19; gjm
KINDREGAN, James Anthony; 72; Whaleyville MD>Wilmington DE; P N Courier (VA); 1999-7-8; tak
KINDZERSKI, Anthony Joseph; 38; Ste Rose Du Lac MB>Prince Albert SK; P A Herald; 2000-4-12; jmarley
KINDZIA, Anthony J Sr; 80; Niagara Falls NY; Buffalo News; 1997-7-21; opnjudy
KINEN, Norbert Anthony; 78; St Francis KS>Gresham OR; St Francis Herald (KS); 2011-9-8; jrp
KINEQUON, Anthony James Jr "Lucky"; 40; Daystar First Nations SK; Saskatoon S-P; 1997-4-23; devans
KING, Anthony; ; Macon GA; Macon T; 2007-1-25; hzfc
KING, Anthony; ; Phoenix AZ; AZ Republic; 2008-4-21; dback
KING, Anthony; 37; St Pauls NC; Fayetteville O-T; 2000-2-4; senc
KING, Anthony; 45; Durham NC; Fayetteville O-T; 1999-11-21; senc
KING, Anthony; 45; Durham NC; Sampson I; 1999-11-19; gfree
KING, Anthony; 45; VA>NY; Gazette Virginian (VA); 1999-12-6; kimk
KING, Anthony; 86; North Bay ON; North B-N; 2005-2-23; mer
KING, Anthony "Ace"; 45; Elkhart IN>Peoria IL; Journal Star; 2008-12-24; evallie
KING, Anthony Allen "Tony"; 49; Eau Claire WI; Eau Claire L-T; 2006-8-8; retftrdoc
KING, Anthony E "Tony"; 66; Louisville KY>Clinton IA; Quad-City Times; 2002-12-20; dnb
KING, Anthony F "Tony"; 31; Portland OR; Oregonian; 2009-4-23; jirt
KING, Anthony J Sr; 25; ; Courier Post (NJ); 2003-1-12; onerip
KING, Anthony J Sr "Tony" [KOENIG]; 93; Unity SK>Portland OR; Oregonian; 2011-12-18; jirt
KING, Anthony Joseph; 0; Tacoma WA; The Chron; 2002-5-16; jfco
KING, Anthony L "Tony"; ; Richmond VA; Richmond T-D; 1999-6-20; wstyles
KING, Anthony La'Mar Adams "Head"; 20; East Chicago IN; MunsterTimes; 2007-6-7; etob
KING, Anthony R; 47; Macon GA; Macon T; 2007-1-26; hzfc
KING, Anthony R Sr "Tony"; 40; Augusta GA; Augusta Ch; 2002-4-6; bearcat
KING, Anthony R "Tony"; 30; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2009-8-17; jblind
KING, Anthony R "Tony"; 30; ; Minneapolis S-T (MN); 2009-8-18; jblind
KING, Anthony Rashad II; 0; La Marque TX; Galveston Daily; 2008-6-26; dling
KING, Anthony Reginald; ; Ickleford HRT ENG>Invergordon SCT; The Comet (HRT ENG); 2005-4-7; jak
KING, Anthony S; 54; Eugene OR; Register Guard; 1996-8-23; carle
KING, Anthony S Rev; 68; Yakima WA; Yakima H-R; 2001-11-6; glenn
KING, Anthony Shane "Tony"; 30; Phoenix AZ>Huron SD; Plnsmn; 2000-5-31; jldc
KING, Anthony Shane "Tony"; 30; Phoenix AZ>Tyndall SD; Argus Leader; 2000-6-1; delitene
KING, Anthony Stephen; 50; LEI ENG; LoughboroughEcho; 2015-10-28; sdgy
KING, Anthony T; 17; MI; GR Press; 2001-10-11; olimi
KING, Anthony T; 31; Vidalia GA; Augusta Ch; 2001-10-1; bearcat
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